film. charting the rise and fall of eccentric silent movie star Norma I)esmond.


Edinburgh University. Bristo Square. (168 2019.

Collusions Sat l5 Dec. 8pm. I‘ree. An evening of experimental theatre. poetry and tnusic. including contributions from critically acclaimed theatre company Laboratorium-33 and young American poet J.L. Bailey.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Grindlay Street. 248 4848. ]I’. II. 'IT W('. WA]

Beauty And The Beast t'ntil Sat 5 Jan (not Sun l(i/.\lon l7 Dec. (‘hristmas Day. Hogmanay'. New Year's Day). Times vary. £‘)—£l(t (£5~£l3). Brave Beauty attempts to save her father's life by journeying inside the Beast's palace u btit first she must encounter the evil witch Crackjaw and Dunt the (ioblin. both of whotn aim to rid the world of children. See review.


10 ()rwell Terrace. 346 I405. |W(‘. WA] Winter Wishes and Dreamshadows t‘ntil Thu 13 Dec. 7.30pm. £l—£2. A double-bill l'rotn Springwell Youth Theatre.


34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Ill. W('. WA]

Kaguyahlme - The Moon Princess L'ntil Sat 2‘) Dec (not Sttn. Tue—Wed). Times vary. £7.50 (£4); family

ticket £20). A Japanese couple lind a baby

under a glowing tree. w ho grows tip to he a beautiful princess loved throughout the land. See review.


Cambridge Street. 228 I404. H). H T-T‘ WC . WA]

Olga L'ntil Sat 22 Dec (not Mon). 8pm,

£9 (£4.50). An eccentric old woman and a fast-living young man find themselves strangely drawn to each other in Linda McLean's adaptation of I‘innish writer Laura Ruohonen's play. See review.

The News At When? 't‘ltu I3-—Sat l5 Dec. 7.30pm. £9 (£4.50). See (ilasgow. Tron Theatre.

Molly Whuppie Wed 1‘), Sat 22 Dec.

See review and listings on Kids page.

Edinburgh Dance


l4- Io (irassmarket. 225 5525. Scottish Breakdance Championships Sat I5 Dec. 5 'l()pm. £3 (£2). (‘rews from lingland. Northern Ireland and Scotland compete. with two- on-tyyo battles. locking and poppittg competitions. Dls on the night include Richie Rul'l’tone. pri/es include a trip to Seattle and the fun continues at a post- cotnpetition party at the Honeycomb.


I3 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (1000. III. W(‘. WA]

Scottish Ballet - The Snowman Tue IS Sat 2‘) Dec (not Sun 23 Boxing Day ). Times vary. £7.50 £ I 7

(£5.50 £ l4). See (ilasgow. Theatre Royal and preview.

GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE l'niyct'sity ()l~ Iidinburgh. (ieot'ge Square. 225 5525. [I’. W(‘. WA]

Dance Base Christmas Show Sun to Dec. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Members of the various Dance Base classes show what they 're made ol‘ at the centre's annual show.


l0 ()rweII Terrace. 346 I405. ]W(‘. WA] Christmas Show Thu 20 Sat 22 Dec. 7pm (Sat mat 2pm). £3 £5. (‘hristnias checr l'roni Stepping ()ut School of Dance.

listings Theatre


Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Fri 14 & Sat 15 Dec; Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 18-29 Dec.

:2: eta, .

Snowman’s land

The relationship between the Scottish Ballet board and the Scottish Executive may be a little icy at present, but that’s nothing compared to the temperature on stage this winter. Although Raymond Briggs’ frozen creation is more likely to warm a few hearts than give anyone a chill. Since first appearing on our small screens back in 1982, The Snowman has become something of a Christmas institution; its anthem ‘Walking In The Air’ almost as familiar as ‘Jingle Bells’. But as wonderful as Howard Blake’s score was, it only ran for 26 minutes fine for a piece of animation, a little short for an evening of ballet. Both Blake and Scottish Ballet’s artistic director Robert North saw the potential for adaptation almost twenty years ago, having collaborated on several dance projects in the late 705. But it wasn’t until North moved to Sweden’s Gothenburg Ballet in 1993 that the project came to fruition, and Blake first set about lengthening his score. ‘The minute I sat down and looked at the music again, I found that every bit of it could be developed,’ explains Blake. A huge success in Sweden, the hour-long ballet gained another ten minutes when it transferred to Italy six years later. But Scottish audiences demand more than one act from their Christmas show, so Blake and North went back to the drawing board, creating a full-length, two-act ballet. ‘lt’s been a long gestation period,’ laughs Blake, ‘but it’s really quite exciting that Scottish Ballet are premiering the first full version of the ballet.’ (Kelly Apter)

Thursday 20

The Twits

Friday 21

The 'I‘vv its Suddenly I..’t\l Sumtner . Suddenly Last Summer Check Your (‘oupou ('heck Yottr ('oupon Babes In The Wood Babes In The Wood Cinderella ('tnderclla Arid The Beast . Beauty And 'I lie Beast

Aladdin Aladdin

See (‘lassical Sec (‘Iasstcal

Bully../II1‘Nuysx\t\\lL'n Bully .'Ilr.\'csvs.-\l\\lut

Saturday 22

The 'I‘vv its

Sunday 23

Suddenly last Summer

('heck Your ('oupon

- Christmas Eve

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh‘s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

' Christmas Day Boxing Day

Citizens Main Citizens Circle Cottier Th

Babes In 'I lie \Vood


Beauty And 'l he Beast



[Ill' \tt\\\g\l\\l11l

Babes In 'I lie \Vood



IISII‘L'\ In (The \Vtitit]

undercut were“) Mitchell Th 9 nun-u w the new Paisley Arts a Aladdin -""“"‘”‘ Pavilion o Ramshorn 2

Beauty And The Beast

Babes Ill The \Vootl

Beauty And The Beast



_ Theatre Royal ' ‘Itamway Tton

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

Pinocchio l’tnocchio

The Snow man The Snow man

Peter Pan Peter Pan

Popcorn See (‘tty l.tle

Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard

Beauty And The Beast Beauty And The Beast

(‘hnstntas Show ('httstntas Show

Kaguyahitnc Kaguyalttme

()lga/Sce Kids

()Iglb Sec KltIs

Sleeping Beauty I’tnoct‘ltto The Snowman Peter Pan See (ill) l.tlt‘

Sunset Boulevard

Beauty .-\tttl The Beast


l’ctct I’an

See (it) l.tlc

Beauty .-\ttd The Beast

Sleeping Beauty

Beauty And The Beast


l’cler l’an 2 Sec ('tty l.tlc g Playhouse g




Beauty And The Beast

Brunton Church Hill Festival Th

Royal Lyceum

St Bride’s

: Theatre W’shop Traverse 1

IS [)(‘s‘ .‘.’C

4.).t" . THE LIST 67