ELECTRONICA FAITHLESS Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Mon 3 Dec.

The thrill of the open road, the blur of passing culture, the ever-beating rhythm of life. Things Faithless, a band who’ve toured almost solidly since their genesis in 1996, must appreciate only too well. Or not, as the case may be. This interview with Sister Bliss is punctuated by zips and grunts as the DJ prises her belongings into suitcases in anticipation of yet another set of dates. Bliss is on surprisingly good form, considering how grumpy packing makes most of us. And if touring is a challenge now, it’s nothing to what it used to entail. ‘At first, lots of people didn’t know how to take a live dance act,’ she acknowledges. ‘A lot of the press just thought dance music was a load of filthy boneheads playing nasty hedonistic nonsense to a load of other boneheads. So I think it was a surprise to them to see people get off to it in a way that was far from mindless.’ The band (Bliss, plus Rollo and frontman Maxi Jazz) released their third album, Outrospective in July. Like its predecessors, Reverence and Sunday 8pm, it fuses house, trance, hip hop and rock to create a style that


Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 5 Dec; QMU, Glasgow, Thu 6 Dec.

Often dubbed ‘retro-futurists'. Stereolab actually have little time for yesterday. Or tomorrow. That's just new hat. And it‘s all so next week. darling.

For this band exist in the perpetual HERE and NOW. Not in an oaiish Oasis way. you understand. because that w0uld Suggest they had no wit. no femininity. no politics, no warmth, no soul. And Stereolab have these things in buckets and spades. Dig?

“Music was my best triend.‘ says Laetitia Sadier vocals. lyrics and keyboards of her inspiration. If it's ever been yours. you‘ll love Sound- Dust. their thirteenth LP in only three less years.

Accomplished purveyors of avant- pop who deal in emotions and ideas. the ‘labs philosophy equates mainstream with crap but sells 100.000 copies of an record in the


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States. They love 'insect orchestration' but want their music to be immediate and accessible. They pen lyrics about ‘the project of autonomy that has been going on since the Greeks' but la-la-la their way through the loopiest of

They'd be a contradiction dressed up as an anomaly if they weren't already a paradox in (‘lisguise

So should you desire French pop-

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Sending the cynics packing

has seen Faithless straddle both the dance and pop markets. According to Bliss, the fusion represents the mix of opinions within the band. ‘Me, Rollo and Maxi are different in terms of our taste. I play anything in the spectrum of house in my DJ sets, while Maxi has an unending passion for hip hop that comes out in his raps. And me and Maxi love Joni Mitchell, but Rollo absolutely hates her. So while there are definitely areas we all share it’s the difference keeps us eclectic.’

Eight people will be onstage when Faithless play the Corn Exchange, with the live core of Bliss and Maxi Jazz supplemented by two backing vocalists and sundry musicians. Rollo won’t be there (he can’t play any instruments), and neither will his sister, sometime collaborator and easy listening superstar Dido (Bliss is predictably polite about her recent solo platter). But according to the DJ, Maxi has more than enough charisma on his own. ‘He’s not a rock ‘n’ roll prick, but he can properly commune with everyone in the room, get that feeling like when you’re in a club and everyone’s coming up at the same time. That can be so cathartic, and I think it’s one of the things that makes us work so well live.’ (James Smart)

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sci-ii. if yOu regiiire Marxist mooging mood swings. or whether you lust after electro-zen-hiccuppiiig—spaceage kicks; Stereolab are the house band playing the last waltz in the restaurant at the end of the universe.

Tim Gane. Laetitia's other half. says rather more modestly: ‘What they (the press) regard as commercial is what I would regard as being shit. Our music is our idea of pop.‘ (Rodger Evans)



Music news now

BELLE & SEBASTIAN HAVE announced a one-off Christmas charity show in Glasgow. The gig, at Glasgow University’s QMU on Thursday 20 December, is in aid of the Red Cross. The band have said they said they are keen to play ‘a mixture of their own stuff and some covers, perhaps even with a seasonal twist’. Tickets are on sale now.

Also be on the look out for B&S’s appearance on Later With Jools Holland on 8802 on Friday 30 November when they will perform two songs, including their new single ‘l’m Waking Up To You’. ALSO WORTH SETTING THE video for is Gorillaz TV debut: a ClOCLimentary on Tuesday 1 1 December on Channel 4. The programme includes contributions from the band's masterminds Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett and includes exclusive live footage. Log onto vmwgorillazcom for a chance to hear ‘91 1 '. the band's collaboration with 012.

ALIEN ANT FARM HAVE announced a date at the Barrowland on 31 January while someone less known for his nu-metal excursions, Jamiroquai (pictured) plays the SECC, Glasgow on 22 February.

TEENAGE FANCLUB, ASTRID and Reindeer Section play Glasgow School Of Art as part of a fund raiser for Starfish. a charztable organisation set up to encourage young people to get involved in Scottish film. Tickets are $35 from the Art School. UzMUSIC IS A NATIONAL search for new music talent where musicians and producers can end up with recording deals and prestigious live appearances. Labels like Wall Of Sound, Infectious and Rawkus have joined forces to find the best new hip hop, house, breaks, alt.rock, electronica and scratch DJs. For more info see www.diesel-u-music.com or send CDs or mini-discs no more than six minutes in length to: Diesel U-Music, 55 Argyle Street, London, WC1 8EF by 2 February.