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The things you simply have to do this issue

WE BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS Music A truly festive Outing With Annie Christian, Astrid (pictured). The Silver Pill. ballboy and Post Diluvian playing sets including their faVOurite Christmas songs. Punked-up renditions of ‘Silent Night' guaranteed. See review. next issue. Bongo Club, Edinburgh.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS A Film After Harry Potter, 3? this is the most widely- " anticipated movie of the

w year. And we're v}: delighted to say that, for once, the result meets the hype. See feature and review, pages 20 and 29. General release.


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IV Andrey? Dan'ies has adapted W Sl‘akr '3; race drama to stunning effect. updat'rig the revenge talc- fora london Met setting. Christopher Eccleston is the "‘(il‘ZIl)ili£t'_l‘.(} tJago. See review. , page; ‘17. Scottish. FR B°°ks - ~ 1 ~ ///

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'r‘r;rr‘t;r:r ll‘ thit- ' ?%<><i|‘rl‘,- Oi (WW I Theatre This adaptation from a Finnish play is /\Ii'.‘<:ri<an Now-ifs. a fresh and invigorating take on the needs of f><:<> "<:'.i<:‘.'.'. page the elderly. Stars Paul Thomas Hickey and 10"" liXHn [ “‘7’3‘1 .V Eileen McCallurn. See review. page 60. I Traverse. Edinburgh.

BILUE VELVET ' . r ' ' Clubs Frankie Sumatra. £\.;\' H R.) (\(41; .,."" I," g .,I I, II" I I

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I Contour/r. delivers another Film Tilda Swrnton gives a bravura performance "' l instalment of the blacklx. in a deftly plotted noir thriller as she attempts to 'u r1:)!l‘l<: \.‘.’()ll(1t?l. See l'(}\’l(}‘.‘.'. protect her gay son from blackmail and murder.

page 103. lantagrari/ircs. See review. page 25). Genera/ release.