Jimmy Eat World (DreamWorks) coo.

I: IIIWFPi-"rnrr-‘M-

Finally a US punk record by guys who sound like they've grown out of short pants. There is an emotional depth on tracks such as ‘The Middle’ and ‘Sweetness' that would leave the permanently adolescent Offspring dazed and confused. It does get a bit wishy- washy at times (‘Hear You Me' and 'Your House'). but usually they get the balance of pop sensibilities and pathos just right. serving up a tasty slice of visceral thrills in the process: such as the syrupy rush of opener ‘Salt Sweat Sugar'.

Pop-punk that‘s not embarrassing to be caught listening to. (Henry NOrthmore)


Fabric Live 01: James Lavelle (Fabric) 0000

James Lavelle is better known as a record boss and one half of UNKLE than he is for his DJ sets. and the first part of this album seems a little self-indulgent for Clubland show me a dancefloor that‘ll groove en masse to his bud DJ Shadow and I'll show you a flapping pig. He soon moves onto a more upbeat vibe with the likes of Bushwacka! and Green Velvet before winding things up with a spot of Radiohead.

But while there's a decent range of tracks here. many are song- based in a way that makes you wonder if he wouldn't have done better to just playing them back-to-back rather than doing the whole cut collage thing. (James Smart)


(Project Blowed) 0000

talking guns and bitches in the nasty. brutish period in IA prior to the Rodney King Riots. Back in the day. as they say. the Good Life Cafe was putting on talented rappers. enc0uraging them to improvise and telling them not to swear. Out of this early 90s scene came Jurassic 5. The

Pharcyde and Dilated Peoples. The originators though were the Freestyle Fellowship. Since then they've been messed about by major labels and gone back to their community roots. This is their reunion and what a special little collection of rhymes and beats it is. Oddly it's a more fraught and thuggish affair than they 0r their contemporaries ever produced before. ‘What Would You Do?‘ is a boiling threat of a tune whilst ‘Take That Motherfucker' and 'Sex In The City' are so far away from Felicity Kendall it hurts. It's good to have them back. (Tim Abrahams)



The Dark Days, Bright Nights Of Bubba Sparxxx

(Beat Club) 0..

You couldn't help but notice that it was the younger producer who announced that a Dr Dre/Timbaland collaboration might be a possiblity. Timbaland

. twenty-odd number

ones in the States but

he clearly envies the

mighty respect meeted

out at nearly every corner to Dre. Here is the first album on Timbaland‘s Beat Club (the label he has set up in imitation of Dre's

Aftermath) by Bubba

Sparxxx (the white trash rapper he has set up in imitation of Eminem) and what of it? Whilst Dark Days. . . certainly

sparkles with the usual

luscious sheen of Timbaland productions. Sparxxx isn't offensive.

' And what's the point of

having an inoffensive Southern white trash rapper? In fact. when you think about it. what '8 the point of having an inoffensive rapper. be they white. black or blue?

(Tim Abrahams)


HIP HOP CYPRESS HILL Stoned Raiders (Columbia) 000

We all love a guest spot on an album, your favourite superstars indulging in a spot of lyrical sparring. Nothing suits this better than hip hop. the rap form fitting perfectly with the multi- MC format. Cypress Hill know the current flavour of the month a bit of hip hop along with that nu-metal malarkey so they've drafted in everyone from Redman to Fear Factory. But too many guests and trying to appeal to too many demographics. da rock kids and the hip hop faithful. has drowned out The Hill's own unique voice. leading to a fun but wholly generic album.

(Henry NOrthmore)



Record Factory -- 9:: so». Coda -- Eri rib-o'in tnmgs'on Gfer‘i'otixes

Missing - Siasgos. Avalanche - (Basgow Ed"‘bi,rgli Valhalla - K Imari‘ock Salvation Sounds -- Giasgow One Up * Abe'dee". Rhythmic - Grecitoc'x Fopp ~ E,<:v~r:.,'rjl\ Aberdeen. Dundee Glasgo~.~.

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Includes Last Nile, Hard To Explain and The Modern Age

Available on CD and vinyl



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29 Nov-13 Dec 2001 TNE LIST 107