I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you Fred. philosophising over yottr coffee and bonttses. Biceps rippling and ears flapping. I loved your ass. you loved mine . . . call me. [7429/1 10

V I saw you - tall Australian. very attractive 14/1 1 Arches Bar. You know me. 1 like you. ('all. [7429/1 l 1

V I saw you slam dunk boy level 3 ofGlasgow ['ni library last tertn. Love the T-shirt. ['/429/1 12

V I saw you Jeremy. Signing on at the Job Centre in City Centre. Yoti are an ex-rock + roll star desperately trying to grow a moustache. You were with Fred'.’ ['/429/1 13

V I saw you lda. in red. sexy Swedish bird. flapping about the Arches. Bltte eyed master piece of a Dali's vision. [7429/114

V I saw you in the 0311'. You had a white woolen hat & beatttifttl smile. 1 had look of shock & scared look in my eyes. [just wish you had said something. [7429/1 to

V I saw you in Borders cafe. you were carrying your brown tray. it was Thursday. btit you just wouldn't look my way. Oh! Boy who looks after the tray. My hair was a mess! [7429/1 17 V I saw you in Aug on a btts 2 li'burgh & when l shop in

('1 11'. You're a red haired blue eyed boy with a pierced lip - U caught my eye & smiled hello the other day. 1 left grinning like the duly blonde lam. [7429/1 18 V I saw you blonde blue eyed and beautiful three months ago. We looked into each other's face. You said 1 had a nice face. 1 atn in love. [7429/1 19

V I saw you with yer cheeky face. we drank okocim. we mauled. we ate brioche. we mauled. we drank tea and mauled till we became sleepy. Life's oooh with my soulmate love me x. [7429/120

V I saw you (it. Western Rd. Sat 3/1 1. Shared walk from cave to Fopp. Me. unslept. sideburns. green top - you. big trousers. red I + a wee grin. Fancy a brew then‘.’ [7429/121

V I saw you Klaiyrel rrreally rrreally like you. ()liver oh. and you're rrreally. rrreally interesting too. [7429/122

V I saw you at the party in Bentinck Street. speaking German with people and wearing a sexy little dress. ()ur eyes met for a few seconds and I've been wondering what could have been. Bitte. baby. [7429/124

V I saw you liloein. my lovely red angel. Fancy a ride in my beautiful balloon'.’ I'm in your hotise. phone the . . . [7429/125

V I saw you Julie Julie - struttin' yer stuff at Jarv's feet at (’(‘A launch. Have you got yer thong on'.’ [7429/126

V I saw you Wednesday morning (0 8:45am. every Week. You're the girl in pink. I'm the gtty that smiles at you across the road. your smile warms tne for the whole day. [7429/127

V I saw you at the Buff (‘1th [Deli and you were taller than me.Wliich was nice. Yott weren't dancing though. What does it take to get you grooving‘.".’ From the tall woman who caught your eye on her wav to the loo. [7429/132 '

V I saw you in a QM chorus line in October. Am hopelessly devoted to you and always will be. From your schnugglebunny and supervisor. [.7429/128

V I saw you Katherine - being interviewed and then at "Monkey's Mask" with your lovely pink hair. Never got the chance to thank you for the card. Would like to see you again. [.7429/129

V I saw you dancing at Savoy on Sun in Sept. we danced. we went for a coffee till 7am. We chatted. 1 know you're married but get in touch. Guess what I was too drunk to be a gent. [.7429/130

V I saw you sexy german fraulein dancing in the 13th Note. can't believe 1 left without 1'. come and taste my sausage asap [7429/131

V I saw you. beautiful. skin- headed bloke. running down the foot of the Crow Road in wee navy shorts and a wee navy vest. at about 1 1.15 atn. Sunday 1 lth November. By God. you're got‘geotts! [74.29/61

V I saw you Suzy and Rosie Sunshine. asleep on the sofa in the kitchen alcove. I wonder at the miracle of you both. 1 never dreamed of this. when we roamed the ruins of llampi. 1 never dreamed of a rainbow house and a glitter hall. I never dreamed of ottr shiny new baby. My life with you has been ecstasy. Long may we fly on Wings Of Desire. All my love. Dee. xxxx [7429/133


V I saw you with hair like smoke - floating. dark wisps. liyes charged with sparks; white hot smile reflecting an inner glow. Wishing I could feel that warmth. Montpeliers Fri 16/] 1. [.7429/1

V I saw you in Blue bar. you beautiful ()zxie waitress. You rock - please let me rub yer back one more time. Y'ken'.’ Take care tiger. Slapper McJones xxx L'/429/2

