Rear view _ Phil Kay

A journey from hell for the luckiest man alive.

oday was fathomable. I could fathom it. Which is to say that I could think about it and. with intrinsic ponder. explain it. It has just ended with the one pound cheesecake and coffee I have just eaten. So this is all about being lucky and how to arrive at the seam of it. in at the

face of life.

liven now. 1 exhibit the qualities of the luckiest man alive. First equal with all others who exist. liven as I came to sit and type now at the higher kitchen surface height. I was able to open the doors underneath to put my knees in for the good posture.

The radio is on from which I hear Muriel Gray’s dulcets and I am musing on the particular tones to that dulciloquy.

I am lucky. The other day I turned to look for a bus to catch after trying to alleviate back-muscle rupture pain by walking. Now it is worn off and I need to travel across town. Yet looking back for buses while walking strains it

a bit. I turned to look for a bus and thumbed a Porsche


George was driving it and he kindly agreed to accelerate quite swiftly in order to relax my spine against the bendy contours of the cranio-sacral-

ergonomic sportsseat.

Today I went through the journey from hell. the flight from hell. a hell-flight: the journey as hell. Not your run of the mill. the-kids-were- awful aeroplane journey. though. no. because the kids are not awful. No matter what they do. they are not awful. They are kids in an


My wee girl Coco. who is live. had a fairly large freak-out on the delayed two fifteen where she built up to lashing the chair with kicks and bites and hits and raising her

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temperature and speaking incoherently yet not without sense.

Three times I tried to reach in and lift her out and the third worked: I lifted her up out of her seat and as I did I banged her head on the luggage store and held her in the aisle and walked her back and forth holding her fairly tightly and telling her I love you. I love you and then taking off two of her tops and giving her some water.

Rows twelve to thiny-one may well have been transfixed as we worked our way through. Luckily the plane was delayed. so Coco could lie on her back

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She built up to lashing the chair with kicks and bites

and hits and raising her temperature and speaking incoherently

the radio.

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and kick and hear me when I said what can I do to help and she replied: ‘Just make me happy.‘ Some time later. we sat together

washed up on the beach and she was on my knee and she said she was sorry and I told her I loved her over and over and that I would never stop. no matter what and it doesn‘t matter. what matters is that I love you. and we both were crying and sobbing together and she would tum round in relief and check out my tears. Perhaps because of this I bought tinsel tonight with one month to go and wore it home and luckily

received greatly reduced coffee and cheesecake upon request and Muriel Gray was on the plane too. up the back. and I imagine her beautiful through a time holding her kid and crying.

And that is why I mused on her tone on

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