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Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 101.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 (‘harlotte Sqtrare. lidinburgh. 243 9365. Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Sun

noon 5pm. Free. Not only the head office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 ('harlotte Sqttare also hotrses a permanent collection of 20th century Scottish paintings featuring work by Peploe. Htrnter and (‘adell Displayed in a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (Formerly Huntly Housel. i-l2 (‘anongate. 52‘)-tl-13. .\lon ‘Sat

10am 5pm.

Thomas Nelson And Sons - Spreading The Word t'ntil Sat 1‘) Jan. An exhibition on the importance of Nelson‘s Printing Works of the Old Town and Southside of lidinburgh.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Strn noon 5pm; Tue

10am 8pm.

Relief And Revolution: The St Andrew’s Society Of Philadelphia l'ntil Sun 30 Jun 2002. This exhibition looks at Scottish immigration to North America and the founding of the St Andrew's Society of Philadelphia. set tip in 17-17 to care for the sick immigrant Scots.


Newhaven Harbour. 55l 4165. Daily noon 5pm.

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present t'nril Mon 31 Dec. The ['nited Nations' Year of the Volunteer is celebrated in this exhibition which looks at the tradition of volunteering in the Newhaven community.


53 High Street. Queensfer'ry. 33] 5545. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sat 10am lpm &

2.15 5pm; Strn noon 5pm. Free.

Food For Thought A look at children's diet and eating habits over the past 150 years.


2 ('hambers Street. 247 42“). Mon Sat 10am 5pm (Tue 8pm): Sun noon- 5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high.

Prehistoric Japan: The Archaeological Collections Of Neil Gordon Munro t'ntil Sun 27 Jan. A collection of prehistoric Japanese artefacts discovered by Neil (iordon .‘vlunro. a Scottish medical doctor resident in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century.

Gifted: Five Years Of The Inches Carr Scottish Crafts Awards l'ntil Sttn 1.3 Jan. An exhibition showcasing the work of the winners of the Inches (‘arr' Trust Award which enables craft makers to concentrate on a particular aspect of their work. Recipients of the award include Peter ('hang. Malcolm Appleby. Keiko .\lukaide and Alison Kinnaird.

Textile Treasures: Caring For A Collection t'nril .‘vlon (v May. A collection of liuropean wall hangings and decorative textiles spanning the 17th and l8th centuries. The centrepiece of the exhibition is crewelwork hangings of 171‘) with the monogram of the Old Pretender. Other key exhibits include a Kinghorne carpet made around 1620 and two embroideries dated 1637 showing scenes from the Life oft/w Virgin made for one of the (‘atholic courtiers at Charles I court.

Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame Fri 30 Nov Wed 3] Jul. An exhibition highlighting the I00 nominations for possible introduction into the first Scottish Sports Hall of Fame at the Royal Museum. whereby visitors will be invited to nominate their own choices. See lidinburgh Life.


Lady Stair’s House. Lady Stan’s (‘lose. 529-190]. .\lon Sat 10am 5pm. Free.

A Revolutionary Writer: Lewis Grassic Gibbon 1901-1935 tfntil Sat 13 Apr. A documentary exhibition looking at the life and work of one of Scotland's greatest 20th century writers. Lewis (irassic (iibbon t l‘)()l-- [935). author of the classic Sunset Sung.


l'niversity of Dundee. 13 Perth Road. (H.382 345330. Mon . Fri

9.30am 8.30pm; Sat 8; Sun t).30am~~l.30pm.

Dundee By Design L'ntil Mon 10 Dec (.‘vlatthew (iallery). An exhibition of design by entrants to the annual Dundee by Design awards which covers the categories of product. process. graphic communication. environment and interactive digital media.

Masters EXPO 2001 Fri 30

Nov Sun 2 Dec. The annual joint liXPO from the fine Art. T\'l and Design schools of Duncan of Jordanstone College. demonstrating the diversity of contemporary creative practice. NEW SHOW.


"Till". Sl'NDRlNKl-LRS" ()il on canvas

:2 ls 1:150 Dist 3R .-\ I' A. R I S \"s ilet. “PEOPLE, PLACES: TIME AND FACES" A specially commissioned exhibition by Geoilt'ey Roper. hes-s Denna.

tiursernteri-r: vat tie st. "People, Places: lime and Faces” 8 tin:- ."xi.itiurt‘:i (‘1.l‘ill)ll|{1l‘. tr, the internationally

Kissu i)(‘(t;':ii'.i‘ (viii; Stziffiir

"JEWELS FOR CHRISTMAS" showcase at spetttitular ,-:".'.-:'l|-:-r., present-nil ,t‘ .ESStltlzllltill .'.|lll Joseph Burial,

Saturday élf'tr, Suazlxz'. 9th and ‘.'-_,Ia<:;:'. lblli l)(’((’iltl)(‘i

Arts "32s ‘i‘I-L‘t‘li'. Upi‘lli’d tn the historit

.éttitzi'netl artist (moth-9‘; Roper

it"s studs a ‘.'.|(f-’3 Si‘li’(l:0ll of Silver,

:lS"‘t-Z" lull-7t; ‘8tli tonttz". sautl, [)dltlt and

T's-53:7. Isa-es [mi ultierfs ill virtue DECEMBER OPENING HOURS: '.'.<,-.'.th:'. it) Stat-emit; 'ie '3 grin

Sundae. ‘5? .1 pin l'ttitstié‘.» until ,‘ its".

