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It’s time for WORLD AIDS DAY and '\ reckless sexual behaviour is on the increase. But forget sexual intercourse; first we need to look at social intercourse. Words: John Binnie

. : ‘4‘»? ZEN/x. :; ::.:-’e‘.t \‘5; Glasgow I Glasgow World AIDS Day Service

as AIDS became passe? Is it no longer a burning iSSue? There's a whole generation growmg up that has ,, not experienced someone dying of AlDS. So what does it mean to them? A red riben on the lapel of Oscar nominees? :- Stars of yesteryear such as Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson 7 ' who have died of it? How do we comprehend a disease that is devastating Africa where. it is reckoned. 25 million people are infected with the HIV Virus? How do we allow western chocolate box o‘ a musica? Kiss; ,"./i'e Kae ": Edinburgh

pharmaceutical companies to Wliiii‘iOfd lifesaying drugs to th-rd London‘s Vl(3t()"i£l Palace. Men are snagg ng _' Pate °_j j_D°

world c0untries? bareback without co'iooms. It's imotalex'aole ai‘o t's . 'AIDS inSists that it is time to address all the things we have everywhere. Peope p38: got fed at) not nan .“g been quiet about: sexuality. poverty and the way we handle our completely free. unprotected sex: tnej. got f):1"(;-(t

relationships. from the famin level to the global level.' says it. The scene encourages p"<:'7‘isc..~t1._ Maggi/"es a"-:.- Reverend Gideon Byamugisha. the first priest living in Uganda full of sex.‘ to acknowledge he has AIDS. VéifOl‘il'lO has u'xr'itten a heading lz’eriaiem issuer :>"

Until fOur years ago. if you were HIV posmve. the likelihood CDlt-R 125:8 ll‘ memory of a: tnose who ".£‘..(; :: err "om /\ll)f~3_ is y0u WOuId be preparing to die. With the onset of rzrst per‘orrned at Southwark (Lat'ieoia " ;:::.-i~ combination therapy the multi-use of drugs in dealing wth grin‘imest of tunes to ::o"‘i‘.‘emorat-::- t'le (Iii-51'." c" "‘ s; :;-.-.;-' HIV life expectancy of posmve people has Mic'eei from AIDS. f'ie lie/in e'“ s a r g. increased and there's hope for the future. Yet v':>i“ar‘t.<: screen :g :; -:,~:;..,-. ::" :s :: :1" there is a cost. Needing a cocktail of fifteen .ll).'f'.:"" awe ("'Z‘:"‘;t‘. :: f..s :2.::». - i; ,

drugs daily to stay alive takes its toll. eSpeCIally theatre. <:";.r'<:i‘ n‘usic. ::":;ra' s "g “g a";: as the drugs are brand new. often tom: and 79th. century rcina'izic sn‘. Va crave}; I ACelebration ofme there's no idea of their long—term Side effects. . Heed/em ;s a n‘ag".‘;<:e"t iste". "g gin-1.. - . 3‘): Then there's night sweats. nausea. high oiood (EXDOUCY‘CC. .laaranteed to -"‘.(>‘.-:} . .cx .- :' pressure and fatigue to contend With. _ from] mm! CD my” gm may“; .- Imagine always haying to decrde: 'Am I _ Cl‘tliSZilti. -. L "

gOIng to declare my status or keep it secret? Bat a though AIDS "as est “.5; A f I '

lma me our posmve status affectinc. our love "' enmesated Anscl‘wt/ {flame 'oox. it s s. y un e Ieva e . ~ . nere. Or'gar‘isat or‘:; such tutti);

I World AIDS Day Vigil

life. your social life and enduring power. I World AIDS Day imagine falling outSide the loop and not haying Positive. (Tia-g. Men's llea t“ and l"‘a<‘-::- Fundraiser the same energy. aspirations or career West have (:or‘tritated to AIDS; tzqtuoatzé'i. In :T ' i -- " ' opportunities as your peers. Imagine haying to Bat need to be e<:..<:a°.-;,-.: "at o" I. fight for an invalidin penSion and then the government deciding about how to out a coitdon‘ or: or l‘o.'.' lllv :; twiv‘wfied. ::..: your circumstances aren't serious enough. Imagine being about social |lli(3l(:()tll8(:. How do "elate- to <;'."-;:-':;. 'esimxtt affected by AIDS 365 days a year instead of only every 1. thein. have ()OlllleSSlOl‘ and t.li(l(3"f;'.£‘i"(l"§; ‘o' l"a'.'::, December. difficult 'n a world that .s lll()."(i’éli§lliti|‘,’ (I.'"‘.'(L'" t)", goof: oaks. :i “sing”, Big Band And indeed AIDS is not geing away. The spread of syphilis cool attitude and coi‘spi<:uc;.s spending. Pat: i‘g 1.1:...' to at .. ; .. among gay men is on the increase. as are inCidents of risk through unsafe sex because of l)()l'£?ft()".‘. .;;r‘::ra"::-:3 or a unprotected sex. ‘Recently. I've seen things in backrooms of thrill is a terrifying trend. life is too llil)()"°.£i."t. \."."e need 1:: LOndon pubs that l've not seen since the mid-80s.‘ says respect it. On Saturday 1 December. think a::::..: AIDS: i:'~ H y. _, composer Gareth Valentine. Currently conducting Cole Porter's make you a better person. ' r IF? 1‘ - Coming qwte soon . . . Filming on the third in the BBC's gut (:in ‘.'.'i‘i!t‘.i‘.. by the ‘-.'.'a\, The deadline for Austin Powers moVie chzirning. longest people go on about it. subnrzssions is t ‘: is set to start soon and running. medical diai“a. actually inxented .lannan, and to get nold i among the celebs asked in an episode called laughing. ()oiiterri‘ed of the g..i<le;-iies. call h to appear as themselves ‘Happ:lv l-ver After '. lvls nan‘es to date ncliide Scottish Screen on t‘ l -'-l. is Britney Spears. The Kensit plays a victiin of Phil Kay. Des Clarke an? 5'5»? or eri‘a" hilarious title of the movie domestic violence. 1 ook arid Daniel Kitson . . . jaritathoir‘ass st‘a‘tt sir I ,. is Gold/iiember. Does out for the drama BBC Scotland and sweenyon‘ . . . Alex \ she know what she's sometime before the end Scottish Screen have Garland .ll‘:l Danny doing anymore? . . . In of the year . . . On the teaii‘ed nit foi the Boyle are tean‘zng .;i~ real life. she's been a lighter side of life iwe (:tililllltti", titled initiative. again to l“;li\(‘: a . ' casualty of love. for sure. liopei. next suininei sees lau‘an Srna 's. lhe {llll‘ is thriller :‘al‘ed (’8 Dans _ - I so it seems horribly The Glasgow to get nev.’ St‘tittlfiil talent l an“ and starring : ritney is Powers’ girl appropriate that Patsy Comedy Festival. the to ‘.'.t)li\ iii the denantlina Christopher ' ~ Kensit is set to appear first event of its kind in the t}f‘.‘.!fl )nii‘ent of nLds telly Eccleston.

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