V I saw you in the 3 Sisters mightily. Your linglisb accent stole my heart. you can sing for me anytime. [.7429/3

V I saw you in your tnoon boots. 1 saw you in Chocolate Sottp. Make mine a pumpkin you minxy tninx. [7429/4

V I saw you Harry. Julie. Kirsty. Lyndsay. Michelle and of cottrse David at “Salon Janette" and it was great to see yoti. [7429/5

V I saw you Manga. 1974. you all chest and passport. Me homeless. Fabio. See you at (ioldie. x [7429/6

V I saw you in 3 Sisters. Your gorgeous blonde hair and sweet face made me melt...get in touch nowl [7429/7

I saw you Classified

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you at my party near Lothian Road. you the blond Australian honey - me the fake Aussie with corks on my hat. Do you fancy a root Shiela'.’ [.7429/8

V I saw you in your Long Johns and still kissed you. L7429/9

V I saw you in Poo Na Na vomiting by the fag machine. The smell of bile outshone your beauty. Get in touch!! L7429/10 V I saw you Anna at the music department. You might have a secret admirer. L'l429/ 1 l V I saw you Jude at the Egg and stuff. get in touch. [.7429/12 V I saw you in black and white relaxed cafe - we talked and it was good - I wanted to talk more (but as friends) so we went for drinks and 1 had a fantastic night - l atn seeing someone but was afraid if 1 said something you wouldn’t be open to friendship (and 1 think you‘re great) and it would make the evening awkward. Please call me and tell me 1 was wrong pink carnation girl xx [.7429/13 V I saw you sliot'tass [,7429/14

V I saw you (0‘ the Traverse theatre during “A Class Act". Don't be shy. Give us a try. [.7429/15

V I saw you in a sexy trav [- shirt. doing sexy usher work. I‘ll be your loose woman for one night only. Lots of love. your lrish fiend. xxx [7/429/16 V I saw you and the girl with the Pokemon on her bag reading 1 Saw You in The Southern Cross. You're a foxy lady! [7429/17

V I saw you Angelic Amy (0‘ the Trav. Loose women‘.’ You're the only one for me. I'm your mouse - of elephantine proportions. Succumb to my rodent powers. [7429/18

V I saw you dark haired. curly beauty. You looked so serene. You're an usher - are you Pisces. by any chance'.’ 1 love you. [.7429/19

V I saw you. You are a mouse with a beard. 1 would love to see that. ['/429/2()

V I saw you with or without sideburns. which is better‘.’ liwe are the coolest cat. many kisses to you. [.7429/21

V I saw you blonde beauty at the Traverse. Pissed but gorgeous you blew my mind. Can 1 buy you a pint sometime'.’ PS. 1 love your cleavage. [.7429/22

V I saw you Baby faced Bluestreak boy in the Trav. Energon for my sex machine. You rock and roll out! L'/429/23 V I saw you spiky haired cool kid. Double the trouble and twice as nice - see you in the Trav. With love . . . [.7429/24

V I saw you Happy Helen at the Trav Bar. You‘re the chirpy superstar that brightens the whole bar. Hooray! [.7429/25 V I saw you bttt will the beard win you over'.’ [7429/2b V I saw you - You're the only Logan 1 want - if you break my heart ['11 need that healing factor . . . [7/429/27

V I saw you Daninit John! 1 want you. ljust can't hide it any longer. Like a cat. soon 1 will pounce . . . [7429/28

V I saw you Maley - You‘re (iod! !! Where are you’.’ We need your divine decrees. [7429/29 V I saw you Phil - you sexy beast of a theatrical genius - take me! Now! [7429/30

V I saw you house manager of the Festival Theatre. Let‘s drink some chardonnay. flame some gulaars and think lazily. Love ya. [.7429/31

V I saw you Nuggets! You were looking damn sexy on Sunday at City Cafe. L7429/32 V I saw you Ewan. It started in Baracoa. ended in my flat. I should‘ve kissed you. but didn't have the guts. Dee. L7429/33 V I saw you Joules. calories for my heart while at the Peppermint Lounge. Watt will 1 do‘.’ U/429/34

V I saw you sitting at the bar with your girlfriend opposite Peppermint Lounge! What a nice coat you were weaving babe! [.7429/35

V I saw you Jules (0‘ a music video shoot for “lounge music" sooo sexy. Will 1 see [1 again‘.’ Alx. [.7429/36

V I saw you playing (0‘ the peppermint Lounge on Sunday 18th November. Good job old boy. [.7429/37

V I saw you single. lilll Phillipino girl. with the pigtails. Next titne can 1 pleat them'.’ [.7429/38

V I saw you Rick. beautiful boy. It's good to have you in my life and the future looks bright. xx [.7429/39

