Bad girl power

The low rumble of the hype machine slowly moving into gear has become increasingly audible from certain corners of New York; in the case of The Strokes all we’re hearing nowadays is the frenzied whine of a spin cycle. Thankfully Princess Superstar, New York’s next likely victim of overexposure following the release of her fourth LP Princess Superstar Is, can still safely rap over any such irritating noises. What she’s peddling tonight is refreshingly simple, back-to-basics hip hop - two turntables, two microphones (one for her trouser-losing friend, 7Even) and bass

- with a nice dash of naughtiness and lyrical humour.

All lazy comparisons to a female Eminem end as soon as the Princess’s range of musical styles becomes apparent: starting with some start-stop garage action before the bump ‘n’ grind of ‘Wet!Wet!Wet!,’ featuring some water-bottle action that would surely bring a smile to Mr Pellow’s face. ‘Bad Babysitter’ displays the Princess’s ear for finely- tuned hip pop, while ‘Untouchable Part 2’ is an interesting mix of her vocal dexterity and Beth Orton’s ghostly, sampled voice. ‘Do It Like A Robot’ is the set-stealer though, a frantic electro number ripe for body-popping, with lyrics that seem to be taken from a twisted Japanese animé (‘l’m clean squeaky on Ajax/Scratch that, I’m on magnets/Doc doo doo do inspect my gadgets’).

Despite such a musical feast, half of the crowd still seem more interested in Princess’s cleavage. Natch. Sex sells, so it’s hardly a new gimmick, but at least the Princess has the talent to match the body. And though her teasing of the audience and flirting with 7Even can seem a little contrived, it all adds to the sense of good, unclean, non-family fun. As she vacates the stage, topless bar some conveniently-placed stars and stripes, you almost don’t mind that that low rumble has got that little bit louder. (Jan F. Zeschky)

I Fun Lovin’ Criminals Sli(‘(‘. (ilzisgow. l4 Dcc.

I Stereo MCs Barrowland. (iluxgow. 14 Doe.

I New Found Glory (iaragc. (ilaxgou, 14 [)cc. I Delirious? Liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. I4 Dec:

QMI'. (iltixgtm. l5 Dec. I The Wonderstuff Burrowlund. (ii;l\g’()\\. l5 Dec.

I The Pogues Sl-L(‘(‘. (iluxgow. l7 Doc.

I Travis l'shcr Hall. lidinhurgh. l7 & I8 l)cc. * Belle & Sebastian ()Ml'l. (ilaxgtm, Ill Dec, I Saw Doctors Barrou land. (iluxgou, 2|




Edinburgh, Thu 15 Nov COCO

Kids eh? Who'd have 'em’? Well, us for a start. if they turned out as fucking cool a s the kids in The Electric Soft Parade. Barely out of rock 'n' roll short pants. brothers Alex (vocals and guitarS) and Tom White (insane Keith Moon impressions on the drums) have enough talent to make us bitter and IWisted old music hacks sick with jealousy. and good luck to the wee bastards.

With keyboard player

and bassist in tow. the White lads dish up a scintillating and intelligent mish—mash of popmungous choruses. psychedelic wig outs and heads- down. thumbs-up rawk. and irritatineg make it look as easy as skinning up with kingsize Rizlas. Not exactly short on confidence. the new single. ‘There's A Silence'. is dispatched early doors. and the band's debut release. ‘Silent To The Dark'. is transmogrified from pop anthem to sixteen- minute (count ‘emi Who-esgue. space- metal noise. Pesky fucking kids.

(Doug Johnstone)

The kids are alright

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I The Supernaturals King Tut's. (iiztsgou. 3() Dec.

I The Proclaimers and Mull Historical Society Princes Strccl (iardcnx. lidinhurgh. 3| DOC.

I Rocking The Dock lcul Toploader and Shed Seven l.cilh Docks. lidinhurgh. 3| |)cc.

I The Supernaturals and Cosmic Rough Riders (ictil'gc Squzu'c. (ilttxgtm. 3' “CC.

I The Miles Hunt

Club ('tilliouw. (ilaxgow


I Rollins Band (itll'tlgc. (iltisgtm. 14 Jan.

I Train Barron land. (ilasgou. 1-1 Jilll.

I Concert For A Landmine Free World tout Elvis Costello & Steve Earle (‘lytlc Auditorium. (iluxgow IS Jan.

I Incubus Sli(‘(‘. (iiihgtHL 15 Jan.

I Blink 182 Sli(‘(‘. (iluxgou. I7 Jun. S()l.l) ()l‘l‘.

I The Beta Band (‘orn l'lxclitiiigc. lidinhurgh. l8 Jun.

I Mad Caddies (i;ii';igc.(i|:ixgo\\.221ml. * Raging Speedhorn

(itu‘ugc. (iltlxgim. 34 Jan.

I Brian Wilson (‘lytlc Auditorium. (ilasgou. 25 Jun.

* NME Carling Awards Tour l’cui. Andrew WK, The Coral, BRMC and Lostprophets Q.\ll '. (iltixgow. 37 Jan.

* Alien Ant Farm Burro“ land. (ilaxgou. M Jan.

I Kittie Q.\ll'. (ilaxgou.

2 l-‘ch.

I Embrace (‘orn i'.\L‘iltlllf_'L‘. lidinhurgh. 3 l’ch.

I Echo & The Bunnymen (itu‘agc. (ilttxgtm. .i i't'li.

I Rachel Stamp

('tilliouxc. (ilaxgou. o l‘ch.

I Slipknot Sli(‘(‘. (iilhgtm. i4 i't‘ii.

I Shaggy ('1)th .-\uditorium. (iltixgoxx. 3| l-‘ch.

* Jamiroquai Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgou. 33 Mb.

I Ian Brown

Burro“ land. (ilaixgtm. 33 l-‘ch.

* Deep Purple (‘l_\tlc Auditorium. (iluxgou. 28 l’ch.

I Travis Sl-1('(‘. (iltixgim. X k ‘) .\l;tr. S()l.|) ()lUI‘.

* Faithless Sli(‘(‘. (iluxgtm. 14 Mar.

I Travis Sl’2(‘('. (iltixgon. l‘) Matt

I The Monkees Sli(‘('. (iluxgon. 3| .\l;u‘.

. ‘.‘ i\\.‘.

I System Of A Down Burro“ land. (iillxgtiw. 30 (Q .“i \iill’.

I Simple Minds (‘htlc Auditorium. (iluxgou. [7 Apr.

* Here And Now lcal. Adam Ant, ABC and Toyah Sli('('. (ilasgtm. 38 Apr:

* Westlife Sl-L('(‘. (i|;i\go\\. 5' ll .\l;i_\

I Barry Manilow (‘hdc .v\udilorium. (iltixgow l5 tk lo Ma}. I Kylie Minogue Sli('(', (iltixgtm. I7 I‘) .\l;1_\.S()l.[)()l"l'.

* Rod Stewart Sli(‘('. (ii;l\:_'t\\\. 33 t& 23 .illll.

I Aimee Mann liquid Room. lidinhurgh. o .lul.

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