Beuys to Hirst. Here’s a sneak preview.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. 7 November 2001-13 January 2002. Admission Free.

If just one of Damien Hirst’s famous polka dots isn’t enough to tempt you, then take a look at some of the other artists who represent some of the finest British and German contemporary art since the 1960’s. Of course there’ll be plenty more polka dots too. ‘a.’/';rr<s;, "‘.’,‘.Cl"_} :1 whii‘ptu'o by lony Crag/1g}. Paintings; by Georg} Bassth. Ansolw Kiolor and Gerhard RIGHT-(3?. Dunner‘gs by Josey: Ben/5;. Jiligg lr"'v‘<>'n<l<;'?’", AR. Ponck and Signmr Poikn. Prints; by Mark l-rancis. Richard l-laimkw‘. Dani-3P Hans: and

\‘v /v .)"'/\<‘Ir‘ '/‘/ ’I\‘( H '\/V I \" I, ' \/ t , \ N 6" I \, 'I x, 1 xx 84 J l 11.1mm I. l) mourn)? a W Bunk: éi Him Bonner. Cnmtino Borland. Won <15 Run, Thomas Stain. (mu (Amt)er Ydss.

Beuys to Hirst: Art Works at Deutsche Bank