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Flatshare - Glasgow

I Flatmate required, n/s. for double roortt irt llyrtdlartd. West lirtd. £300 pertt irtcludirtg all bills except phone. available rtovv. Tel: 07980 356 352.

I Large double room for rent. close to amenities ck public transport. £280 pcm + bills + deposit. 'I‘el lirancha: ()l4l 427 4482 or078l2 19] 781.

I Single room in cosy \y'est lirtd garden flat. rtevv batltroortt. kiteltert. (i('ll. cortvettiettt location. suit professional. £ l 75 pent + bills. 'I‘el: (ll-ll 334 6951. I Room available in gay friendly Hyndland flat. usual tttod cons. 2 rttirtutes front trairt station. £250 pent. date of entry negotiable. 'l'el: ()l4l 337 3943. I Christmas with real tree & feature lire‘.’ Shawlands double room in srtug flat. (i(‘ll. sltovver etc. suit clteery n/s professional female. available rtovv. £300 pertt irtc ("I' + hills. Tel: 014i 636 6] 12.

I Room available to share vvitlt l other. terraced house

\\ itlt garden. quiet area. \sould suit student or professional persort. £250 pcttt including bills. Tel: 0141 42‘) 627i or 07776 415 95‘).

I Southside, good room itt super lIat. (i(‘ll. shared modern kitchen. tiled batltroortt vvitlt sltovver. no 088' or students. £200 pent. 'l‘el: ()l4l 633 2656 or 07890 848 736.

I Double room in big rtevvly decorated Southside flat. amazing roof top space. ovvrt phone. £2 l0 pcm students. £235 pcrtt professionals including ("II 'l’el: ()l4l 632 2765.

I Very spacious newly decorated central flat. 2 bedrooms available. £180 pent. Tel: 0775] 522 262.

I Gorgeous double room. available now. irt huge 2 storey flat. 5 rttirtutes trairt to city centre. all new decor ck brand new bed. TV room ck lounge. dining/kitchen & garden. £225 pcrtt. inclusive + £ I00 deposit. students only please. 'I‘el: ()l4l 4236728.

I Large bright rooms available. irt clean vvell appoirtted shared flat. all rttod cons. close to shops. public transport ck city centre. £240/ £260 pcttt. including all bills ck ("II (i(‘ll. 'l'el: ()l4l 954 2534. I Room to let in large flat. irt l.irttltouse. near Southern (ierteral Hospital. furnislted. vvitlt shared living roortt. parking. tto I)SS. £225 pertt + deposit. 'I'el: 07‘)7l 5 l 8 674 or 0141445 I070.

I Room to let. moderrt fully furnished llat. irt the merchant city. £260 pcrtt. 'l‘el: ()l4l 552 2374.

I Spacious room to let in rttoderrt city centre flat. Shared vvith ('ll. all tttod cons. security door. Stiit professional. £200 pcrtt + bills. Tel: 014] 42‘) 2690. I A spacious room in a ltall apartment flat irt (‘atltcarL l'tlll} fitted kitcltcrt & bathroom. extras irtelude vyasher/dryer. fridge free/er. ntierovsav e. shovvet‘ etc. £200 pcrtt irtcl. ("ll deposit required. 'I'el: 0l4l 58‘) 6058 or 07944 63‘) 373.

I Spacious Shawlands flat \\ itlt roottt to let. would suit n/s young professional. £250 pent + bills. 'l'el: 07775 714 01‘). I Room available for short term let irt lusury city centre apartment. Rent negotiable. 'l’el: 07030 l8l 882.

I Room in Southside garden flat shared vvitlt 1 other. gay ck pet friendly. all tttod cons. convenient to public transport. lir‘enclt speaker particularly vvclconted. £220 pcttt incl. bills. 'l'el: ()l4l 883 I708.

I Single room for let in (ilasgovv city cetttre lIat. £240 pettt + ("II 'I‘el: Robin on 07764 627 322 .

I Room with double bed available irt lIat located jtist off Byres Road. Sltared living roottt. kitchen iv batltroont. (3(‘ll. to sltare \\ itlt 1 female student. £225 pcm. ('all \lhairi on 078 I0 270 280.

I West end room in shared flat. very good standard. cleart. freshly decorated. all rttod cons. \vorking person n/s. £225 pcrtt. ittcl. (Fl. lch (ll—ll ‘I—lft 25l5 of 07050 064 03—1 .

I Large double room available irt Southside flat sharing vv itlt l otlter. all mod cons. close to trains ck buses. £300 pcm. irtcl. ("l' + deposit. 'l‘el: 0l4l 632 3662.

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