I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you at the Arches. (‘olours student sessions. You were wearing those cttte blue sunglasses and were flashing a great smile. I was the blonde in the red top and black trousers. I couldn't stop glancing at you. your stnile was completely irresistable. [74.30/73

V I saw you tny Texan man with that special hat doing the jigs at the Riverside ('lub. ()ur eyes met and our bodies got close. even when our rhytluu was a bit bumpy. To top the night. we had conversations of the soul. Looking forward to every second you're in my life! l)eitt allerliebstes liraeulein. [74.30/74

V I saw you Stnelly Leonardos boy. I tnay be far away bttt I can still dance in bed for yott. doo da da doo doo . . . [74.30/75

V I saw you Detritus in the Hall of Memories. I can't go anymore. can you? Yours. Maria [7430/7(i

V I saw you Angelcakes cooking broccoli and now I love it. Zorro [74.30/77

V I saw you (‘1. 1 see you liverytime I go to sleep. [' r never there when I wake! Why? I can't wait to c u again? Hopefully on the l4thl I Itiv u and always w ill? Tonite I shall have sweet dreams cm I will dream of you? Dirty Dancing 4ever? [74.30/78

V I saw you on the 2nd floor of John Lew is-Bttchanan (iallet’ies. Looking at an Apple I-Book. l and a female friend stopped to look. (I stopped because of you.) Yoti were wearing a Red jacket with a bag slung over your shoulder. You brushed passed tne leaving. Is that L()\"li you're wearing? [74.30/81

V I saw you on the 4-H. You. blonde and booted. reading Rebtts and looking to rent a Hat. Me in black leather jacket for casual liriday. reading (‘Iivc James and musing abottt buying a loft. You didn't quite go all the way. and left me alone tip top. (‘ome live with me. and he my Iodget'...[7430/b’0

V I saw you, you wear a black. ()‘Neil top, sometimes and sometimes you're green sleevedl think you're lovely. [74.30/83

V I saw you on Byres Rd.- tall. sleepy. ('offce. ptimas. hooded sweatshit'l. headphones - definiter hectic. Fancy a wee drink sometime? Intrigued - I want to know "moore." - Mandy. [74.30/33

V I saw you, we saw each other on Queen Margaret Drive. You. ('oca-(‘ola from ('umhernauld. Me. Pepsi from Park ('ircus. Life is funny or

w hat?! You gaye me a balloon flower and said once they were one single company. so what stops tts now? I've turned that flower into real and still waiting for your call. [74.30/34

I saw you - Edinburgh 2

V I saw you in a dream. tall. dark mysterious man relaxing in a corner of my mind. This tiger lady wonders if you really exist...[7430/I

V I saw you Matt (Pretty boy) (0‘ the City ('afe. [' were looking at yourself in the mirror. Let's make wild chutney together as we watch ourselves in the mirrorxxx [.7430/2

V I saw you Nohby. liveryday my life is incomplete without ['. Love (linger Dave. [7430/3

V I saw you Tammy - when you walked in the room. it's like my heart stopped. Andyxxx {7430/4

V I saw you it‘s been fantastic fun but you know the destructive end for Bonnie and ('lyde! Let's sober tip and he ‘real' good friends for a long time to come. Mttchas amorx [7430/5

V I saw you working at the I'IIIIIIIUUSC. I hear your ex got married - better luck next titne. ()pportunities galore this I’estival though...['/430/o

V I saw you reading about your friend in the National linquirer. A proud day indeed. [7430/7

V I saw you talking about engines in the l‘ilmhouse box office. Stop it. [7430/8

V I saw you writing in I saw you's in the box. what is the matter pretty young lady? [7430/9

V I saw you lovely lady singing at the l-‘ilmhouse sweetie machine - meet me in St Louis. [7430/I0

V I saw you and you were peeved at lack of these. ()h and those trews are pink. [7430/1 l V I saw you Hi Space Boulder streaking past the tnoon in a cutie Kubrick cuhie hairstyle. (irrr. [74.30/12

V I saw you working behind the box office at the l’ilmhouse; I'll give you a pound if you make tne dinner. [74.30/13

V I saw you in Planet Janet. I was chewing nails. You looked serious. Later you rubbed my back. Like we were in a dream. I love you more. I)M('. [7430/lb V I saw you in the 'l'rav

