I Mr McFalls Chamber ()uccn‘s 11a1|.('1crk Strcct. 008 301‘). 8pm.

£8 £10 (£0 £8). An cclcctic mix ol‘ja/l. rock. l'olk and classical l'rom this S('() splintcr group.


Martyn Joseph and Sarah Masen 1110 l-amous Bcin Inn. (ilcni'arg. 01577 830310. 8pm. £13. ('ounlry rock and :\mcricana lrom \Vclshman .Ioscpli.

Saturday 8 5


I Jools Holland (‘lydc .-\uditorium. 811.0. 1'itiltic‘slon Quay. 0870 040 4000. £19.50 pltis hooking l'cc. Scc I‘it'i 7.

I Senser King 'I'ut's \Vah Walt Hut. 373;!81Viltt‘t‘ttl SII'L‘L‘I. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £7.50p1tis hooking l‘cc. Rcturn of thc carly 00s crtisty rap/tcchno/riickcrs.

I Casino, Nibushi Shang Hong, Pentothal, Salvation By Stories and Slowloris 'I'hc 13th .\'otc (‘Iuh. 300 (‘lydc Stt‘cct. 343 3177. 8pm. £3. Launch o1 'l‘ln' l.1II/(’\I.'i//’IH)I. licaturing local acts pcrl‘orming songs of onc- minutc duration.

I The Rebel and Owleschel 'l‘lic 15111.\'UIL‘(.;iIt‘. King SII‘L‘L‘I. 555 1038. 8.30pm.

I Cherrykicks \icc’n'Slca/y. 42! Sauchichall Sirccl. 333 9037. ‘lpm.

I The Modern World and The Breeze Stranhci‘i'y Iiiclds. 50 ()suald Strcct. 331 7871. 7.30pm. including cntry to post-gig cluh. £4..1amtrilnitc.

I Robbie Williams Tribute Christmas Party Bourhon Slit-ct. 108 (icorgc SII‘L‘L‘I. 553 0141. 7pm. £7.51 (£37.50 \\ ith dinncri.

I Red Eyes .\Ic(‘liuills. 40 High SIl'L‘L‘I. 553 3 I 35. l0piii.1'i't‘c'.

I Open Stage 'l‘lic 11all Bar. loo Woodlands Road. 504 1537. 4 8pm. Iii'cc.\\'cck1y scssion 101' local musicians. I Coletta Duo 'l‘lic ilali Bur. loo Woodlands Road. 504 1537. ()pm. lit‘cc. I Kong Samucl l)o\\ 's. 07 ()1 \ithsdalc Road. 433 0107. 8.30pm. l'i‘cc. Rock.


I Hey Rock ‘N’ Roll With Showaddywaddy l’layliousc. l8 22 (il‘t‘t‘iisltlt‘ l’lttt‘t'.0871101103434. £11K. (ict your hrotlicl crccpcrs on and your quill slickcd hack as Shouaddy \\;tt1t1} ittltl glit‘sls Iitkt‘ ytill ‘1 .lttlt‘l‘ 1110 .\l()Ull ()1- 1.o\ c" and hcyond in this cclchration o1 old tinic rock and roll.

I FRAK 'I‘hc .‘ylaltings. 81 85 St Iconurils Slrccl, 320 0178. ()pm. l'i'cc. .\Ia\crick pop caharcl.

I Zen Guerrilla I.a Bcllc s\ngc1c. IIaslic's('1osc. 335 7530. 7pm. £7. (iaragc rock \\ ith hlucs and gospcl inllucncc‘ li‘otli this 1'8 hand \sho arc niatcs \\ ith lormcr l)cad Kcnncdy..1c11o Bialt'a.

I Chiasma, Invisible Sun and The Score 111C .\1ci'cal. 38 \Vcst .\1ailland Strcct. 335 3801. 7.30pm. £3. Indic l'rom ('hiasma and 'l'hc Scorc \\ ith mclodic actitistic/clcctric rock l'rom 1n\ isihlc Sun. 0Ash ('orn lixchangc. .\'c\\ .\1arkcl Road. (iorgic. 443 3437. 7.30pm. £14.50. 1)U\'\L‘l' pop rock at its hcst I't‘otn this Irish l'oiir piccc.

I M3080 1.;1 15L‘11L‘.'\11:_’Clk‘. 1121\IIC.\ (low. 335 7530. 11pm. £10. Hip hop institution Scratch \sclconic thc mighty .\Iacco ll)c 1.a Souli tor mising and .\I('ing dutics.


I Magic - A Tribute to Queen .'\1hcrt llalls. llumharton Road. 01780 473544. 7.30pm. £13. .-\ shim cclchrating thc nnisic o1 onc ol rock ‘n' roll‘s most lainous hands. ()uccn.

Glasgow OJames and Turin Brakes 81'.('( '. I'innicston Quay. 0870 040

4000. £19.50 plus hooking Icc. It's thc cnd of an cm. as '1’im Booth \y'aycs l‘arcxycll to his old muckcrs Jamcs. I‘ans gct dc“ -cycd as thcy rccall thosc distant days of ‘IIymn 1‘rom A Villagc'. y‘knoyy, \yhcn thcy \yci'c good. Support from amiahlc acotistic shamhlcrs 'I'tn'in lit'itkt‘s.

