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CAFE EXHIBITION Material Matters

Jilli Blackwood Textiles EDINBURGH’S FESTIVAL CENTRE ’t'c * sccfiso' '31:- BANK OI SCOTLAND

Thursday 29 November 6.30pm £4.


Christmas Concert

Music, readings and a seasonal three course dinner with mulled wine.

Thursday 20 December 7.30pm £27.50

Bella MacNab’s Dance Band Ceilidh Saturday 29 December 8pm £8.50 (£6.50)

The Wrigley Sisters Concert Monday 31 December 3pm £9 (£7)

Call 0131 473 2000 The Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 ZNE

Perfect for Christmas gifts including original works by artist Jilli Blackwood. Saturday 9.30am 5.30pm, Sunday noon 4pm.

l‘RI. ‘s

Tues 4th - Sat 8th December (Q? 7-30pm

Scottish Premiere

Strathclyde Theatre Group

Hated Nightfall

by Howard Bauer directed by Ciare COtltns Psty 1'70 saint rtot the toot " w ":;' 4 13"" 3411.1}; ‘.t‘ 7"“ r’

Thurs 13th - Sat 15th December (£9 7-30pm

The Celebrated Gaslight Gaieties

The One and Only

zxets Tues Wed - Sat 28/4 Tcke'. centre 0‘4t 287 5511

Old Time Music Hall



Edinburgh Drama continued


(‘ambridge Street. 228 1404. IP. “.11. \\'(‘. \VA]

Olga PM 30 Nov Sat 22 Dec (not Mon). 8pm. £9 (£4.50). Preview tickets £5 (£3) 1‘11 30 Nov Sttn 2 Dec. An eccentric old woman and a last-living young tnan lind thentselves strangely drawn to each other in Linda .\lc1.ean's adaptation of Finnish writer Laura Rttohonen’s play. See preview.

The News At When? Thu 13 Sat 15 Dec. 7.30pm. £9 (£4.50). 7:84 'I‘heatt'e (’ontpany perform a satirical take on the year's biggest news events. both trivial and serious: from foot and mouth to Attne Robinson's 1S '1‘\' debttt. complete with music. songs and sketches.


l.othian Road. 228 1155. ll’. 11. \\'(‘. WA]

The Happy Gang’s Arabian Adventure Thu 6 Sat 8 Dec. See Kids listings attd preview.

Edinburgh Dance


13 2‘) .\'ico1sonStreet. 5296000. Ill. \\'(‘. \VAI

Raw! Rhythm at Work! lit 30 .\'ov Stttt 2 l)ec. 8pm; Stttt 4pm & 8pm. £10.50 £19.51) (£8.50 £17.50). See (ilasgow. Royal (‘oncert llall.


(‘ambridge Street. 228 1404. ll’. 11.'1"l‘. \\'(‘. w..\!

Scottish Dance Theatre Hi 7 & Sat 8 Dec. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). Two new works ll‘tllll our national contemporary dance company; Sean l’cldman’s (‘hagall-inspired I/tvt't/t' .S'ontt'tt-lit'n' attd Janet Smith's witty take on Scottish lite. Hie/t [XI/HI.

Central Drama & Dance Ayr GAIETY THEATRE (‘at‘t‘ick Street. 01292 61 1222. I11. \\'(‘. w..\| Jack And The Beanstalk lit-i 30 .\'ov Sat 12 Jan (not Sttn). 2pm tk 7pm. £3 £12 (£6.50 £8.50). 1)ean l’itl'ls dons ltis linest Dame costume for the (iaiety 's tttttlllttl panto season. Sec prev iew.


('ontent Avenue. 01292 61 1222. Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood Tue 4 Sat 8 Dec. 7.30pm: Sat 2.30pm ck 7.30pm. £6 (£4.50). A traditional panto Until The Ay 1‘ Players. See preview.


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildrum. 01236 732887. IP. 11.1"1‘. \\'('. w'..\|

Pinocchio 1'ntil Sat 29 Dec (ttot Stttt). 'l'imes vary. £7.50 (£5.50): 1amin ticket £22. Dance. music and comedy in this colourl‘ttl tale abottt the puppet boy with a pettchant I‘or Iibbing. See preview.



lay Square. 01382 223530. IP. 11. \\'('. w.\|

Puss In Boots Hi .10 Nov Sat 5 Jan. 7.15pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £6.50 £11.25 (£5.50 £9.25). Follow the magical adventures of the ctttttting miller's cat itt this ttew production by popular children's w ritcr Stuart Paterson.

