hail..'fi. ~o_-:.L\

If your ears have been pummelled into

submission by Pillbox’s aural assaults - of uncompromising techno. the

chances are that young Hwatsong’s to blame. He, along with fellow techno terrorists, J-Loop and Neil T, has a passion for synthesised sound and here are just four of the records that make it all worthwhile.

I}. I” l y"

Daniel Benavente: Gazpacho EP


There are four pumping tracks on this

:4 record but the one that really does it for me is 82. It's got a nice solid bassline and it really gets you dancing a beauty!

Johannes Heil: Reality To Midi


On this album ‘Paranoid Dancer“ is the track that caught my ear. The change from the intro to the bassline always makes the floor explode the way you want.

Tobias Schmidt: Rolling Thunder EP


Track 'l'm A Man' is brilliantly fucked up 5' and squelchy and yet still manages to

remain a bit funky. This is quality head-

7i" Alter Ego: Betty Ford (Klang Elektr

tWtsting techno.


This track effortlessly gets results every :‘j time as played. its bassliite really 1 energises the dancefloor. There's also a

remix of this track by DJ Rush which is

3-; also fantastic. ; I Pillbox month/y Fridays at Studio 24. ff Edinburgh. Next date Fri 30 Nov —— see

listings for full details.

78 THE LIST ’2‘.) No.

1.") l)(:(, 2’) 'l

I Snatch Club at the Liquid Room. l0.30pm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50). Weekly. Reliye tlte fun and gatttes you had at clteap British holiday camps like Btttlitts at this futtky disco ctttn cabaret. comically compered by Mr llarry Aiitsworlh (aka 'l’errier Newcomer Award‘ winner (iarth ('ruikshank) attd Spanky Alexander. Benny llill-like atttics will of course be rife and all drinks are ayailable at 70s prices.

I Sputnik at The Venue (top floor) ltas temporarily finished. to return at a later date.

I 3 Piece Sweet at The (‘octeau Lounge. Monthly. Next date 20 Dec.

Chart 8. Party

I Old Skool Disco at Re\oltltion. l0.30pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. School uniform's obligatory at this all-new night where tittte past is reliyed in time present thanks to DJ Tom Wilsott. wlto unleashes blasts frottt the past twenty years of dance

I The 6, 7, 8 Special at Wlty .‘s‘ot'.’

l lpm- 3am. £5. Weekly. A magical musical

journey that takes you through the ()0s. 70s,

80s and ‘)0s with plucky sury iyor Disco Billy and his ttcw friend Disco Diya Dale. (‘age dancers a definite boittts.

I Soho at The Ark. |0pm 3am. £4 (£2). .-\ sticky student showcase. rammed to the gills w ith young folk keen to capitalise of cheesy chart tunes and cheap drink promos. I The Subway at The Subway.

9pm 5am. liree for students with matriculation card; £l otherwise. Weekly. A mainstream soundtrack pltts the odd spot of indie at this inyariably' deprayed ('owgate institution.

I Thursday In The City at ('lth Mercado. 8pm 3am. Free. Weekly. (’otnmercial chart and dance front (irant Stott attd Micky (iay in (Radio Forth). pltts drinks promos attd surprise giye-aw'ays a plenty for those who want to start the weekend fashionany early.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Ad-Lib at The Wash (formerly The ('arwash). 9pm lam. Free. Weekly.

lmproy isattonal funk. sottl attd Latin \‘ibes witlt DJ .-\li ('ampbell.

I Bass Trap Sessions at Battt Bolt. ()pm lattt. Free. Weekly. This fortnight (30 Not). wise Mattga master (i-Mac welcomes Jungle Magic's DJ Kid to ltis weekly fix of hand-picked narcotic breaks and beats. including all the latest hip hop. 2-step. R&B attd drunt & bass.

I Beluga at Beluga. ts’pm lattt. Lice. Weeki)‘. A soulful set of urban beats witlt the masterful Yogi llaughton (30 Not ). The followittg week (7 Dec). Jim Robitts aka Talkin' Loud producer Raw Deal arriyes in Auld Reekie to unleash his Nortlt London take on a funk attd sottl situation.

I Centro at ('ity ('afe 2. llpm lattt. liree. 30 Noy. liortnightly. l'ltragrooye resident (iarcth Sommery ille attrally entertains the drinking masses with a sweet nu-ja// and sultry house selection.

