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We welcome submissions for this section. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Edinburgh life listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Book events

Brian Hennigan Waterstone's. I3 « l4 Princes Street. 556 3034. 6.30pm. Free. The stand-up comedian discusses his collection of Scotland's ('r/mn .llyllis. The Holy Grail Netherbow Arts Centre. 43-45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Dr (iordon Strachen explores grail sites in the sotith of France.

Capital Christmas

The Traditional German Christmas Market L'ntil Fri 21 Dec. Princes Street Gardens East. Princes Street. 47.3 3800. 10am—8pm. Experience the sights. sounds and smells of traditional (ierman market.

Lighting Of The Christmas Tree The Mound. 473 3800. 5.30pm. Free. lidinburgh‘s festive celebrations get underway.

Give A Little Magic Launch Parliament Square. off High Street. 473 3800. 6.10pm. Free. Capital (‘hristmas‘ official charity is launched in a flurry of family entertainment.

Book events

The Tale Of Tristan .Netliei'bow Arts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Storytellers David Campbell and Linda Williamson present this epic love story in its original form. Guid Crack Club The Waverley. St Mary's Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. Donation. Storytelling session with a St Andrew‘s Day theme.


The Future Of Scotland’s Architecture: Conservation v Evolution? The Hub. Castlchill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 8.45am-~4pm. £58.75 (students £18). The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland host a landmark conference bringing together important figures in architecture. heritage. conservation and construction.


Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame ['ntil Wed 3l Jul. 2002. Royal Museum. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42l‘). Free. See preview.

Edinburgh Rocks v Newcastle Meadow-bank Sports Centre. l3‘) London Road. 66l 535l. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). BBl. Championship basketball match.

Talks The Night Sky In December

Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8405. 7pm. £3.50



have been warned. Craigmillar Castle Craigmillar Castle Road. 661 4445. Mon—Wed 8 Sat 9.30pm—4pm: Thu 9SOam—noon; Fri closed;

(£2.50). Take a look at the midw inter skies with the help of Rtissell liberst. The New Light-Rail Systems In England Riddles Court. 322 Lawnmarket. 467 77 I4. 7.30pm. lain lirew gives a talk at the I.RTA meeting. The Dark Age Kingdoms Of The Solway Firth: An Archaeologist’s View City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. 7.30pm. Free. Bradford l'niversity's Mike McCarthy considers whether some hill forts were royal households in the time of Arthur.

Other events

Save The Children: Festival Of Trees Museum Of Scotland. Chambers Street. 527 8222. 7.30pm. £120. Charity evening based on a collection of artistic impressions of Christmas trees. Festival Of St Andrew Harry Miller Hall. Kirk 0' Field Church. 3322758. 7.30--I0pm. £ I .20 (60p). A selection of traditional Scottish entertainment.

Book events

The Round Table Netherle .-\I’t.s Centre. 43 -45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Storytellers explore the connections between Arthur. Merlin. the grail knights and Scotland.

Capital Christmas

The Edinburgh Wheel t'niil Sun 6 Jan. Princes Street (iardeiis liast. Princes Street. 473 3800. 10am I lpm. Set against the backdrop of the Scott Monument and Winter Wonderland. the Ferris wheel shows lidinburgh's festiye essence at its best.


Hearts v Dunfermline Athletic 'I'ynecastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 720i. 3pm. £l4 £17 (£7 £0). SP1. football match.

Livingston v Motherwell West l.othian Courier Stadium. Alderstone Road. Livingston. ()l506 417000. 3pm. £l7 (£10). Sl’l. football match.


Personal Joy - Where’s My Share? Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. 667 5438. Want 4pm. £32 (£28). A one-day workshop with inspirational teacher Mary liahey.

World AIDS day

I Care . . . DO You? Central llall. \Vest 'I’ollci'oss. 66l 0982. 3pm. Mtisie. drama and verse help Us to remember those affected by AIDS. The service is followed by a candlelit march to Princes Street where there will be a candle laying vigil in Ross Bandstand at 4.30pm.

Other events Edinburgh’s Farmers’ Market

Castle Terrace. 652 5‘)40. ‘)am 2pm.

HOlerOCl Road. 13:30 7800. Wed—Sun 10am—5pm. 52.6.95 (93.95—24.95): family ticket $218.50. This VISItor attraction uses stunning

Sun 2pm—4pm. £1.80

City Of The Dead’s Haunted Graveyard Tours

Meet by St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile. 447 2230. 57:3 (ST/t). 8.30pm 8 10pm. Join this spooky tour if you dare. and you'll be guaranteed all manner of paranormal frights. including the infamous lv‘chen/ie Poltergeist. You

(£1.30): children 75p. For a real taste of history. take a drive out to this ramshackle old castle. which although not gurte as intact as Edinburgh Castle. is far more atriiospheric and the scene of much plotting during the reign of Mary. Queen of Scots. Dynamic Earth



Royal Museum, Fri 30 Nov—Wed 31 Jul 2002.