I Yes (‘lydc Auditorium. SI{('(‘. 1"iiinicston Quay. 08700404000. £35/£33.50 plus hooking 15cc. 'I‘akc coycr

it’s thc ch symphonic tour. wt to duarl

cycn lhc dcmcntcd grandiosc llourishcd o1 rcccnt .\ltisc shows. Jon Andcrson‘s got a portahlc harp and lids not al‘raid to usc it. Scc ()pinion. page 8.

I Instal 'I‘hc Archcs. 353 Aryglc Strcct. 0901 033 0300. 5pm. £13 l£1()i. Billcd as cxpcrimcntal music in a cluh

cm ironincnt. Instal will include contrilnitions l'rom scrious Iiuropcan typcs such as To Rococo Rot's Rohci't I.ippock. conccptual duo Icchrcakcr Intcrnational and cx-(iangcr ouitit Rhomhoi. pltis thc pcrl‘ormancc o1 somc contcmporary classical picccs. Scc

pi'c\ icyy.

I Francis Dunnery 8: The Grass Virgins King Tut's \Vah Walt IIut. 373a 81 \inccnt Strcct. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £13.50 plus hooking I'cc. ('umln‘ia-horn l'olk/roots musician hrings his hand hack to 'Iut's.

I Devin Townsend, Godflesh and Kill II This '1‘hc('athousc. l5 I'nion 8‘0ch 348 0000. 8pm. £8 plus hooking Icc. ()\t‘t'- 14s s1io\\..-\ litt‘ltll lint-Up which most intcrcstingly. includcs a rarc appcarancc from industrial inclal pionccrs (iodl‘lcsh \\ ho count Justin Iii'odrick lhcst know it 101' 'I‘cchno :\llilii;ill among thcir ntnnhcr. (iodllcsh arc tlic ultra-slim and hcayy trio xx ho

\\ ct'c lhc inspiration hchind scot‘cs o1 clcctronic/ mctal crossoyci' hands. think .'\phc\ '1'“ in and .\Iog\\ai play cd togcthcr at thc \srong spccd. I.o\cly. 1)c\ in 'I'ou nscnd is onc—tinic nicnihcr o1 hoth Ihc \Vildhcarts and Slcy c Vai's Band.

I Glitterball Vegas, Chain and Cutler Nicc'n'Slt‘a/y. 431 Sauchichall Sti‘cct. 333 9037. 0pm.

I Littlest Album Launch 111C l31h \otc (luh, 300 ('lydc Slt'ccl. 343 3177. 8pm. £3. Linc-up to hc conlirmcd. Scc Sat 8.

I Krank llit‘ 1311] Non- (‘ui'c‘s St) (ll) King Strcct. 553 1038. 8.30pm. £3. 1‘11L‘t‘11‘tillit‘it.

I Abba Christmas Party Botlt‘hon 80111. 108 (ic‘til'gt‘ 811111 553 01-1 l. 7pm. £7.50 1 £34.50 \\ ith dinncri.

I Big Blues Jam Session Studio ()nc. (it'ti\\L‘iiUl‘ llotcl. (irosycnor 'l’cri'acc. Byrcs Road. 341 0510. 5pm. l‘hl'L‘L‘. 110s1t‘t115y Iltt‘ Xizigit‘ 131llt‘s 81111018.

I The Cobramatics 'I‘hc Scotia. 113 114 Stock“ c11 Strcci. 553 8081. 4pm. I’rcc. \‘s'cckly rcsidcncy.


I Tribute To Rush, Cloth Cat, Jimmied, Rage and Tim Young Bongo (.1013. 14 NC“ Slrccl. 558 7004. 7.30pm. £3. Sonic :\l‘ls Workshop prcscnts \Vakc I'pl With Rush. Jimi Ilcndrix and Ragc Against Ilic Machinc trihutc acts hcing joincd hy (‘lianccr's 'l‘im Young and psychcdclic rock with a 101k cdgt‘ I-I‘tilll(‘1()11i(‘ill.

I Abigail’s Glorious Voice and Odema 1.a Bcllc Angclc. IIaslic's (low. 335 7530. 8pm. £4. Two groups o1 up-hcat li'cn/icd punkstcrs irom 1idinhurgh.

Monday 1 0


I The Bootleg Beatles Royal ('onccrt 11:111. 3 Saucliichall Strcct. 387 5511. 7.30pm. £10.50/£14.50plus ct'cdit card hooking l'cc. 1.on;:~sct'\ ing Hcallcs trihutc act. \\ ith costumcs and c\ cry thing. QHundred Reasons, Hell Is For Heroes and Errortype:1 1 King 'I'iit's \Vali \Vah llut. 373a .81 \'inccni

Strcct. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £0 plus hook- ing lcc. ()ycr- 14s show. Punk and cmo inlIucnccs collidc in Ilundrcd Rcasons chaotic liyc shows. with support 1T0”) cx- Symposium mcmhcrs in 11cll Is For llt‘t‘ocs.