I Cuba Norte at (‘uha Not'te.

l0pm lattt. l-‘ree. Weekly. Still supplying the broadest musical spectrum for Latitt l()\'et‘s attd still piyotal to the whole Latitt

I Cuts 8: Strings at The ()uthottse. 9pm lam. liree. 30 Not. Motttltly. Many. myriad tttoods of music ranging from house to hip hop. from techno to weird electro from those cheeky rapscallions l’aul Mason. Key itt Roe. attd Sean Keltie.

I Flashback at l-‘lashback. Spin lattt. l-‘ree. Weekly. DJ Randy .-\ndy spins a retro chart mix for the oyer 2 ls.

I Immersed In Music at l’iyo.

()pm lattt. l"ree. Weekly. lit the salubriotis surrounds of this aw ard-w inning ('/ech theme bar. (‘raig (ice (lireefall) unleashes a w arm—up set of progressiyc house grooy es (30 Noy). The following w eck (7 Dec). Sily er Storic takes a trip dow n the funky house ltigltway.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

()pm lam. Free. Weekly. A new Friday fixture sees the boy s frottt l'nderground Soltt ‘shn get bisay with the jiggy hip hop. hottsc. fttitk. drum & bass and techno.

I Mixed Bag at l’opRokit. 9pm lam. l’ree. Weekly. Sty ler (Solefusion) attd Spanky (Snatch ('lub) select the fttttk. sottl and disco classics.

I Oxygen at ()xygen. 0pm lattt. l‘t‘ee. Weekly. ()n a rotational basis. (‘t'aig Smith (District) supplies smooth attd soulful house w ltile (‘raig (ice (lireefall) takes the progressiyc approach.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpttt 3am. Free. Weekly. Light yegetarian snacks sery ed to a hip ltop attd breaks soundtrack front Dolphin Boy (Tummy Touch l.

I Y0! Below at Yo! Below.

Spin tnidttight. lirec. Weekly. The stislti style bar gets the nu-ja/l. Rth attd danccfloor sottl treatment frottt the l’osh l)Js.

Club I Arakataca! at The Bongo (‘hib

llpttt 3am. £5. 7 Dec. Monthly. l)Js Jaffer

(Senegal) attd '/.uppa lnglese (Bogota) host a fiery mix of salsa. African. Latin attd ('aribbcan dattcc. .-\s they 'yc botlt been l)Jing for oyer 30 years. this is the best selection of past. present and future tropical dattcc you're likely to littd.

I Adaptor at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date tbc.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angcle. 10.30pm 3am. £7 (£6); £3.50 before IL30pm. 7 Dec. Monthly. The resident l)Js Simon llodge. Stuart Bennett attd DJ Tinku delyc deep iii the dancefioor \aults to bring you tlte best itt dancclioor

ja/z. rare gt‘ooyc. fttttk aitd soul. This

month they 't'c joined by Blue Brut/(s compiler. Dean Rttdlattd. a titan w ho notoriously packs beats as big as the state of Kansas.

I Bouncing Flow at The Matttbo ('lub.

l0pm 3am. £5 (£4): £3 with flyer or before midnight. 14 Dec only. (’heck ottt the Us garage underground sound with your hosts. DJ lnnoyator attd llcnriques plus special guests.

I Canned Heat at (iaia. l0pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. llart‘i ‘Let's (io' with a reliable mix of dancclloor greats including pop. punk. funk attd hip hop. Please note that entry to this eyent includes entry to Rth showcase l’icsta. See separate listing below.

I 0.0. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. |0.30pm 3am (bar frotn ()pm ). l-‘ree. Weekly. D] All} does the decks (lift) at this gay night with her ittitttitablc selection of ltigh catnp attd disco classics. moying on to pumped-up house attd dattce as the cyening progresses.

I Cerotonin at The Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. Next date 2| Dec w ill) a Scottish cxclttsiyc front Sily io lieomo (llooj (‘ltoonsk

I Chromatic at The Venue (low er two lioors). lllfillpnt 5am. £5 (£4). 7 Dec. Monthly. Local girl DJ Slttt brings the heayy artillery to this banging techno night. also featuring Mitchell attd J(‘ on the main floor plus underground house iii the (‘oolcr front Biscuit l) and Pal.

I Club Latino at The Bongo ('lub. Monthly. Next date the. See listing below for ’Night For ('ttba'.

I Dischord at Stttdio 24. Monthly. Next date 2| Dec.

I Dr No’s at The Bongo ('lub.

llpttt 3am. £7 (£5). 30 Noy. Motttltly. ()t‘iginal Jamaican ska and classic rocksteady showcase fcatttring liye etttertaitttttettt from lil l’ttssy cat Ska featuring Roddy Radiation ofThe Specials and DJ support from Mel. Mary Doll and Tam. Those that cattgltt tlte Laurel :\itkcn show itt ()ct featuring the l’ttssy cats playing as back-up band w ill no dottbt jump at the chance to hear them pcrfornting their \cry ow it show.