The News At When? Wed 5 Dec. 9pm. £4.95 (£3.95). See lidinburgh. 'l‘t‘avct'se 'l'heatre. See preview.

The Haunted Man l-‘ri 7 ts Sat 8 Dec. 10.30pm. £5 (£3.50). .lintttty (‘hisholm stars as ('harles Dickens. giving tts an insight ittto the troubled

\\ t'llL‘t‘s lllt‘.

Night Before Christmas Tue

11 Sat 22 Dec. 10pm. £3.95 (£2.95). It's becoming almost as traditional as panto at the Rep. as the resident company otter their alternative take on the (‘hristmas season. See preview.



liast Port. 01383 314000. 11’. 11. \\'(‘. w..\|

Aladdin Thu 6 Mon 24 Dec (not Stttt 9). 'I‘imes vary. £8.50 (£6): family ticket £26. Hie/t lv’mul's Mary Riggans attd Simon Weir star as the limpress attd Abena/er in this traditional lamily' panto. See preview.

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld ('oach Road. 01355 261000. 11’. ll. \\'('. WA]

Alice In Wonderland 1‘11 30

.\'ov Sttn 23 Dec (ttot .\lon \Ved). 7.30pm (pltts mats). £6 (£4). A myriad o1" weird and wondet'l'ul characters populate KYBU 'l'heatre‘s adaptation of the 1.0“ is (‘itl't'till classic. See preview. The Night Before Christmas Hi 7 & Sat 8 Dec. 10pm. £6 (£4). Blit/ Theatre (‘ompany present an alternative take on the festive season. See preview.


GREENOCK ARTS GUILD ('ampbell Street. 01475 723038. IP. 11. \VAI

Aladdin lit-i 7 Sat 22 Dec (not Sun). 7.30pm. £4 £4.50. (ireenock Players present their annual t‘amily pattto. See prev iew.



9 Green Street. (11563 523590. Aladdin l'ntil Sat 5 Jan (ttot Stttt). ’l’imcs vary. £6 £9.25. lire/t Rout] stars (iwyneth (ittthrie arid John Stahl and ex-Bucks 1"i//er Karen Logan lead the laughs itt this l‘estive show. See preview.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE Bettnochy Road. 01592 412929. IP. 11. \\'( ‘. w..\|

Sleeping Beauty tn 7 Dec Sat 12 Jan (not Sun). Times vary. £9 (£6.50). Songs attd laughter aplenty at the Adattt Smith‘s annual lantin pattto. See preview.



llow den. 01506 433634. 0’. \\'('. \\‘;\| Wizard Of 02 Sat 8 l"t‘i 14 Dec. Sat & Stttt 2pm: Mon Fri 7.30pm. £5 (£4). .\'ew ’I‘ow'n lintcrtainers take you on a trip down the yellow brick road with their seasonal pattto. See preview.



('iv ic ('entre. \Vindmillhill Street. 01698 267515. ll’. \\'('. \VAI

Aladdin .\1on 3 Dec Sat 5 Jan (ttot Stttt). lllllc‘\ vary. £7 (£4). 'l'rad panto 1011 with Tony Roper itt .\1otherwc11's annttal (‘ht‘istmas bash. See preview.

St Andrews


Abbey Street. 01334 475000.

Sex 8. Chocolate t'ntil Thu 29 \‘m. 8pm. £10 (£8). l‘iona Knowles stars iii the 1"t'inge hit comedy about the lite attd loves o1 a liltysomcthing cltocoltolic. St Andrew - Scotland’s Patron Saint Sat 1 Dec. See Kids listings.

A Christmas Carol lift 7 Sat 29 1)ectnot Stttt 9 Wed 12). 7.30pmtp1us mats). £10 £12 (£5 £7.50). Stage adaptation o1'('har1es Dickens. classic tale in w lticlt the overly --pt'ttdent Scrooge learns the error of his way s. Sec preview.

Late Night Ghost Stories Thu

13 Hi 281)ec. 10.30pm. £5. Join the cast o1'.'1 (‘/trt'.vlmtt.v ('tu'o/ l'or late night glttisl \lttl‘lc‘\. SL‘L‘ [111W 1L‘\\.