lltilllltltl Clubs

I 2001 Scottish B-Boy Championships at Dancehaxe.

(i l()pm. £3. l5 Dec only. Spectatorx are encouraged to get down to Dancehaxe to mary‘el at Scotland'x hreakdancing talent. l’leaxe note that thix ey'ent will he followed hy the l-‘lippin’ cltih nigltt at The lloneycottth.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bunn’x.

l lpm 3am. l-‘ree. \Veekly. Light vegetarian xnackx xeryed to a xlrangely xwinging xoundtrack from Son of l'gly. I Waxworks presents at l’opRokil. ‘)pm lam. liree. \Veekly. Rotational rexidentx (iareth Somery'ille. The Squalor Show and Mr Todd dixh the fttnky houxe. hip hop and xottl for your pic-cluhhing delight.

I Yush! at ('ity ('afe. ‘)pm lam. l-‘ree. 22 Dec. Fortnightly. :\.J. (Yuxh Recordingx) xelectx the upheat hip hop. ftiiik and ragga. lle'xjoined hy the frexh prince of RckB. the .Mad .-\mhaxxador.


I Acetate at The Liqtiid Roottt. l().3()pnt 4am. £7 (£6). 2‘) Dee. I’ortnightly. Plaxtic fantaxlic houxe night featttring a crack team ole L‘otttlttitndox, comprixed of Murray Richardxon. (iail Sellarx. (iay Anderxon and Steyen \Vanlexx. ('ollectiy'ely they ~ll he taking no prixonerx with their forthright and frixky tnix of trihal houxe gt'ooy ex.

I Airborne at The Venue tall lloot'x). l()pm 4am. £10. 2‘) Dec. Monthly. The underground techno night takex flight once again. thix time hearing the mighty Slam upon itx wingx. Stuart ck ()rde w ill he fiddling with the frequenciex to enxttre a mind-melting mix of high-adrenaline houxe and techno while xonic xttpporl comex care of the rexidentx Sean Kellie. Simon Dillon. Lee Sinclair. Paul Maxon altd Key Roe.

I Ascension at Teyiot Row l'ttton. Monthly. Next date 26 Jan.

I Atomic Baby at La Belle :\ngele. l()..‘\()pm 3am. £10 (£8). 22 Dec. Monthly. l’extiy-e party at the city ’x leading progrexxiye houxe night featuring a lit e xhow from the [her Dixko Dancing ('hrixtmax lily ex. See xeparate lixting for ftill detailx on the .-\lomic Bahy llogmanay at The Liquid Room.

I Blast at (‘luh Mercado. l lpnt late. £|()/£8. l5 ck 2‘) Dec. Fortnightly. Rexidentx llttggy and Markell inject their roof-raixing. funky hottxe party with xome fextiye fun and gamex. If you're xtarting early. check the official pre-cltth at Acanthux and note that Blaxt deyoteex will he iny‘ited tojoin lluggy ck Markell to celehrate New Year at a xect'et location. I Blitz at The Venue (top floor). l()..‘x()pm 3am. £l() (£8). 15 Dec. Monthly. l‘irxt hirthday party of the retro houxe night featttring a new take on cluhhing claxxicx from rexidentx Doc. Strax. Kamikaze and Andi Tee and their gttext DJ. .Mr 'I’reyor Reilly all the way from Beat Hm.

I C.C. Blooms at (’.('. Bloomx. l().3()pm 5am (har front (rpm ). l’ree. \Veekly. DJ Ally ix hack again with more of her trademark high-camp-to-houxe decknical expertixe at thix alwayx hoaching gay \entte. l’leaxe note that ('.("x w ill xtay open until 5am eyery night during the fextiye period (2() Dec 3 Jan).

I Conception at Park Roottt. Tex lot Row Home Next date 12 Jan.

I A Deep Sensation at Noa hax now linixhed. Sec Mon lixtingx for fttll detailx on the llogmanay haxh in axxocialion with Senxex.

I Disco Inferno at ligo.

l().3()pm 3am. £7 (£5 in fancy drexx). l5 Dec. Monthly. Popular with a mature yet conxixtently jttyenilc audience. thix long xtanding dixco inferno ix xlill xtoked in the ntain room hy the maxterful M(’ ()lix and DJx Nick Silyer and Lenny Loye. l-‘unkmaxler l-ry er ( Motherftmk) ix now maxlet'ittg the tleekx it) the ('octeau


Scratch Da Snatch Hip hop Scratch monkeys Johnny and Ritchie [)Il their lllllS against Harry Ainsworth, the filthy-minded comedy compere msponsihle for this degenerate cabaret-based club night. The L/(lll/(l Room, Thu 20 Dec.

