Hogmanay revellers: willin'

The date: 31 December. The City: Glasgow. The soundtrack: The Supernaturals, The Cosmic Rough Riders and, er, Steps Club Seven. The lowdown: right here, right now. The extras: Toploader in Leith at the end of this feature and a whole supplement on Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

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Dance fans should beat a path to George Square where COLOURS, Scotland’s most successful club night, and ROGER SANCHEZ, American superstar DJ, will be on the decks.

Words: Catherine Bromley

hat do you get when you cross one of the

world‘s biggest DJs with Scotland‘s most

successful club promoter? Not a two- headed. drug-fuelled. ego-driven beast that doesn't know whether to play records or hand out tlyers but. thanks to the collaboration of Roger Sanchez and Ricky Magowan. one of the biggest Hogmanay celebrations ever to hit Glasgow.

This year. 30.000 revellers will flock to George Square to see in the bells to a pumping house soundtrack supplied by Scottish superclub. Colours. American superstar DJ Roger Sanchez will be the main attraction on a bill that includes Colours‘ residents Jon Mancini and Iain ‘Boney’ Clark and a host of talented

local [)Js. For Ricky Magowan. Colours‘ promoter

man and boy. this behemoth of a house party marks the end of what's been a very good year.

l’rom its humble beginnings as a monthly showcase at the Ayr Pavillion. Colours has become Scotland‘s most successful club night. Its monthly parties at Glasgost Arches have become the stuff of legend. boasting guest appearances from everyone who‘s anyone in popular dance music. This year. Colours‘ credits include the launch of a weekly radio show on

‘I decided to hold a small New Year’s Eve party for 30,000 of my closest friends’

Roger Sanchez: ’illin’

True Co ours

Clyde 1. the release of the debut ColoursMix album and the celebration of the llth birthday party. In recognition of all this and more. Colours was voted ‘Best UK Club 2001‘ at Muzik magazine‘s prestigious annual awards ceremony in October. lighting off stiff competition from the likes of Cream. Gatecrasher and Trade.

‘11 was just brilliant. I was on cloud nine when 1 went on stage to collect the award: I didnae even need any drugs that night.‘ says Ricky Magowan. joking of course. ‘We‘ve had a fantastic year and I owe it all to the clubbers. they make the atmosphere that Colours is famed for. We wanted to celebrate the success with as many people as possible so I decided to hold a small New Year's live party for 30.000 of my closest friends. Glasgow is definitely the place to be this New Year's live and I plan to make it an unforgettable experience.‘

Before we even get as far as Hogmanay. Colours will be hosting a positively huge showcase at the Arches on 26 December featuring Steve Lawler. Sander Kleninenberg and John Digweed. voted ‘No l D] In The World' in DJ magazine‘s annual poll. ‘That's obviously all leading tip to Sanchez. for New Year which was a bit of a coup for us.‘ says Magowan. ‘He was expensive but the kudos is worth it. Forty-thousand people have already put applications in for George Square and that tells you something. Some people said I‘d picked the wrong guy. but what you’ve got to understand is that Roger Sanchez sells he‘s sexy. he's cool and he‘s media friendly. In many ways he‘s the man of this year. so for us to get him and he did have four or live offers from around the world including Australia shows the power of what we‘re delivering up here.~

Magowan‘s not wrong when he says that Roger Sanchez (aka S-Man) has. like Colours. enjoyed a