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I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you San Ramese babe...l hear your windscreen's leaming...your convapalessa must be in as good nick as you are. U/429/65

V I saw you cute French Glasgow librarian with a cold - my book was consultation only but you can give me a thumbing anytime. U/429/66

V I saw you at Cheesy Pop. in Jim's bar. Fri 9th Nov. standing with your mates by the TV screens. You: short gorgeous girl with pink top. jeans & long blonde hair. Me: shaven head & navy tracksuit top at table across from you. You looked over to me and I smiled back. Wish I‘d spoken. Fancy a drink? X. U/429/67

V I saw you in maths with your bright red hair then outside Pentland but I didn‘t want to stare. I'm blonde and petite. what more can I say. but when can we meet? Write back today. X. [7429/68

V I saw you in Revolution with your spiderman hair: you‘ll be the first to experience my new piercing - you bi superhero. Love C x. [7429/69 V I saw you blonde boy on the lighting rig. You jumped up and down so hard - wanna bounce together sortie time? Send your answer on a postcard. [II-129/70

V I saw you blonde vestal in the (‘ul-de-Sac. wanna get up to some monkey bUsiness? I’ve been beefing up especially for you. I know you prefer your women built for comfort not speed! L'/-l29/7~l

V I saw you Mr Tin Tin lookalike in Tinderbox. Phwoar you piece of strumpet. I'll buy you a coffee anytime! L’l429/7l V I saw you on 17th November in Polo Lounge. you wearing white. checked shin (tucked in) making your own dance floor outside toilets. Me tall. dark + sitting on sofa watching you. fancy a drink?? [7429/7 2

V I saw you sexy red haired doorman at the sub. Where did you get that body? Do you work out? Fancy working out on me sometime? I want your ass. [7429/73

V I saw you Karen this morning. we both freaked-out a bit. but the day was holding a peculiarly pleasant smile. Love. T. [7429/75 V I saw you Allie love Veronica. [7429/76

V I saw you Natalie. in the front room drinking wine & talking shite. You‘re fab. [7429/77

V I saw you small. dark. behind the bar. Beer? [7429/78 V I saw you one night. You had ginger hair and specs - just like me xxx. [7429/79

V I saw you dark. silent type barman in Brel in Bench Jeans. 1 think you caught me looking on Nov 12th. Did you mind? From the blonde in the red top with mad friends. [7429/80

V I saw you in a mental hospital l think your name is Miriam. I think of u all the time. [7429/8]

V I saw you looking gorgeous in Tinderbox. ‘the geek‘ and you gave me a free mag. Ta. Love Tintin. [7429/82 V I saw you dirty slapper. Be my naughty tart and I'll be your mummy. You horny devil. [7429/83

V I saw you Willy. (‘urled up in bed with Charlie. When are you gonna face facts? From everyone in Glasgow. [7429/84 V I saw you Kevin l‘m small and my name is Kylie. Let’s Ceilidh. [3/429/85

V I saw you you come from the Lake District. Stay in Glasgow you (‘arol Smilie Diva you. [7429/86

Phone T he Lst’s Lovelme


124 THE LIST 29 Nov - 13 Dec 2001

V I saw you in Dundee Rep - me Tarzan you Gaynor! The waitress that certainly gives customer service. Please get in touch. Your eyes are beautiful. you're so cool !! [7429/87

V I saw you Clint. you were so ‘handsome'. Please meet me in the kitchen. J x. [5/429/88

V I saw you with your big boobs and yer bottle blonde locks. You don‘t scare me muffy!! Even with a plastic man on yer heid! L'l429/89

V I saw you on covert mission in the Arches picking hard crust from your bum and popping a sly sniff. big J. Cheeky boy. U/429/90

V I saw you Joob. your hair was a mess but your boobs were perky! My cap was backwards but u turned it round. [7429/91 V I saw you blonde hair blue eyes at a leaving night. You male 19-20. very cute. Give me a call. [7429/92

V I saw you Arches bar

14/] l blondish hair. burgundy top. black trousers - me. cute l9yr old student. Call me Babsy Boy xxx. L'l-l29/93

V I saw you Donald? & Malcolm. do people tell you u both look like scoobie-doo‘.’ Wow. you both look like them!!! [7429/94

V I saw you + was so excited. the man of my dreams had arrived. And. was leaving with me! [7429/95

V I saw you 14 Nov Arches Bar. You tall pretty brtmette. me slightly older and balding. Please please call. [7429/96

V I saw you slightly (very) chubby - resembling Miss Piggy. [i had an attitude. I have an afro - I think your name was Alyson B - (‘all me. [7429/97 V I saw you (‘raiin u brushed past me. I brushed past u. we both know. oh new barman in the Tron. L'/-129/98

V I saw you Mr Ticket ‘Collector‘ thanks for the draught. it went down a treat underneath the Arches. JX. U/429/99

V I saw you Princess Kate with u're princess wings and u're princess face princessing about behind the Tron Bar on 31/10/01. Fairy lights & pinkness luv Aralene. U/429/l()()

V I saw you Malky (1’) I‘ve lost Donald. Where‘s the yoghurt? L'/429/l()l

V I saw you Kenny N. ln Arches bar on 14th Nov (Wed). (L' sexy babe). [J/429/l()2

V I saw you Jane. baking a cake in my kitchen. taking silly photos. getting pissed in the Art School and recovering in Brel. We rock. [3/429/103

V I saw you Anne Marie (0‘ the Tron. You are a true star...best of luck from all the staff «1‘ the Tron. We‘ll miss you!!! L'/429/l()4

V I saw you & your Irish eyes were certainly smiling. especially after that shot. Thank you for the rose - maybe I'll give you a shot of my plastic bra someday in return! U/429/l()5

V I saw you you princess of darkness. Arlane! But really you are all good. The only darkness is the Kaluha. Sparkles & happy days. love Kate x. L'/-l29/l()()

V I saw you .‘vls Red Hat in Tron Bar - You made me laugh & die (nearly) of pure lust. [I/429/l07

V I saw you in the Arches you sex goddess (ieri let's get it on. John your co-worker. [.'/-129/l()8

V I saw you l‘ra/ - \"eba me anytime!! (‘Dxx [,'/429/l()9

j ., ._


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