ROCK MARK LANEGAN and MASTERS OF REALITY Garage, Glasgow, Fri 30 Nov 0.

..‘ 2' I . fil‘ v “4* , ,.

Naming your band after a Black Sabbath albun‘ that punk rock sprrrt burns rn your heart. And so rt ‘5; Masters Of Reality Chris Goss. an atzso~ute tea" (2‘ t. '

Lanegan’s lacklustre live lectures

Successful producer and proponent extraor:rr"arr~:: ;

Wrth mates from Queens Oi The Store Age tinsl"

Nrck Olrvrerr rn tow. Goss sets about "ock rig: mt: '

bluesy Cheap Trick rrtts prlrng an tor <>= as an entertarnrng shambles but (tracks.


A rank sound mrx doesn't help the disappear rn a mush of gurtar .'.'l(i(lit:. out t'rer' Z-::-":i<‘:"<‘. °

good idea and sprn rt out tzll encrycne's 5‘: coma ::

marn reason for their mated recept c'r. thumb for rock gigs ~ when the t‘.‘."-l‘.-::

out rt's trme to head to the bar.

And you'd be as well staying the-u ‘sr 3.11:: ;s a" -' ,‘ drsapporntrng set from former Scrcar‘~ rg lug-(2:: Lanegan. The man wrth a no

the skag and frghtrng frt, but you '.'.</u:;r';".

charrsma-free imrtormance.

Sportrng the classrc grunge lock of we; I 5;“ r'. a - ' sleeved topr Lanegan seems urtcoh‘tortar, e " " s s. ' swayrng gently and clutchzng onto a f: fr‘rr: star r‘ '2 '.'-.rorkmanlrke band clumsrl', frl. rr: a‘J t"-:: pity/trait if. i:-:.~ Lanegan's sup 2rb recent alburrr. f es: Secs/rs. ‘r-f seems unable to find any of the entc'. o'ra gra; tas tl‘v'

recorded output has exhrbrted. ()ixm :" a - lrghtrng and a treacly s1. rut; o‘ a son“: v" x aw: . underwhelnirng grg all round. Doug \Jol‘nstwce

I The Miles Hunt Club (‘atliotlsu (ilaxgmx. If) Jan.

I Rollins Band (iaragc. (ilaxgtm. l4 .lan.

I Train Barron land. (ilzlsgtm. l4 Jan.

I Concert For A Landmine Free World t'car Elvis Costello & Steve Earle (‘lytlc .-\udilnriurn. (ilaxgtm. l5 Jan.

I Incubus SH ‘( ‘. (ilaxgou, 15 Jan.

I Blink 182 Sli(‘(’. (ilaxgmx. l7 .lan. S()l.l) ()l "l-

I The Beta Band ('orn lixchangc. lidinhurglt. l8 .Ian.

48 THE LIST ' Cx-w

at“ Mr

>‘ st r :k. r :l<:s:::er‘;:s P’w' (tr .1 park) as (:osss y'r‘a f’t‘rxz’ )'r A'ti:'tx'e'sate'rc'a '. strr'tgartzr-n'"gtrta' <

x\ «1/ t


555 RECORDS present KIDGOG JOAN OF A55 and


13th Note Club, Glasgow, Fri 7 Dec

Tonrght's showcase courtesy of 53:35) Records rs a confusrng. rnrxed bag rt ever there was one. Wlill the only running thread berng the lack of human percussion. Steward would fare better it he employed a drummer and became a poor man's Lrghtnrng Seeds. or it he ditched the tinny gurtar and bought some fat Synths to Ille‘Ci a bit of interest rnto hrs songs. Not that many people witness hrs set. not that many would care for Such blandness. The venue has frlled out a brt more

by the trme Joan Of Ass's two vocallsts Start SQUOEmD-U “l0” partrcularly' u tsubtle brand of smut. \I‘y/hether rt's

genuine aural sex or an ironic hybrid of Chrcks On Speed and Peaches rs open to

A history lesson from

debate. but in any case therr appeal degenerates the longer they keep shrrekrng about their pussies. ‘Tremendous'. a colleague decides. though decades of

teminrsm might take Issue.

More intense strrnulation can be had wrth the ard of two laptops. samplers and other boxes wrth knobs on. as Krdtitlt‘) takes a reelrng audrence through the

fastest ever hrstory of musrc - from classrcar to ga// to Aha tc Mrssy Elliott all to

the backrng of turrous cut 'n' paste beats. It's a completely messy affarr. a gut-- wrenching bowel movement of norse whrch SiltltllféiltOtHlSl‘, mushes your brain and makes your clothes vgbrate but somehov.’ rt's rust coherent enough to be vaguely danceable. However. after half an hour all but the nest rnebrrated have

left for a nrce guret lre down

All credrt to for promotrng such materral. but somethrng stronger than rbuprofen rs regurred for prolonged trstenrng. dan t". [eschkyr


RISINGSON, EX TIGERS and MAJOR MAJOR Venue, Edinburgh, Thu 29 Nov 0000

"Thank you. y're've been Andrev.’ proclarm Maor l\/i{lj()l as they amble offstage. Of course they haven't. but the lVthjOlfl, .r‘rr boast some ot the brggest. most thrurnmrn‘ ;ntros around and - even though tne songs themselyes don't art-ray s progress to that next level ~ they 're strll ttrrtefuly raz‘. enough to be

compared to Ash after therr glossy pop sheen's bee".


