Re: The Sopranos (issue 427)

The mag looks great. You know. The List is a million miles better than Manchester's City Life ever was. and now it's even better

why their drinks are over 21 more expensive than in some other bars? Translate that into a couple of rounds and you could be ten or twenty quid short at the end of a night. We wouldn't accept that variation for any other

Strap. I believe it may be the only venue in Glasgow which does not ask bands to ‘pay to play'.

The point is that the place is in the hands of the liquidators. I assume the 13th Note


than Time Out. I loved your Sopranos pull product. so why beer? could really do with some publicity right CONTRIBUTORS quotes: 'How do you vandalise a Tim Eaton now to ensure the people of Glasgow and pubnsher 8. SWimming 000'7' made me laugh 0Ut IOUd- V18 9078” beyond realise what they are due to lose. General Editor Eco n “3336' Jon Ronson Only with a Sharp increase m custom can Editor .5 S"e' via emal/ WRONG NOTE the 13th Note stay alive. EDITORIAL

Re: The Insider (issue 429) Paul Duncan Deputy Editor FRUITY TUTTE I would call myself a customer of the 13th via email igiihsg’asgtdgjiigrs Re: Cosi fan tutte (issue 428) Note despite only having managed to visit es = e -a.. season. It's great to employ critics with independent it twice (I live in Edinburgh). However on ICE PRICE ascertscn views. Even so. I wonder if you are entirely both occasions I have been touched by the Re: Santa’s Ice Caves (issue 429) Refééfcr‘fl A w happy that your music critic Kelly Apter can place. The way it has succeeded in I'd like to nominate Santa's lce Caves say of Cosi fan tutte. completely seriously it maintaining many principles and offering above Waverley Market in Edinburgh as the r. _ _3 53 293.53" seems, ‘the music isn't really strong alternatives to people. biggest Christmas rip off ever. For $2.50 a m < 'axce” E s Ct, -‘e enough to carry it such a distance; little of it Even as a meat-eater I value its vegan head you get to queue your way around a if”; "WK stands out and virtually none of it is menu. and culturally the 13th Note thrives. mock igloo to meet Father Christmas. V V " W memorable'. having seen the beginnings of bands such Once there. you can pay another £1.50 for 32L::l:r:c

Such a bizarre view of what most of the rest of the world regards as a supreme masterpiece - indeed. what some of us regard as the greatest opera ever surely needs to be argued at some length, rather

as Bis. Mogwai. The Delgados and Arab

Cosi tan tutte: unmemorable or greatest opera ever?

the privilege of havmg a Polaroid picture taken. And that's it. No present. nothing. For me. that was $36.50 to distract two children for about five minutes.

At least the girl at the

Sales & Sponsorship Director Amanda Vacga PA Ante" P 3:54

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than stated as self-evident fact. cash desk had the Sine, John McKay decency to warn us there Circu'atm” 5919“ 3 " ‘3 Via email was no present involved, PRODUCTION

but I assumed that was A“ Director“ NOA WAY because there was some 08:8 (698 '“ X3”

Re: Bar Guide (issue 429) So according to your bar guide. the Outhouse in Broughton Lane is connected

more wonhy entertainment inside and not because previous Customers must have

Production Manager

Production Assistants we, aeees.

Subeditor P :J"E_‘i’3 Rees

to Noa in Queensferry Lane. compiamed Good trick. Is this using some Caroline Donne :DMINItSLRATION son of tunnel system or we 9,773,] fajita?”

perhaps a bus that goes the length of Princes Street?

I think you'll find it's Ego (or more specifically the Cocteau L0unge) that's attached to the Outhouse.

Brian Reddie


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