literary reference to Arthur. the epic poetii Y (:‘m/mldin. composed by Aneirin in the late 6th century. A programme of workshops arid associated events will take place throughout the exhibition. See Edinburgh Life.

A Garden Bequest: Plants From Japan Sat 8 Dec—Sat l2 Jan. Organised by the Japan Society. a celebration of the plants introduced from Japan to the West which include maples. cherries. irises and lilies. NEW SHOW.

The Kyoto Artist Makers Until Sat 8 l)ec. Ati exhibition of work by

craftmakers from Edinburgh's twin city of

Kyoto. Japan featuring woven arid dyed textiles. ceramics. glass. Japanese dolls. tnetalwork atid hand-painted kinionos. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. COLLECTIVE GALLERY

22—28 (‘ockburn Street. 220 1260. Wed—Sat 10.30am—5pm; Sun 3 -5pm. New Work Scotland Programme 6 Until Sat 22 Dec. The New Work Scotland programme continues with video work by Glasgow School of Art MFA graduates Stuart Gurden and Helen McCrone. Gurden shows Minor Planets a new video/mixed media installation filmed in Berlin which explores the nature of desire atid territoriality. McCrorie's new video work explores forgotten aspects of the built environment. Wardie Primary School P3 Until Sat 22 l)ec. Work iii the project rootii by pupils at Wardie Primary School. created iti response to Chad McCail's Fond. She/tel: Clot/ting series.

Blind Date Wed 12 l)ec. 5pm. See Street Level. Glasgow.

DAVID YOUNG GALLERY at Marie Curie House. 29 Albany Street. 478 7050. Mon—Sat l0atii—4.30pm. Hanging By A Thread Until Sat l l)ec. The Edinburgh branch of the Embroiderer‘s Guild presents ati exhibition of members‘ work.

THE DEAN GALLERY Belford Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun noon—5pm.

Ci Beuys To Hirst: Art Works At Deutsche Bank Until Sun 13 Jati. The Deutsche Batik has the largest inter- national contemporary art collection in the world. boasting around 50.000 works. This selection of almost 100 works by German and British artists. gets its first L'K showing in a public gallery. offering taster of their impressive collection. Highlights include Tony Cragg's dice sculpture .S‘eerett'mis; works by Gerhard Richter including the large-scale Abstmklos Biltl Ilium); Damien Hirst‘s Valium: photography by SUsan l)erges. Bernd and Hilla Becher. Catherine Yass and Christine Borland and recent acquisi- tions of works by Charles Avery. Moyna l-‘lannigan and Tim Stoner. See review atid Hitlist.

Paolozzi: As Is When Until Sun 10 Feb. liduardo Paolozzi's important Pop print suite As Is When 1964—65. which was inspired by an account of the life of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein goes on display.


l l (iayfteld Square. 558 7| 10. Thu—Sat

l lam—6pm.

llana Halperin and Sally Osborn L'titil Sttn l3 Jan. New work by two Glasgow-based artists llana Halperin and Sally Osborn. Halperin shows video and works on paper which continue her exploration of ‘environmental anecdotes'. much of which is based on her recent research trips to Sati Sebastian and the island of Stromboli. ()sborn draws on her research residency at (irizedale Forest iii (‘unibria. working iti collage atid drawing to explore the plant and animal worlds.

DOM 8 Advocatc's Close. 225 927 l. Daily l l.30am--5.30ptti (closed Wed).

listings Art

Paul Keir’s subtle and engaging wall drawings can be seen at the round room at Talbot Rice Gallery

The New Wave Of Primitivism Dom is an arts project established in 1996 by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practise primitive art.