I El Segundo at The Bongo ('lttb.

l0.30pm 3am. £5. 14 Dec. Monthly. Hot to trot hip hop attd futtk frottt the resident DJ display teattt. comprising DJRedo. Kristo. Stnirc. ('hango attd lmposter.

I Eruptor at Studio 24 (top fioot‘). llptn 3am. £5. 7 Dec. Monthly. Liye toxic techno frottt (ice/er (yeah. he‘s front London) pltts DJ distress from Primal T and Paul ('.

I Evol at the Liquid Room.

l0.30pm 3am. £4. Weekly. lidinburgh's longest running indie night (ten consecutiye years. with no holiday s and no sickics). proyiding an eycr reliable tttix of the best current and classic alternatiye. crossoy er tunes. It's an ittstittttiott already attd with the rccettt addition of the back room. playing ltost to Mr & Mrs Mogwai. the future looks like a happy place for all things liy‘ol.

I Fiesta at (iaia. l lpttt 3am. £2 before midnight: £4 after. Weekly. All-new showcase where DJ l‘abulox (\ibe. 2 (than) drops the latest pressings attd jams frotn the ltot and jiggy worlds of hip hop and Rth. \‘ll’ passes ayailablc cyery Sun at tltc Q Bar.

I Fresh Input at Noa. 10.30pm 3am. £2: free before midnight. 7 Dec only. One- off special showcasing new DJ talent Smokey & the Bandit. (iay .v\nderson aitd Paul Dixon select sottlfttl house and laid back fttnk.

I Friscodisco at Noa has ttow littished. The ttigltt ltas now merged with Subculture at The Honeycomb. See separate listing below.

I La Fructa Bomba at til Barrio. l0pm 3am. l-‘rcc before I lpnt: £2 after. Weekly. Beats from the barrio at this swinging party hosted by DJ llcctor. Nano and the Latin posse.

I The Fun at ligo. Monthly. Next date 33 Dec.

I Funky Magic at The ('octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). llpttt 5am. £5. 30 Nos. Monthly. Soul-fuelled deep house for pilgrims hosted by The Hoff Project (Stukid. Jules attd Springfellow ) and now boasting liye percussion front Tagg.

I Future Noodle at Noa.

l0.30pm 4am. £10 pltis booking fee (ayailable iit adyance frotn l-‘opp. Ripping attd l'nderground Solu‘shn): £ l 2 on the door. l4 Dec. Monthly. The all-new tech- house attd breaks showcase w elcoittes l'K tccltno don l)a\'c .-\ngel to the fold. Dayc's joined by resident liuan James iii the main room for a mix tip of house aitd techno while back room boy's Belicyc (Boogie Mo Dynamo) attd Mikey Magic t'eycl iii the realms of hip hop. breakbeat aitd drutn ck bass. l’leasc ttotc change of \cnue (for this date only ) from Iigo to Noa.

I The 60-60 at The (‘octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). llpttt 4am. £4. 7 Dec. Monthly. (ict loose as a goose at this wigged-ottt and wild night of sixties garage punk. surf. swinging soundtracks and sweet. sw eel soul hosted by boss daddies Tall Paul Robinson. Angus .\ (io- (io attd Kaiser (icot‘gc.

I Keep It Unreal at ligo. l0pm 3am. £8 (£7). l4 Dec. Bi-monthly. Dirty dtib disco and rowdy sonic sqttonk from tltc irrepressible .-\ndy ('arthy aka Ninja Tttne‘s Mr Scruff. He'll be play ittg anotltcr fiye-hour set for the faithful. w ltilc the lleadspin homics let loose in tlte (‘octcau Lounge with fttttk. ltottsc. hip hop and sottl. :\s w itlt all Scruff sessions. early arriyal makes sense to guarantee entry.

I Lost at Studio 24. l0..‘\0pm 5am ttbc). £l0 (£5 members). l4 Dec. Monthly. The uncompromisittg techno night celebrates its first birthday itt line sty ic w itlt a l’unish Records Special featuring (ilenn Wilson and Mike lltimphries. Both will be deliyering liyc sets attd DJ sets and some support comes frotn the tttaitt rootti monkey s Neil 'l‘cmplat‘. Nomad attd .'\l Space. There's also a ‘fitioro-sw inging show' frottt l’oi. an ‘anglc—grinding show' frottt the Scmtes Sisters attd the upstairs chill-suite play mg a soundtrack of ska. hip hop and breaks.