I God Forbid, Lab Rat, Co-Exist and Madman ls Absolute 'I‘hc (‘atlioustx I5 I'nion Strcct. 348 0000. 7.30pm. £5 plus hooking Icc. ()ycr- 14s show. Rocktastic punky linc-up.

I Appendix Out and Static Films 'I'hc 13th .\'otc (‘1uh. 300 (‘lydc Strcct. 343 3177. 8pm. £4. Mt‘llou‘ mclancholic country—tingcd whimsy Irom Appcndix ()ut. playing upstairs in thc cluh.

I The Sacred Heart Losers 111C 13th .\'otc (are. 50 00 King Strcct. 553 1038. 8.30pm. £3. Indic.

I Abba Christmas Party Botlt'hon Strcct. 108(icot‘gc Strcct. 553 0141. 7pm. £7.50 (£37.50 with dinncrl.

I The Magic Blues Surfers Studio ()nc. (irosycnor IIotcl. (irosycnor 'I‘crt‘acc. Byi'cs Road. 341 0510. ()pm. l’IL‘L'.

I Acoustic Jam Nicc‘n‘Slca/y. 42I Sauchichall Strcct. 333 0037. ()pm. \Vcckly jam scssion \\ ith lrcc hoo/c as an inccnliyc l'or pcrl'ot'nicrs.


I Honeybug and Psyche Essential Bongo('1uh. 14 .\'c\\ Sti'cct. 558 7004. 0pm. £3. 1"i//y pop 0 ith a punch as 11onc_\ hug launch thcir nc\\ cluh night and cclchratc (‘hriniho. \\ ith support from thc quirky 1’sy chc Iisscntial and 1)] Bruno Ii-Is'.

I Kabuki, Range Eleven and Analogue 1.a Bcllc .-\ngc1c. l l liasiics ('losc. 335 7530. 8pm. £4. 1.ocaltriplc hill.

I Acoustic Underground \\'liistlchiiikics, 4 0 South Bridgc. 557 5114. 10pm 3.30am. 1’rcc. Scc Mon 3.

Plus Special Guests

Scottish Exhibition + Conference


Tickets: $227.50

Available by credit card on 0870 040 4000 and to personal callers at Virgin Edinburgh and Glasgow (all subject to booking fee).

Buy online at www.buyuptront.com Priority club members use www.musicmastercard.co.uk

“'4 11 \R( 9.138511 Presents

rock & pop listings Music


I Dina Carroll (‘lyiic Auditorium. 81i('(‘. l'Iltttit‘slon Quay. 0870 040 4000. £35/£33.50 pltis hooking l‘cc. .\1()R ‘soul' halladry l'or thosc \\ ho cnjoy a complctc lack of stimulation li'oin thcir nnisic.

I The Bootleg Beatles Royal (’oncci‘t Hall. 3 Sauchichall Strcct. 387 5511. 7.30pm. £10.50/£14.50p1us crcdit card hooking lcc. Scc Mon 10.

I Machine Head, Ill Nino, Thumb and Sugarcoma Barron land. 344 (ialloyygaic. 553 4001. 7.30pm. £13.50 plus hooking 15cc. ('lanking. industrial- strcngth mctal lrom Machinc IIcad. supportcd hy thc ‘I.atin angst' ol' \cyy Jcrscy's Ill .\'ino and (icrman hardcorc rockcrs 'I‘humh.

I Mike Peters King 'l‘ui‘s Wait Wait Ilut. 373a St Vincent Strcct. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £10pllis hooking I'L‘L‘. IlilIC t‘.\- Alarm trontman cclchratcs thc tyycnticth anniycrsary ol‘ his crstu hilc hand \\ ith an acotistic slit)“. which is surcly missing thc air-punching point ol' thc hand's original appcal.

I Four Foot Fingers, B-Movie Heroes, Danny Frye 8. The Devil Dolls, The Cherrykicks and 8- Page Pullout (‘athousca 15 I‘nion 811't‘t‘1.3480000. 7.30pm £5 l£0 on doot‘i. Skatc punk and good old lasliioiictl rock ‘0' 1011 . 11-.\1ti\tt‘ 11L‘t‘0L‘s C\-\'0y0.s lianny H} c cs NY I)o11s

I Grant Campbell, Helen Reeves and Sneak Pete inc 1311] NtilL'(ii11-L3.Sll 0(1KIHg Sll‘t‘t‘l. 55.5 1038. 8.30pm. £3. :\L‘Ull\11t‘:\\L‘lillt‘t‘\t‘tiilig

\\ ith local artists \yhosc sly lcs t'angc lront hltit‘s to hills.

I Abba Christmas Party Bourhon Strcct. 108(icorchtrcct. 5530141. 7pm. £7.50 (£37.50 \\ itli dinncri.

I Live Music 1110 ('athousc. l5 I'nion Stt'ccl. 348 0000. 8pm. £3. ()ycr-14s show

“IE- .‘ 'THE LlST57