6a Dundas Street. 558 9363. Mon—Sat l0am—6pm; Sun noon—4pm

Snow, Sea And Sky L'ntil Thu 6 l)ec. New paintings by Charles Simpson. Jenny McIntosh Mon l()—Sat 22 l)ec. New paintings. NEW SHOW. EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 22] 6000. Mon-Thu 10am—8pm; Fri—Sun l0am—5pm. Master 0! Design Exhibition 2001 Thu 6—Wed l2 l)ec. Masters of Design exhibition featuring the work of students frotii the schools of Design and Applied Arts and Visual Communication which encompasses furniture. glass. interior design. film & TV. graphic design. illustration and photography. NEW SHOW.

animus—cit ‘woéfis’itstaimé


5 Charlotte Square. 220 7720. Mon—Fri l0am—4.30pm.

Waverley Until Fri 30 Nov. A documentary exhibition looking at the development of Edinburgh's railway station.


l9 St Leonard‘s Lane. 662 0040. Mon—Thu l().30am—~3.30pni; l‘l'l l0.30am-~2.30pm; Sat l0.30atn—4pm. Felt The World Until l’ri 2l l)ec. liclt pictures by Anna Shepherd.


l’ettes Gallery. liast liettes Avenue. 332 228 l. Tue—Sun 2—5pm.

Barry McGlashan t'ntil Fri 7 l)ec. Ati exhibition of work by Aberdeen artist Barry .‘vchlashan. recipient of the Salvcsen Scholarship award. which allowed him to travel to America with the

help of 9210.000. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


52 Dublin Street. 557 2725. Mon Fri

l lam—5pm; Sat l laiii «lpm.

Double Act l'ntil Mott 3l l)ec. Paintings. drawings and prints by Alfons Bytautas atid Brent Millar.


88 l.otliian Road. 228 2688. Daily

l0ani -l0pm.

Landscape L'ntil Sat 5 Jati. Paintings by Steve (‘appetz


9 West Port. 22l 0237. Daily l Iatii

7pm ( l lptii when special events are on). Zargonia l,'titil Sttti 2 l)ec. A mixed show of paintings. ceramics. text art. slides atid works iti leather.

Julie Firkin and Maria McCavana l'ntil Sttn 9 l)ec. lti gallery ll. Julie Firkin shows tiny worlds while Maria McCavana presents wall drawings. We Are No l’ri 7--Sttn 30 l)ec. A collaboration with Basque artists Ala/tie Berges and Betiat lglesias featuring paitititig atid drawing. NEW SHOW.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mott Sat

1 lam 76pm; Sun noon 5pm.

GDalziel + Scullion Sat l l)ec Sat l2 Jati. The creators of The Horn oti the M8. Dundee—based dtto Matthew Dal/tel and Louise Scttllion present a major new

body of work featuring video installa- tiotis. sculptural pieces and photographic works. (‘entied on .-\bcrdeensliire atid the glacial landscape of northern Scandinavia. l)al/iel + Scttllion make comparisons between ancient and mod- et‘ti way s of life. the urban arid the rural. posing questions regarding life. nature atid the ongoing creation of ottr environ- ment. See feature page 24 atid llitlist. NEW SHOW.

Meet The Artists Sat l l)ec. 2pm. A chance to meet exhibiting artists Matthew Dal/tel and Louise Settllion. Northern Lights On permanent view is Peter liink's light installation for the gallery inspired by the aurora borealis. (‘oniprising a ‘roof liti' triangle of light. detailing on the east and west roof. lift shaft and pavement. the colours regularly change. brightening up this dark corner of liditiburgh‘s Market Street.


32 Sliantlwick Place. 225 9l5 l.

Mon Wed & l"t'i 9am 5.30pm: 'l‘htt 9am 7pm; Sat 10am 6pm; Sun

I l.30am 5.30pm; Sun

I l.30am- 5.30pm.

Because You’re Worth It: John Morrison t'ntil Sat l5 l)ec. l-‘orming Part of llabitat's iii-store exhibition progratiinie. art (a habitat. ati exhibition of photo works by lidinbttrgh (‘ollege of Art graduate. Joliti Morrison.


(‘astleltilL Royal Mile. 473 2000. Daily 9.30am l0pm.

Jilli Blackwood l‘titil Sun l3 .lati. lll association with the Scottish (iallet'y. textiles by Jilli Blackwootl which incorporate het' slash-antl-show technique which she developed while a student at (ilasgow School of Art.

fist Mr. 1»: {its THE LIST 89