Maybe that radio phone-in caller got it right when he acoused the SPA of conspiring to improve Scotland's sporting future. After all. there could be a Tam Larsson. a Shuggie Caniggia or a Hamish Sauzee in the country's footballing ranks in a couple of decades.

Regardless of these foreign stars who dominate the media coverage of sport in Scotland. there is a rich sporting histOry to be proud of. and this history will be celebrated in an exhibition of Scotland's greatest sponing achievements. The temporary exhibition will include 100 nominees dating from as far back as records will allow. and aside from taking in the photographs. Video clips and memOrabilia on show. members of the public can then vote for who they believe should be in the first :30 sports

Edinburgh life

stars to be inducted into the permanent Hall Of Fame on St Andrew's Day next


The exhibition is a meeting of minds betvvreen Sportscotland and the National Museums of Scotland. and Ian Robson. chief executive of Sportscotland. explains the rationale behind the exhibition: ‘What we wanted to do was to find a way of creating a permanent point of reference for Scottish sport that allowed us to reflect on the stars we have produced across a ‘.'.’l(l(: diversity of sports. but in CIOing so. engaging it in an environment which will hopefully inspire future

generations of young champrons.‘

Whittling Scotland's sporting history down to last 100 nominees is a massive undertaking. so is Robson anticipating controversy over who's in and who's not? 'Inevitably yoo would expect that to be the case. But rather than seeing that as a potential negative. I see that as a positive because it means people are talking about it and it is a personal reflection of e‘~./erybod\,"s ‘.’l(}".‘./S of the greats of Scottish sport. We see this as a great stimulant of conversation and if that helps bring about a further raising of the profile of sport. then that would be a fantastic

knock-on effect.‘ (Maureen Ellis)

l‘ree. A chance to buy fresh produce direct front the makers.

Winter Collection 2001 ('oitci‘cle Butterfly. 3 l 7 Cow gate. ()ld Tow n. 558 I730. Noon 5pm. New stock from designers and producers.

Meet The Artists lirtiitmarket Gallery. 45 Market Street. 22.5 2585. 2pm. Free. :\ chance to meet Matthew Dal/iel and Louise Scullion. Christmas 1800 (ieorgian House. 7 Charlotte Square. 243 0346. 2 3.30pm. £5 (£4). Witness preparations for a festiye dinner party.

Book events

The Taliesin Tradition Netherbow .-\t'ls Centre. 4.5 45 lltglt Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Stories of Arthur. Merlin and the Bards.

new developments in interactive techno.ogy to piece together the history of the p'anet. creating a thoroughly modern way to step back in tll‘i‘O.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle Royal Mile. 22:3 0846. Dari; £3.30ant—Spn‘. 5‘7 (S‘Q—i‘fri. Although ii‘ticn of the castles Il‘(}(ll(}‘.£ll character was lost when. :t was co ‘\.erted into barracks in tne 10th century continuing excavations am‘ to redress this.

Edinburgh Dungeon 5‘6 31 Market Street. (itii'i‘ 8.1.131? (366. Daily

Higiiiai!‘ 5>i)ii‘. 5133):} tinest .’oo:; iii Britain.

Capital Christmas

The Grand Fantastical Christmas Parade Princes Street. 473 3800. 5pm. l-ree. See photo caption. Waverley Station Christmas Tree SWitCh-Ol’l \th erley Station. Waverley Bridge. 55l 4567. 6pm. l’ree. Sponsor a light with proceeds going towards St ('oluinba's Hospice. £5 to sponsor a light.

Book events

Jennie Bond l‘cstiyal Theatre. l3 2‘) Nlc‘tilst)” Street. 52‘) NH)”. 1pm. £5. The BBC's Royal Reporter talks about her latest publication. Reporting Rom/n;

In The Compound I-‘orest Aris. ‘) West Port. 447 ‘)442. 8.30 l lpiit. liree. New performance poetry eyening promising an eclectic mix of poetry. \erbal imagery and song.

£1!‘.(lti£ll‘.llll)£tiS-- f..<i’irib.irgti's latest gaze-seine visitor attr'act'c" takes yon o" a spine-chilling tour of the deepest darkest chapters of Scottish history. Edinburgh Zoo (Zorstor'phine Road. 38-1 t)‘ r' ‘4 Daily tiaii‘-.1..’%()i7'n.

:fa'n ii. ticket 53”.) 3‘1’)':.I’)(:. Widely

accei‘teo as one of the

r3‘4.’:):'> S‘frfiift‘r. (Z'iail there}; preiiti. here to ii‘irttiorlt; of torture. '.'.illii? away :i'i aftef'xxiii. pestiteritte 'iitrlen streets, or men. a whole tht‘. :f gran.- '\)l‘l)(l'lt‘s. prostitutes \.;~.i take your tine

‘2' No: ‘..i {tr-c .‘ THE LIST 101