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Glasgow Drama, Cottier Theatre

Check Your Coupon Thu 6 Sat 22 Dec (not Sat 8 Dec). Spm. Tickets from ()7Sl5 o39l5l. l"ringe [inst-winning company Ruhher liar Productions present this new comedy about a pair of sprightly pensioners who titastcrmind a pools


t) l'niy'ersity' Avenue. 33() 5522.

No Ghosts Expected Thu 2‘)

Noy‘ Sat 1 Dec. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Set in 2030. tltc aftermath of a war has left the population suffering frotu amnesia in l-‘aultline 'l‘heatre’s production of .\legan Barker’s play.

One Act Play Festival 'l'hu (r Sat 8 Dec. 7.30pm. £(i (£3). 'l‘hree-day' festival of short plays showcasing the work of emerging talent in Scotland. featuring art installations. slide shows. Iiy‘e music and comedy alongside works by established playwrights.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston l’at'k. ll) l)umhreck Road. 3534773. ll’. \\'(‘. \\';\|

Twelve Days of Christmas Thu 13 Dec. 7 l()pm. £39.50 (£35). A performance by students of the RS.'\.\ll). followed hy dinner.


297 Bath Street. 287 55] l. Ill. \\'(‘. WA] Babes In The Wood 'I’hu (w l)ec Sat l‘) Jan (not Sun 9). Times y'ary‘.

£3 l 55”. She's heen away from the artform for three years. but lilaine ('. Stuith has once again succumhed to the lure of the panto hoards. Joined by (71min 'I/u' I‘ut's .\lar'k (‘ox and Paul Riley plus a host of familiar faces from

the Scottish stage. she’ll he sprinkling festiy'e magic oy‘ct' the King’s annual extravaganza.


o (irany'ille Street. 287 551 l. Ill. ll. \\'(‘. WA]

Chess l'ntil Sat l l)ec. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £10 U l. Mincrya ('luh present their interpretation of Andrew l.loy d \Vehher’s rock musical. Cinderella Sat 8 Dec Sat 5 Jan (not Mon 10). £14 (£l2). The Mitchell gets into the ('hristmas spirit with a panto yersion of the popular rags to riches fairytale.


New Street. SS7 l()l(). Ill. \\'(‘. \VAI Beauty And The Beast Tue 4 Sat 2‘) Dec (not Stilt 9). Times vary. £7 £8.50 (£5 £6.50). ('omic characters. an energetic chorus and original music add to the festiy‘e fun in this year‘s panto from l’.v\('li. See prey‘iew.


l2] Rentield Street. 332 1340. ll’. \\'(’. WA]

Aladdin Thu 2‘) .\'oy Sat 2o .lan (not .\lon). 'l'imes y'ary. £7 £1 l.5(). 'l‘lte Krankies star in this year's l’ay‘iliotl extray‘agan/a. complete w ith glarnorous costumes. colourful sets and exciting special effects. See prey iew.


()8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). ll’. \\'('. \VA. \\':\.»\l

Hated Nightfall 'I‘ue 4 Sat S l)ec. 7.30pm. £5 £8 (£2 £4). Strathclyde 'l'heatre (it‘ottp present lloward Barker's dark insight into the twisted mind of a sCl'lLtl killer.

The One and Only Old Time Music Hall 'l'hu (.1 Sat 15 Dec. 7.30pm. £3 (£4 l. The (‘L‘lClll'illCtl (iasligltt (iaietics take yott hack to the y intage music hall with their hoisterous entertainment.


2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S()()(). Ill. \\'('. w',\|

The Singing Kettle’s Winter Wonderland Thu 13 Hi ZS l)ec. See Kids listings and prey icw.



Sinbad The Sailor .\ton to Sat (5 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat l()am). £7.5() ( £5). lt's panto time at the :\c;tdetlty with this tale of adyenture on the high seas performed by final year acting students. See

prey lL‘yy.


25 Alhert Misc. 237 3‘)()(). ll’. 'f'l‘. \\'('. wax)

Bright Colours Only Thu 2‘)

Nos Sat 1 Dec. 8.15pm. £o(£3). l’auline (ioltlsmllll teams tip with y isual artist .\Iandy .\lclntosh to explore the transience of life. waging epic aspirations against packaged reality. Suitahle forages oyer lo.

Into The New the I 1 Sat (5 Dec. 7 l()pm. £o (£4). 'l'hirteen new works oy‘et' ftye eyenings. written and performed by final year acting students at the RSAMI).