J-.*'.'.-;-!l«;*rs, lttrnta, qh

61 the Horsemarket, Kelso, iDS 7AA 01573 228 040

92 THE LIST :4: Na: 15-; DUN/01,1

New works by Will Maclean at Dundee Contemporary Arts

Heaven On Earth Fri 7 Dec. l0.30am--5pm. £10 (£4.50) Tower Building. A one-day cross disciplinary forttm organised by the liruitmarket (iallery to discuss the role of artists. designers and architects in shaping our perceptions of the environment. Speakers include Francis McKee. (‘(‘A: artists Dalziel + Scullion. research fellows at Duncan of Jordanstone: and (iokay Deveci. the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture. Aberdeen.


152 Nethergate. 0l382 606220. Tue—Wed. Sat 8; Strn l0.3()am—5.30pm: Thu & Fri l0.30am--8pm.

QWill Maclean: Driftworks t'nril Sun 3 Feb. New and existing works by Will Maclean. continuing his fascination with museums and the presentation of meaningful objects. Working in a variety of media. the show features previously unseen large-scale installations (‘ml Requiem and (‘ruxz lnverness-born Maclean. one of the most respected of his generation of artists in Scotland. was the recipient of one of the first (‘reative Scotland Awards in 2000. which enabled him to produce new work for this exhibi- tion. See Hitlist.

Will Maclean: Driftworks Sat l Dec. 2pm. Artist Maclean in conversation with Talbot Rice (iallery's assistant curator. Pat l-‘isher.

Masters’ Exhibition Sat I} Sun to Dec. An exhibition of work by masters students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. NEW SHOW.


Albert Square. ()l382 432084. Mon Sat l()am~5pm; Strn l2.5()~4pml Thu

10am 7pm.

The Colourist Connection t'nril Sun (i Jan. The tise of bold. vivid colour was the trait of Scottish painting from the I860s onwards as demonstrated by the work of the Scottish Cololtl‘ists. Peploe. (‘adell. Hunter and Fergusson. This themed exhibition features over 40 still lifes. landscapes and portraits by the (‘olour'ists as well as examples by later artists Alberto Mor'r'occo and John Houston who have continued this tradition.

Ban The Bottle: The Life Of Edwin Scrymgeour t'nril Sun (v Jan. A documentary exhibition looking at the

life of lidwin Scrymgeour who was the only ever MP in the history of the l'ls' Parliament to be elected on a platform of banning alcohol.

The Colourist Connection Thu 2‘) Nov. (v 7pm. ('lara Young gives art introduction to the current the exhibition. The Life Of Edwin Scrymgeour Thu 2‘) Nov. 12.45pm. David Stockdale leads a guided tour of the Barn The Bottle exhibition.

Connect With Colour Wed 5 Dec. 2pm. An informal guided tour of the work of the increasingly popular Scottish ('olourists.

Discovering J.D. Fergusson Thu (i Dec. (3—7pm. Jenny Kinnear from the Fergusson (iallery. Perth gives an illuminating overview ofJ.D. l-‘ergusson's career.


West Henderson Wynd. 01382 225282. Mon-«Sat 10am-4pm; Sun I lam-4pm. The Hidden Attraction t'nril Mon 7 Jan. An exhibition of painting. sculpture and photography by Leah


Outside the Cities



(i1 Horsemarket. 0l573 228040.

Mon Sat 10.30am 5pm.

People Places: Time And Faces l'ntil Sat 5 Jan. This newly opened art and antique gallery features an exhibition of specially commissioned works by artist (ieoffr'ey Roper. The figurative works included in the show explore the theme of lidwardian elegance.



Iiast liortune Airfield. ll”)le 880308. Daily 10.30am 5pm.

The X-MAS Files l'ntil Sttn l3 Jan. l‘un for all the family in this exhibition of film props. costumes and promotional models from classic sci-ii films such as .‘I/l('ll. .llurs Allin/vs and 1.0.x! In Space. Highlights include the original lifecast of Pinhead play ed by actor Doug Bradley frorn Hr’l/l‘rllxr'l‘ and a recreation cast from the original moulds of Arnold Schwat'lenegger's ‘li'rmrtrulur.