m The best news in the gay and lesbian scene this year was The List finally Introducing its informative. happening and feisty gay section into the magazine in April bringing y0u up to date with all the gay goings-on in and around the cities.

We witnessed some celebrity outings such as Radio 7's Scot Mills and REA/7's Michael Stipe; the very public collapse of Michael Barrymore; the embarrassing breakdown of Ellen Degenres' relationship with a rather unstable Ann Heche and the shocking revelations and subsequent charges against Jonathan King. Not so shocking and closer to home was Pride which took place amid a crazy carnival atmosphere in Edinburgh and Glasgow's Glasgay! which brought a mix of art. music and theatre events

to the City. We wer also treated to some excellent films. books. TV and music with Kelly McGillis in the fabulous film The Monkey '3 Mask. the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Patrick Gale's book Rough Music . Horse's inCredible new album Hindsight . . . It 's A Wonderfu/ Thing. Gareth Valentine's moving Requiem and lTV's tender and funny Bob And Rose.


I The critical success of the Ghost World film, adapted from Daniel Clowes' cult comic Eightba/l by Clowes and Terry Zwigof'f. made it OK to come out and admit - comics are cool. Something The List has been harping on about since introducing a regular comic review column this year. When innovative Glasgow writer Grant Morrison was given carte blanche to rework Marvels ailing flagship title X-ivfen. we got the scoop. Similarly. when The Guardian “bravely'

gave Chris Ware's

Jimmy Corr/gen its First Book Award (shock!). The List had already recommended Jimmy via the pages of The ACME Novelty Library. So there.


Those who once mocked the great Chuck D for crying “don't believe the hype' should have been cautious in 2001. Andrew W.K. lauded as the saviour of rock was no more than entertaining, The White Stripes didn't become as big as The Beatles but were still quite excellent and The Strokes only just avoided becoming victims of their own success: they remained cool despite knowing they only had a dozen songs. Gorilla: suffered the same limitations live but both albums were so tremendous that all could be forgiven. Just.

The events on 1 1 September put the kibosh on many live shows in the latter part of 2001 including Slipknot. Aimee Mann and System Of A Down but U2. Low. Mark B 8. Blade and Air still managed to produce

Ghost World: proving

16 THE LIST 3 Dec CC‘—3 Jan 2332


Gorillaz: monkeying

some memorable shows.

Nu metal may have bellowed like a red-capped and mascara-striped King Kong. but it was Yanks of all genres that ruled the stage. Eminem. Kells. Marilyn Manson. and Amen all rocked Gig on the Green while Beck. Grandaddy and Lambchop took T In the Park by storm. The reliable stalwarts were still out in force. however. Travis. Stereophonlcs. Slam and ldlewild keeping the side up for the UK. New kid on the block T on the Fringe also welcomed excellent shows from The Avalanches. Supergrass and Spearhead.

Elsewhere. the Glasgow Jazz Festival presented a sturdy and considered line up of acts and septuagenarian Humphrey Lyttleton proved a shining star in the Edinburgh equivalent. Jewel in the classical crown this year had to be Scottish Opera's Die Walkure. which flew by. despite being five hours long and was a sight and sound to behold.

Big Big Country was most improved festival of the year. with a more diverse and edgy selection and newcomer

" raft“: “iv

trlp'iych entered the fray. punching its weight from the outset with a spectaCUlar array of legends Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Dave Mancuso included.

As far as local pop heroes go. did you try Aereogramme. Single Point Of Light. Lapsus Linguae. Ellis. Big Hand. Bondy Toy. Trip Fontaine. Senator. Degrassl. Camera Obscura or ballboy this year? No? Shame on you.

Over-exposed of the year

From busty. Benny Hill- style crumpet to pop javelin in five bulimia- inducing moves. Still completely bereft of anything resembling a personality despite 'charidee work‘ and yet more bare flesh.

Ivar. w a

OK. so he’s going to university, like no one's ever done that before. From scrounging dullard escaping a dysfunctional family to

. . . studentdom. No change there then apart from developing a penchant for road cones perhaps.

The world’s greatest footballer and a very, very, very slim woman who did a bit of singing once in a pop band. What a couple . . . of over-hyped, only-one- of-us-is-remotely- talented. just-you- watch-our—every-move- in-the-paparazzi-snaps types that is.

Some pygmy millionaire actor dumps his scrawny lemon to pick up another Hollywood strumpet. Not exactly news is it? We’re just amazed at how he could pull in the first place they must have seen his (pay) packet.