V I saw you in your orange shirt at liHl on Sunday night. I wonder when you'll wear your little orange Xmas hat on your . . . Please reply soon . . . [.7429/40 V I saw you in the Beltane office. 1 was admiring your impressive puppets. [.7429/41 V I saw you (iill. tilll. (‘ongrats on the promotion. Does that mean you can spank tne when I'm bad'.’ L7429/42

V I saw you, you who never appreciated what you had. you who took for granted and bored to death. Let‘s hope you change!! [.7429/43

V I saw you Dr Kildare - Rush me to casualty. I'm suffering frotn third degree lust...or could it be rhumba fever'.’ Perth only knows . . . [7429/44

V I saw you John blue-eyed girls will do you no good. Come back to the fold. We love you. Sam. Cate. Leonie. [.7429/45 V I saw you. Phlegtn dangling out of your nostrils. ooh boy. you're so sexy! Give tne a call cute boy! L7429/46 V I saw you cute clerky-boy in Parliament. How about some Equal ()pps access to that sexy bod‘.’ xxxx L7429/47

V I saw you #36.Stkbrg- Constitution. Perfect lips. long lashes 8; bendy feet. Diesel style worth waking up for. One Day it'll All Make Sense L7429/48 V I saw you Waudbeast. sitting next to tne. driving me home. That was ages ago. Good luck with the ATC course. Thanks for pressies. cos you know 1 like pressies. luv. idleberry [.7429/49

V I saw you. Handsome. gorgeous guy (l’l'M'Jl. Valentine tattoo on shoulder. Dagger tattoo on leg. Bonnyrigg pool. Friday 16th November. Fancy taking a chance on a girl like me'.’ ['/429/5()

V I saw you standing at the safeway noodles bar on

17/1 l/(ll. all voluptuous like you had a tumip in your handbag. Fancy going out for an oriental experience !!!!! [7429/51

V I saw you on Friday 16/1 1 at the Cask & Barrel. Dark haired man on the next table; 1 had on a red blouse. You said goodbye would you like to say hello‘.’ [.7429/52

V I saw you wee Jac. wee yin. ever so wee. You‘ve drunk too much (sorry Alan! ). worked so hard the doctor says ‘eat tnore lard‘. The butt of our jokes. so willing to please: ‘classilied. no problem. nah it's a breeze‘. Wheels on shoes. acid trip tnug. That fecking head thing you wear. Swinging frotn the roof. sleeping with staff. We‘re going to miss you too tnuch. You've been such a laugh. V I saw you Wee Stevie. Luver Saturday 17th November. You were the coolest happiest boy running around. Send me your email for online chat'.’ [.7429/53

V I saw you Richard. in Cavendish Wednesday night months ago. u worked in Jekyll & Hyde. You catne back 2 talk 2 rue. l'm lrish girl. dark hair. Reply 2 ad & i'll make u smile xx [.7429/54

V I saw you All Bar One. George St [(3-1 I. I said. "nice tie". you were with mates who laughed and said "Crap chat-up- line. love" but you caught my eye several times after that. didn't you?! [7429/55

V I saw you Curly Torn at the monkey enclosure with Pete. That evil glint in your eye nearly gave me a nose bleed. (ionnae take tne for a drive‘.’ [.7429/57

V I saw you. gorgeous man. frotn my taxi. 4am Sttnday

18/1 1. standing on a street corner in Newington in a long coat. We waved and smiled. Fancy sharing a cab'.’ [7429/58 V I saw you Sexy DJ (0‘ Peppermint Lounge indie night on Tues. 1' were great (the mUsic was too!) rock tne babe! L'/429/59

V I saw you . . . Sean at the ()ddbins Wine Fair Sunday 1 1th Nov. You sexy Kiwi devil. Wanna meet up sometime and crush some grapes together? [.7429/(30

V I saw you calm and collected ambulanceman who rescued us from Scotmid. Duke St. on Monday 5th November at l lain and took us to the Royal Infirmary. Thanks for making me feel better. L7429/62

V I saw you on the Vegas bus frotn Glasgow you sat on my knee and sang Abba then stole suprise kiss. contact me dancer L7429/63

V I saw you Burlington Berties 6th Nov . . . You grumpy boy drinking Guinness with yellow sweatband round wrist.. me blonde girl drinking whisky. neither of us wear watches. both like Money Mark. Let's meet. [7/429/123

V I saw you Adrian from Portobello. in lispionage on Tuesday 6th November. We danced and 1 gave you my phone number but 1 think it was incorrect . . . Try again'.’ [7429/64

29 Nov—13 Dec 2001 THE LIST 125