18 THE LIST lit Dec 2001‘n .

good work. with the Traverse having its best fringe in years. with Gregory Burke's Gagarin Way and Iain Reggie's Wiping My Mother '3 Arse making the house company a high seller in a strong field. Novecento was a moving and funny International Festival highlight. In Glasgow. Robert Lepage's Far Side Of The Moon showed the Canadian maestro to be back on jaw-dropping form.


I As per usual. strong American shows invaded our screens with quirky comedies

such as Malcolm In The

Middle and Will 8. Grace doing well. while The West Wing. CSI. Band Of Brothers and The Sopranos all came good in the drama stakes.

I Not that the Brits were left totally behind. Reliable telly playwrights Stephen Poliakoff and Tony Marchant produced the major contemporary dramas of the year with Perfect Strangers and Swallow respectively. while there were offbeat successes for Teachers. Men Only. Babyfather and Residents. It was a good year for comebacks with Sharon Watts. Adrian Mole. Home And Away. Captain Scarlet. Crossroads and

Absolutely Fabulous all

rising from their own particular ashes and there were some excellent documentaries. particularly The Blue Planet. Ancient Apocalypse. Walking With Beasts and First Person. I Although the British sitcom is in dire straits ’Orrible. The Savages. So What flour? and Los Dos Bros). the form produced the single most impressive comedy for 2001 with The Office; thank heaven for Ricky Gervais. And special commendations go to Dave Gorman Collection. The Kumars. Armando Iannucci and

Captain Scarlet: returning

World Of Pub.

I By far the most controversial programme of the year was the Brass Eye Special. which had the tabloids. police and government hopping mad. It was about media circuses not paedophilia. you fools. Unfortunately, no rOund-up of the last year would be complete without mentioning the rise of Reality TV and especially the deplorable Big Brother 2.

Words: Kelly Apter, Catherine Bromley, Brian Donaldson, Maureen Ellis, Louisa Pearson, Miles Fielder, Mark Fisher, Jane Hamilton, Helen Monaghan and Mark Robertson

Test your knowledge of the year and the person with the largest number of r - » - ~ correct answers will win £300 to spend in HMV. Two runners up will win £100 each.

4 . I ~ d

1) Jack Dee won Celebrity Big Brother. But who was the first ‘star’ to be evicted from the house?

2) Which hip hop band was forced to redesign their album cover after 1 1 September. the original image having featured the World Trade Centre being blown up?

3) Which former soap opera bad boys starred in Rent and Chicago? (one point for each actor’s real name) 4) Name the two Japanese movies which had the censors hopping mad. (one point for each filiiii

5) Which band played an unprecedented five sell-out shows at the Barrowland?

6) 2001 was a dog's life. They were fighting in which MeXican mowe. competing against each other in what American film and being tortured in whose Scottish novel? ioiie point for each answer)

7) Which band cancelled a Scottish gig to visit America just because they’d sold a couple of records there?

8) Which Scottish author was nominated for the Booker Pri/e? 9) Which sci-fi legend beamed into the Edinburgh International Science Festival live from his Sri Lankan home?

10) Exhibited at the Arches. this portable camera

shoots from the hip.

1 1) Mogwai’s ‘My Father, My King’ was officially too long to be considered for a chart position. How long over the twenty-minute watershed was it?

12) Name the first American Dogme film.

13) Which bubbly presenter made her acting debut in ITV sitcom Sam’s Game?

14) Name the two Scots who won the frdinbuigl: .‘3 ringe's Perrier Newcomer Award. lone point for each comici

15) Ska master Laurel Aitken and reggae guru Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry both graced Edinburgh’s Liquid Room this year. What is their combined age to the nearest five years?

16) Scotland lost three major leadem. One through death. two by resignation. Name them and the institutions they represented. (one point for each leader and institution iianiedi

17) Which star of The Sopranos got arrested and which one was reported to be dating another ‘nasty’ bit of work? Character names accepted. (one point for each actor/character)

18) Name the early 90s pop starlet who wrote Kylie's ‘(Ean’t Get You Out Of My Head'.

19) Which Turner Prize winner came to Dundee for his first solo exhibition in Scotland since 1984?

20) Who topped Channel 4's 700 Greatest ll/ (Ili.’i/‘.’2(::‘er's poll?

Answers by Wed 9 Jan to QUIZ OF THE YEAR. l/ie List, / :1 High Street. Edinburgh, EH/ I'l'E.

Big Brother 2: boring