The Ex Tiger's. on the (

:‘coured off a brr.|o

ther hand. are proper rough. Cobbletl together from

various other Edrnburgh bands. r'icludrng lntperral Racing Club. it's farr to say they also know whrch end of a tune ."lOéilit; l)tlf3iY‘-(‘:f3f

they‘re blessed wrth the


.Anu fortunately for them

est b; ssrst rn rock. a ‘.t)(i{tlrf;t gurtarrst whose rdea of

decorum rs to unplug hrs gurtar before he wings I across tire stage and lyrics lrke: T” Show W“ m", COCK HIM you'll say: "\’.elt. '~.'.rl‘at the fuck rs that?“ Hadro 1. here

we come!

After that. Ross Krlgour -

lead srnger of Krrkcaldy "s own Hrsrngson

,ust seems

too damn polrte. But strll. thrs pre album .'.'rrtrng hratus grg senes up sucn a

consrdered blend of grunge. skater rock ar‘d (l(?(ii\53t“;tl‘.f;l‘.'l) tl‘at yet. '.'.’ourdn't bet agarnst them returnrng as the Jockrock lt'l‘ti ffirxkzt, ()'il‘, tstenable. If you know what I mean. rDavrd Pollock-

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin 5%,. ' Edinburgh: Virgin it"

I Lo-Fidelity Allstars (‘).\ll '. (ilaxgtm. 1‘) Jan and liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 2ft Jan. I Mad Caddies (iar'agc. ( ilasgim. 23 Jan.

I Brian Wilson ('lydc .'\udituriunr. (ilaxguyy. 25 Jan.

I NME Carling Awards Tour lcat Andrew WK, The Coral, BRMC and

Lostprophets ()fxll ‘.

(ilaxgmy. 3“ Jan.

I Raging Speedhorn ( itll'dek‘. (ilaspuyy, .7“ .lan.

* Dropkick Murphys ( ial‘aglc.

(ilaxggou. 2‘) .lan.

I Alien Ant Farm llarrmxland. .il Jan. I Kittie (‘).\ll '. (il;l\_\_‘ti\\. 3 i't‘i‘.

I Embrace (‘um

lzu'hangc. lidinhurgh.


I Echo 8. The

- Credit card bookings from: t '- - Ripping Records Soutl‘ Bridge. 71%,;

Bunnymen (iamgc.


* The Hives ()Ml'. (ilaxguu. 5 l't‘h.

I Rachel Stamp (‘athouxtn (ilasgtm. (i i'ik‘i‘.

* Jill Scott

liar'rou land. (ilasgoyy.

l3 l-t-h. I Slipknot Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxjgtm. |~l l'L‘lt.

I Shaggy ( 'lytlt-

.\uditorium. (ilaxguyy.

.il l't‘lt.

I JamiroquaiSl-1(‘(‘. (ilasgou. 32 li‘h.

I Ian Brown

Barron land. (ilasgtm. 28 Feb. S()I.I) ()l'l.

I Deep Purple ('lydc Auditorium. (ilaxgtm. 33 i‘iL‘iI

I Atomic Kitten ('l) dc .-\uditoriurn. (ilaxgtm. 1 Mar.

* Spiritualized (‘ur-n liwhangc. lidinhurgh. 3 Mar.

* Groove Armada Barre“ land. (ilaxgmx. 5’ Mar.

I Faithless Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgtm. 14 Mar.

I Stiff Little Fingers Barre“ land. (ilaxgtm. l7 Mar.

rtlxj I735 . 571': 't. . f. ,‘,:‘:i 0 Way Ahead "1'

I Travis Sli( ‘( ‘.

(ilaxgoyx. X. l) «k l‘) .\lar‘.

S()l.l) ()lulh. I Travis Sl-L('(‘. (ilasgtm. 3f) .\lai'.

I The Monkees

Sli('('. (ilaxgtm. 3] Mar.

* The Strokes Barron land. (ilaxgoyx. 22 Mar. S()l.l) ()l'l. * The Strokes (‘urn liwhangc. lidinhurgh. 2331;”: S()l.l)()l"l‘. * Godspeed You Black Emperor!

(‘).\ll‘. (ilaxgtm. 34 Mar.

I System Of A Down Barre“ land. (ilaxgtm. 30 k 3| .\lar. I Simple Minds ('lydc :\lldilol'itllti. (ilasgou. l7 .v\pr.

I Here And Now that Adam Ant, ABC and Toyah Sli('(’. (ilasgtM. 3.\' .\pr.

I Westlife Sli('(‘. (ilaxguu. .\' ll Ma}

I Barry Manilow ('lydc .-\uditorium. (ilaxgtm. l5 & lb Ma). I Kylie Minogue Sli(‘('. (ilaxgou. lT-l‘) .\la_\. S()l,l) ()l'l‘.

I Gabrielle Sl-L(‘(‘. (ilaxgou. 5 Jun.

* Pulp RU\Cl\iL‘ i'hlll'k‘\i. \car lilgin. 2| .lun.

I Rod Stewart Sli(‘('. (ilaxgtm. I: k 3. Jan.

I Aimee Mann liquid Room. lidinhurgh. .lul.

I Hear’Say Sli(‘(‘.

(ilaxgow l5 Sup.