(i3 'l‘rongate. 552 42o7.

Cabaret Sauvignon Sun 3 Dec. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). .’\n eclectic mix of

drama and music.

Beauty And The Beast .\ton

3 Sat 2‘) Dec (not Sun). Times yary. U) [l l5“ (prcy'icw sltoyy .\lon .5 l)c‘c‘. all tickets £3.50). theatrehahel and the lron 'l'heatre (‘otnpany team up to present l.i/ l.ocltltead\ new \ct'siott of the fairytale classic. .\lttsical magic comes courtesy of long-time l.ochhcad collaborator. .\licltacl .\larra. Sec prey icyy.

Glasgow Dance


2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S()()(). H], w( ‘. wzxi

Raw! Rhythm at Work! 'l‘liu 2t) \oy. Spm. £l5 £l‘).5(). .\ dynatnic mix of music and dance. as this

dy nantic young cotnpany thump the heiesus out of anything they cat)ch their hands on. frotn cement mixers to scruhhing ht'ushcs.


25 Albert I)riye. 287 3‘)()(). ll’. ll. \\'('. \\'.r\l

Requisitioned in At) .\‘m & Sat I l)ec. Spm. £3 (£4). :\n exploration of the relationship between contemporary dance and images. film and interactiy e technology. .\udiencc standing.

Edinburgh Drama


3 ('ltamhers Street. (i5() S()5S. The Country Wife l'ntil Sat 1 Dec. 7.30pm. £o (£4). l’y re Productions presents \Villtam

\Vy clterlcy '\ haw dy Restoration comedy.

Theatre Guide

Thursday 29


Citizens Main Citizens Circle Clyde Auditorium Cottier Theatre GilmorehillG12 King’s



Suddenly last Summer Suddenly last Sttmtuer

lioldUrrls/Stxx‘d 'llte l’low Speed The How

.\o ( illosls I' \[tct lt‘tl

Friday 30

I'll(‘ IRIIS Ilie I\\|I\

.\‘o ( ill(|\l\ I'.\]‘t‘t lt'tl

Saturday 1

Speed t'ht- ma“

Sunday 2 Monday 3

Suddenly last Stuntner

.\("t‘ I<\|\ Ix \\ l’up

\th ( illnsls I'.\[\t‘c lt'tl

Mitchell Theatre (tn-s (its. (4...... Ali'd‘ll“ Aladdin .-\|addtn Bamshorn

SC" (‘lt1551slll Sec (‘ltlssklll lltrgltl (‘olours ()nly Requisitioned Brig-ht Requisitioned litrg'lrt

('al‘aret Sauytgnou Beauty t\ llte Beast

Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5

(iltte'llie l\‘.ll\ (ilue’llte lysrls Stt-ldenly last Summer

Suddenly 1 ast Summer

.\t‘t' Rik ls t\' I’I‘l‘

llated \r;'lr(l.rll llatetl (it‘t‘ll Show

IICJHI} .\' llk' “this! lit'Jlll} t\‘ lllt‘ IICJSI

Bedlam Theatre Brunton

Church Hill Festival Theatre Gateway Theatre King’s Netherbow Playhouse Queen’s Hall Royal Lyceum Theatre W’shop Traverse 1 haverse 2 Usher Hall

66 THE LIST 9*; l\.',. In» .1

z a I: a (n E n u:

Sleeping Beauty

See (‘rly I lie ('IllL‘JgU

St't' I<les \\ IIUI‘

Sleeping Beauty

See (‘lasslcal

New .'\tl\k’lllllll\( )1 l‘t-ter Rut

Set-(‘tly I lie Set-(‘rty 1 tie

('ltteag-o ('lucago

Iieattly & l he Hurst

()l;'.t ()l;'.t

.\(‘t‘ RUk'Is s\' I'Hl‘

SL'C Rtk'ls t\' I’till

Sleeping IIt'dllI)

Raxx' Rhythm \t \\ork Set-(’tly l rte

St’t‘ ( ill) I Ilt‘

SL'L‘ I\)U\Is |\' I’t‘l‘

Beauty .\' l'lic Beast



New \tl\eulttrt\( )1 liter l’.ut .\ew \d\entutt\()tl'elt1 lfiut \ny \tl\t1lllk\(xlk‘k1l‘.fll

Sleeping Beauty

Singing Kettle



()l:'.l Ill-VJ

\t‘t' lx'lk k t\ l’()})