Lounge. xery ing tip xniooth grooy ex and hootxy ltt()\ex. See Mon lixtingx for fttll detailx on the [)ixco Inferno llogmanay. I District at Noa hax now linixhed. New projech in a new venue (the) are planned for next year.

I Divine Divas at The Venue (top floor). Monthly. Next date l2 Jan.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

llpm 3am. £4 (£5.50). \Veekly. Still the hext mix of indie. (itlx garage. Northern xotil. xka and xoundtrackx you're likely to xtagger acroxx.

I Essential at The Liquid Room. l()..‘xl)pm 5am. £0 (£5). 22 Dec. l-‘ortnightly. Radio liot‘th'x Key in Jonex

join forcex w itlt Martin Valentine

lTilSlC/l'Tl\Kt)tll\£‘l)l for xome ‘exxettttal' dirty houxe and LS garage action in the main room. In the coxy continex of the hack hooth. Smokey ck The Bandit play

ja/xy hreakx and ht'oken houxe heatx and

for the fexliy e \eilxott. pleaxe note llte late llCCllL‘C. I Eye Candy at ('ltth Mercado. llpm late. £ll) (£8): £o if outrageouxly attired. 22 Dec. l-‘ortnightly. Rexidentx (iraeme l’opxtar. Nejat Barton and Neil ('rookxton hoxt their infamottx. glam houxe party. Rememher to ‘Drexx glam or xcram' and xee Mon lixliitgx for fttll detailx on the liye ('andy llogmanay party. I Fiesta Latina at Tey iol Row l'nton. Monthly. Next date l2 Jan. I Flippin’ at The Honey comh. 10.30pm 3am. £8 (£4 with ticket xttth from B-Boy ('hampionxhip). 15 Dec only. ()fftcial after-party for the B-Boy ('hampionxhipx at Dancehaxe that'x alxo a hcneftt gig raixing caxh for the lidinhurgh Ramp l’und. The cream of lidinhurgh'x hip hop crop are hooked to play including Ritchie Ruftonc. lixtra. Naxty l’ plux therc'x mixed—hag from the Merry l’rankxterx. drum ck haxx from (i-Mac and Kid and liye M(' action from Scotland Yard. Reachout and .-\J. I Friscodisco presents ‘Yerba Buean’ at The Honey comh. l()..‘~l)pm 3am. £l(). 22 Dec only. Martin Valentine and Sley en \Vanlexx hoxt a one- off funky I'S hottxe night with a nonxenxical name (a drug reference. perhapx‘.’). Yogi llattghton gttextx ax doex xomeone clxe w ho‘x yet to he confirmed. I Goth Charity Ball at Marco'x l(it'oye Street). 8pm 3am. £ll) ( £8). l5 Dec only. Maxxiye charity eyent with all proceedx to ('hildline Scotland. fcatttring liye l’:\x from The Dream [)ixciplex and Jexux Loy ex Amcrika. D.l dtttiex cotne titre of the l'exideltlx lTUlll all of Scotland'x major goth nightx. including :\xcenxion. Bedlam. lili/ium. Sin. The Mixxion and Vain. I Headspin at The Bongo (‘ltih.

l lpm 3am. £(i (free with your ticket for lleadxpin llogmanay). 2‘) Dec. Monthly. The lleadxhin homiex hoxt another four- deck mix of houxe. funk and hip hop

one that regularly xellx otit haxed on the meritx of the rexidentx alone. See xeparate lixting for fttll detailx on the lleadxpin llogmanay.

I it at The llotteyeottth hax now linixhed.

I Joy at ligo. 10.30pm 3am. £lt) ( £8). 22 Dec. l-‘ortnighlly. l'p-front. dirty houxe i—‘rooyex at the ‘('hrixtmax Breaxt Ball' of thix long-xtanding. gay-friendly cluhland inxtitulion. Maggie and Alan make the tttoy‘ex on the main floor. while Trendy Wendy. Sally l’inlay and DJ Dale play cltarl. pop and garage in the dow nxtairx xuite. See xeparate lixting for fttll detailx on the llogmanay Joy at The Venue.

I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at [’o Na Na. I lpm 3am (5am dttring fexliy‘e period). £3. Weekly. 1)] 4lh Varmint. keeping it real with the old xchool to new xchool heatx ‘n' hreakx formula.

I Latin Explosion at The Matttho ('ltih hax now tinixhed.

I Latino Loco at [it Barrio.

l()pm 3am. l-‘ree hefore l lpm: £2 after. Weekly. The original latino chart party continuex with the frexhext heatx from the harrio from D] llector and hix latin p()\\C.

