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Right. You've eaten your way through more turkey. roast potatoes and sprouts than you w0uld normally consume in a week and then you're threatened with dessert. Dessert wines are usually called so as they partner desserts. but there are some out there that are so sweet. so rich and so thick you could quite easily dump the food component and serve them up for dessert itself.

I'm not trying to suggest that everyone will like them, but I think you'll know yourself before you taste them. To completely (and unfairly) over-generalise. a female friend in the

wine trade shook her head in despair and said: ‘lt's a boy thing.‘ I disagree. Both wines here straddle the styles of port and sherry and would be called so in their native land. but as they're made in Australia. European law dictates that they be placed under the catchy title of ‘Australian Liqueur Wine'.

Penfolds Magill Tawny (£4.99. 37.50I. 19% alc) Available from Bottoms Up. As the name suggests. this resembles a tawny port in style. which is a very mature blend of ports; so much so that it loses its ruby red colour and lightens very gracefully. On the nose there are the classic raisiny aromas bundled in with very subtle

using the freshest scottish produce served in a casual and inviting otmosphere’

The palate is amazingly rich, without going over the top and there is a warming caramel finish. This is an amazing introduction for this style of wine and they suggest pouring over vanilla ice cream as well.

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat (£5.99. 37.50l, 17.5% alc) Available from Oddbins. This is not a Glaswegian joke: Rutherglen, Australia is famous for this style of wine. And it's not difficult to see why when you try it.

(Gordon Haggarty)

Deep amber coloured and so viscous you can see it stick to the side of the glass. The noseis intense and bursting with deep. deep raisin aromas and chocolate. The palate is magnificent and if you're not expecting what's coming. it could quite literally have you reeling. lntensely sticky and the chocolate follows through quickly aften/vards. This wine is not subtle by any means but if you like it. you'll soon come to love it for the rest of your life.

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