23/1 1/2001. You with goatee and friend tue with sister scarf. (‘ [' sometime? [7430/17

V I saw you behind the bar at the Traverse (20.1 H 1 recommending humus. pitta bread and l)l-'Ps to myself and my penniless friend...lf only I had more money...l would have ordered more! [7430/l 8

V I saw you funky Italian boy in Iguana on your birthday. I think your name is Ben. Me: blonde in red dress sat across from you looking longingly. l’ancy some? [.7430/l‘)

V I saw you in l‘innegan’s \Vake Sat (ll/12. Sexy Kiwi babe Jo. you were with your pals from Scottish (ias. you spoke to two girls from near Manchester. (I'm the guy who was wearing glasses). I can't get you outta my head. Please. get in touch. I'd like to book an ‘annual inspection'. [74.30/20 V I saw you lady in boots. Let me try the forbidden fruit...temptress. [74.30/21

V I saw you David at the l-‘ilmhouse “Ab l-"ab" movie. (iet in touch. Would be fabulous? [743(1/1 5

126 THE LIST 13 Dec 2001—3 Jan 2002

V I saw you in ()‘Briens- Saturday 10th. red-shined guy telling your friend of church affairs. Me: older guy in black trying not to listen. Fancy a session. moderator? [5/430/22 V I saw you in March at Burns L'nit. St. John's Hospital. Livingston. Nurse Audrey from Airdrie. Too shy to ask then. regretted it since. Please get in touch. Guess who? [.7430/23

V I saw you Kev with the perfect face; our eyes met at [iaster Road and then you brushed next to me in the (‘itrus club. I worried when I saw you talking to those girls. bttt anyone with sideburns like yours must be in the club. Get in touch and make me a happy man... [.7430/24

V I saw you in Medina/Opium you tnade my eyes water precious Onion?! and I'm still waiting for MY I saw you even after months of pleading ehl? [f/430/25

V I saw you dans the Filmhouse silly Nina. You know and I know you move me like a dinner lady pushing smiles across the scene. [.7430/14

V I saw you Saturday 1st Dec. Bannermans'. you out 8; out hardcore: double-axe taloo. skinhead. pierced lip. tne dressed in blue & green. dark hair. Wanna go cruising?! [.7430/26

V I saw you Adrian my english rose. i lurve yoott. i want to kisss yooulll (not westlife boy?!) but you dont care. or do you'.’ xxx [.7430/27 V I saw you. lovely Karen. at our works conference in Dundee. I didn't say so at the time but you radiated loveliness - wanna get together sometime and not talk about work? [7430/28

V I saw you, you tttbby bitch. Think you're yoda or something. Knock it off. Snoochy poochies [74.30/29

V I saw you. I c ti every day on the 4th floor of Standard Life on (ieorge Street. l'tu the vending machine man. ('an I get you a drink? [74.30/30

V I saw you serving food at l-‘iddle 2001. after you'd dunted your head. Most people see stars but you saw a doctor. Hope you still have a one piece working bonce. I'm the middle one of the three fuzzy fiddling blokes. the others were just your fuzzy wuzzy head playing tricks. [.7430/31

V I saw you... Dr Dave. at The Ark. You exercised good bedside tnatmers 8: kissed my bad knee better. but it still needs a bit of TLC? [3/430/32

V I saw you...lovely freckly Antipodean man behind the counter at the Globe. off l)undas St. Want to meet up sometime? [.7430/33

V I saw you lovely. Swedish Jenny in ()pium. You thought a humble Scot like me was Italian. But hey. I'll show you my country if you show rue yours. [7430/34

V I saw you tall & belle French girl working at Fopp. Would you spin the black circle with incl?! I luv ya! L7430/35 V I saw you Shirol. in the Jeklf Not seen u in a while but knew this would make you feel good. luv A.xxx. [.7430/36

V I saw you petite blonde iti lidwards (Saturday 24th Nov. about 8.00pm) sat at a table facing the bar with your friend opposite. You were wearing jeans. a white top. and a

black jacket. I was the big galoot in the black shirt & light jeans. staring. transfixed. too shy to talk to you. Dob. I wish I had. Please get in touch and give me another chance to say hello. [3/430/38


.. '

V I saw you on QA course at South (iyle. You playing computers me playing management. It's been so long I couldn‘t remember your name. now I can't forget your smile. Will we meet again? I hope so. L'/43()/37

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