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DRAMA SOLAS (ALONE) (15) 97 mins 00.

Benito Zambrano's powerful debut is the story of Maria. an embittered yOung woman who lives alone in a run-down apartment in Seville. When her father takes ill. Maria reluctantly agrees to let her mother to stay. but her miserable past at the hands of a violent father and a mother who meekly accepts her fate begins to take its toll. So/as is not. however. a pessimistic film. Celebrating the strength and resilience of the human spirit. the two female leads deliver thorOughly

convincing performances. Zambrano’s beautifully drawn details create a believable reality but sadly. its happy ending is less convincing. (Artifical Eye VHS and DVD retail)

(Helen Monaghan)

THRILLER TESIS (18) 125 mins .00

Young Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar‘s debut is released on the back of his chilling ghost story Starring Nicole Kidman. The Others (Vanilla Sky. the Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz remake of his second film. Open Your Eyes. is out in the new year). Amenabar's highly competent debut revolves around a film student researching violence in cinema who discovers a snuff movie production outfit. Amenabar doesn't miss an opportunity to be self-referential. including taking a stab at the industry that would dumb down cinema. He mixes

MARTIAL ARTS RUSH HOUR 2 (12) 93 mins 0.

The title gives the game away really. Completely lacking in originality, this lame sequel is tiresome in the extreme, despite the presence of the ever-watchable Jackie Chan. He and Chris Tucker reprise their roles from the original film, as Hong Kong Chief Inspector and LAPD detective respectively, this time investigating a counterfeit money operation run by the Triads. The plot is, however, completely superfluous: it serves merely as a backdrop to the action scenes and comedic interplay between Tucker and Chan which are the main focus of the film.

The 1998 original was fast-paced, funny and fresh, but this is stale in every aspect. The chemistry between the two leads is non-existent, and the feeble attempts at humour are based on racial stereotypes; Tucker is constantly baiting Chan about his size and poor command of English, and when Tucker attempts to speak Chinese, he ends up saying completely inappropriate things. Yeah, hilarious. I thought that kind of humour went out


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several decades ago. Even the action scenes are forgettable: ' _, 2; usually Chan’s stunts are intricate and original, but for some '5 ~ -"’ reason, this time it’s fight-by-numbers.

In an effort to add some spice, Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) appears as a deadly Triad, but since her part is

Tiresome, despite the ever- watchable Jackie Chan

non-speaking, she is little more than eye-candy, although her fight scenes are a joy to watch.

If you’ve seen Rush Hour, there’s really no need to see this. If you haven’t, I suggest you do and forget all about this sequel. (Kirsty Knaggs) I Available through Entertainment on VHS rental and DVD retail from Mon 37 Dec.

mystery with shock tactics effectively. though ultimately Tesls feels like an exercise in genre filmmaking. Which is perhaps what it is. (Metro Tartan VHS and DVD rental)

(Miles Fielder)

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1 10 THE LIST Iii Dec 7001 (5 .Jan Qflf)?


Down To Earth Chris Rock takes over from Warren Beatty in this poor remake of Heaven Can Walt. (Paramount VHS and DVD rental) Late Night Shopping Glasgow lads Saul Met/stein and Jack Lothian's enjoyable upbeat. offbeat after hours slacker comedy. (FiImFour VHS and DVD rental)

Liam Stephen Frears and Jimmy McGovern's solid drama about hard old times in Liverpool. Stars the always good Ian Hart. (Artificial Eye VHS and DVD retail) The Matrix Revisited The brilliant cyberpunk sci—fi adventure. now with hours and hours of extras. (Warner DVD retail)

The Sorcerers Michael Witchli'nder General Reeves' hypnotist horror flick starring the late. great Boris Karloff. (Metrodome DVD retail)

Cats and Dogs

Released: 3rd December 2001

Including storyboard to scene comparisons. special effects featurette. dog and cat triVia game and the Mr Tinkles screen test.


Released: 3rd December 2001

Patrick Swayxe and Demi Moore star in this roman« tic weepy. Special features include the "Remembering The Magic' retrospective featurette.

Life Of Brian

Released: 3rd December 2001

The much loved Monty Python classic is now released on DVD haVing been unavailable for two years on Video.

Pearl Harbour

Released: 3rd December 2001

This double DVD set includes a 'Making Of...’ fea- turette and the Faith Hill music \.’|(i(?().

Britney Spears - The Videos

Released: 3rd December 2001

A collection of Britney's new and more recent Videos including 'Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know'. ‘l'm Not A Girl. Not Yet A Woman' and ‘l'rn A Slave 4 U'.

Eddie Izzard - We Know Where You Live Released: 3rd December 2001

A live recording of Amnesty Internationals rifltli Anniversary special. consisting of a star studded line-up.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Released: 10th December 2001

Starring Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott. the film took 5‘38 million at the UK box office.

Josie and the Pussycats

Released: 17th December 2001

Small-time losers to big-time rock stars in the blink of an eye. the rise to fame of a trio of girls despite all the trappings that fame brings.