FUNNY OMISSION Re: Ian Cognito review (issue 428) I agree wholeheartedly with your review and Support the opinion. Ian Cognito is one of the most dynamic and exciting comedians on the national comedy Circuit and it is a travesty that in a fifteen-year career. he has not found some of the fortunes of success that have befallen less talented performers. However. Ian was not alone on the bill that night. I myself supported him and am dismayed that the other performers on the bill. a three-hour show. were passed over for comment. I am aware that there are constraints of time and space within your publication. but in a world where artists like myself work hard. do good. well received work and yet. despite being constantly told that new and local talent are supported within the media. there seems to be little evidence of this. These are the things that talented careers are made or broken upon and it is disheartening to see good work going unmentioned. Ian Cognito did not 'warm a cold Glasgow audience. they had already been warmed up by two emerging Glasgow comedians. Perhaps Ian himself had been ignored like this in the past and that is the key to why he is still playing small venues and not received the greater plaudits his talent undoubtedly deserved. Is the fate for us all? Charlie Ross Via email

FUNNY ADMISSION Re: Beer-faced theft (issue 428) I feel I must own up before Simon Harper catches up with me. Phil Kay. sorry mate. I ‘stole' y0ur pint at the Ryan Adams gig. Near to the end of the gig yOu said something inaudible to me and held out your pint. l interpreted this gesture as "Hello I'm Phil Kay. do yOu want the remainder of my pint as I don't want any more coz this is a truly amazing gig and I want to dance like a mad man to this inebriated New Yorker's songs penned by Beelzebub himself, join me once yOu've finished . . .'

What I realise now is that you meant. 'Do you want a sip’?‘ As it went. I eagerly accepted your generosity (especially as the

Write to:

f v.

And they wonder why invites them


downstairs bar had shut) and shared the wealth by passing it on after a few swigs. It was a genuine misunderstanding.

All I can do is apologise and offer you a pint on me in a tavern of your choosing and/or an invite to our house party on the 30th which after reading The List's guide to throwing the perfect one. should be a disaster . . .

Taco Jansz via email

PARTY POOPER Re: House party (issue 428) What the fuck? Six and a half pages on how to have a party? What next. a ten- page spread on how to tie shoelaces? A special pull-out and keep section on how to go for a crap? For a party you need booze. drugs and mates, end of story. Your mag's talent for filling pages with mindless tat is pretty impressive. For example. I was fascinated to read in Insider (page 6) that Liz Hurley is pregnant and Robbie Williams isn't shagging Nicole Kidman. Heat magazine eat yer heart out. Doug Johnstone via email


Re: House party (issue 428)

I opened the current issue of The List hoping to find previews and reviews of the

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or


leacrier Probably the best time I've ever seen them and this is my sixth or seventh time. 'Bad (lover Version' was song of the night.

10 THE LIST '29 Nov tit Dec 9001

sexual in his art teacher shirt The beer was impairing my judgement though

in absolutely top form. Best ever. no doubt.

Scottish arts scene. Instead. I was subjected to the terrifying ordeal of the pictures you used to illustrate your Kill or Cure feature.

The bottom left-hand pic in particular was bordering on the pornographic. It would appear to show a bloated academic fondling a young woman while drooling into another unfortunate‘s ear.

Must we subject our children to this filth? Jonathan Trew via email


Re: Disco Pigs review (issue 428)

The rating you gave to this film was

unfair. I saw this Irish film during the EIFF

and although not overly enthused. I

cannot understand how anyone with

any knowledge of film could deign to

give it a rating of one; especially when a movie as fake and banal as Notting Hill was giving a rating of three. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 a rating of two.

It does have its flaws and is still trapped within its original matrix, ie it sometimes has a theatrical effect. but Disco Pigs is well lit. well shot. well arranged and well- handled. It has a beautiful st0ry and deals with the unusual plot quite well. When it was screened at the festival, the audience applauded. Not to mention that it is the director's debut; if that is how we treat new film talent. of course the film industry is going to sink.

The List is considered the leading events magazine in the UK and a lot of readers choose their entertainment activities according to its guidance. I hope you can be more discerning when choosing your film reviewers.

Yi-fang Lee. via email


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