Film Feel your own bones go cold from fear with this tremendous ghost stOry set in an ophanage during the Spanish civil war. See FOVIOW page 30. GFT Glasgow; Cameo. Edinburgh.


Comedy A vast array of glittering comedic lights

to make yOur eyes

water and those sides tWinge With mirth. Who lg is geing 10 cause yOu such damage? Only the likes of Johnny Vegas (picturedi. Ross Noble. Lynn Ferguson, Adam Hills and Rhona ii“? Cameron. See previe " page (39. Queen's Hall, Edinburgh.


TV Ladies with logs. dwarves with dancing ' Art The people behind the M88 big horn shoes. killers with long grey hair and haVe nOW turned their attentions to Iashings of coffee and cherry pie. It's back. .; Scarldinawa and Aberdeenshire. They may

also have you thinking about our relationship to ma' nature. See feature. page 16. Fru/tmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Praise be. See reView. page 1 t 1. Channel 5.

THE CHARLATANS Music Hopefully. the unluckiest hand in the world WI“ pack enough four-leaf clovers before making their way north to play top tunes from latest album l"-/ond(-3r/and and songs from their glorious past. See feature. page 20. SECC. Glasgow.


Books Could the revised Hampden Babylon actually be the best book ever written on Scottish football? We rather think it could. Read on for sex. scandal and steaming sailors. See rewew. page 104. Canongale.

THE BELIEVER Film A New York JeWish kid iust happens to be an active neo-Na/i. See preview and reView. pages 26 and 28. Selected release.

SWALLOW BASEMENT DJ PLUS TV The story of a JAXX ONE SUICld’dl llltllll Music Big. boiling); CIUbS

Edinburgh's Neal Dailly stands as the World DMC

going down the

tubes on anti-

depressants sounds all too grim. But in writer Tony Merchant's hands. you have an uplifting and deeply affecting slab of telly drama. See reVIew. page 1 l 1. Channel 4.

feelgood. booty l); ss ragga hip-hop house magic from the boys who do it best. See Music listings. Corn Exclit'inge. Edinburgh; Barrow/(ind. Glasgow.

the t\.'.ient\.’-§ear-

Honeycomb. Er Jinle (if I.

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