I Luscious at ('luh Jaya. ‘).3()pm late. £(i. l5 Dec. Fortnightly. liunky l'S houxe night hoxted hy Stuart l’erdie (R ((1 'I"l') and Marco Smith. If you catch a cah from the city centre xlraight to the yenue. you can reclaim your taxi fare (w ith receipt) from the Ltixciottx door xtaff. Maximum claimx are U). xo don't take the pixx. See xeparate lixting for fttll detailx on the Lttxciottx llogttttlltity.

I Luvely at The Liquid Room. Monthly. Next date 12 Jan. See Tue lixtingx for ftill detailx of the New Year'x Day party hoxted in axxociation with Taxte.

I The Mambo Club at The Mamho (‘luh. l()pm 3am. £4 (£3 with llyer) hefore midnight; £5 after. \Veekly. Sir ()xxie takex hix ragga. hip hop and reggae xhowcaxe on an African tip. mixing it tip with xocca and other indigenon flayax. I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo ('ltth. llpm 3am. £7. 22 Dec. l-‘ortnightly. l'pfront l'ootx. dtihw ixe reggae and htm'el-xhttddering haxx yia the mighty .‘ylexxenger xound xy .xtem.

I Mingin at Studio 24 (ttpxtairx). 10.30pm 3am (5am on 2‘) Dec). £(i. l5 ck 2‘) Dec. Rexidentx Brian Dempxter and .-\Ian Joy partake of the ttxttal Mingin' madnexx. play ittg filthy houxe and (w ixted trance for a frixky and predominantly gay crowd.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

llpm 3am. £5 (£4). \Veekly (not 2‘) Dec). The axtottndingly popular haunt for the alternateenx ix now a weekly affair. hoxling a rock and induxtrial night in the upxtairx room on l5 Dec and occupying the w hole huilding with three roomx of tip-to-dale darknexx on 22 Dec. With no date on 2‘) Dec. .\ll.x.xiott\ hack w illt a three room fren/y on 5 Jan.

I Opium at ()pitmt. l()pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. The all-new rock har cum cluh complex takex hold of Iidinhurgh'x after- hourx xcene like a Rottweiler to a xmall. defencelexx child. In termx of muxic policy yep. you gttexxed it? it'x rock. ntt-melal and alternatiye/indie from rexident gal DJ. Marxha.

I Oxygen at Studio 34 hax ttow liltixhed.

I Phosphoresence at The Ventte (lower two floorx). Monthly. Next date l2 Jan.

I Posh at ('luh Jaya. ‘)pni .‘iam. £7 (£5). 22 Dec. Monthly. Soulful ju/letl-llp grooy ex xery ed tip hy Ky e ck l’lum for a dixcerning crowd. Thix month. it‘x the keray—Iee ‘(‘hrixtmax l’arly' featuring xpecial treatx and fun and gamex galore

for the Poxh punterx.

I Progression at The Liquid Room. l()pm 4am. £10 in advance: £12 (£l() memherx) on the door. l5 Dec. Monthly. The progrexxiye houxe night takex tip itx monthly rexidency with a maxxiye date featuring the hig namex from the highly rexpected llooj ('hoonx lahel. l’et‘xialt producer/DJ ()mid ‘loB' Nouri/adeh ix joined hy lahel hoxx Red Jerry fora night of tech-drenched trihal hottxe gt'ooyex. Support comex from the rexidentx Alan Dohxon. Derek Martin and (iay (iranl. I The Project at The Bongo ('luh. llpm 3am. £7 (£(i). 15 Dec. Monthly. Treya \Vhaleya from Tru 'l‘houghtx Recordingx gttextx at thix conxixtently rammed hip hop and funk xhowcaxe.

I Scratch at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date l2 Jan.

I Senses at Noa hax now tinixhed. See Mon lixtingx for full detailx on the llogmanay haxh in axxociation with .\ Deep Seltxallott.

I Smirnoff Experience at La Belle :\ngele. l lpm 5am. £(i (£5). 2‘) Dec only. llaying xlamped their identity foreyermore on thexe cltth pagex. Smirnoff tnoye to xlage two of operationx. namely xtaging a xeriex of corporate hranded cltth nightx with hig name gttext l)Jx. Sitt'u ('ox‘xjoelx' .lott ('arter ix the gttext D) of dixlinction.

w ho’ll he pumping hixjackin' houxe monkey for all itx worth w hile local ladx (iary Mac and Beany lend xttpport. l-‘or a chance to xecut'c free tickelx. check the pre—cluh party at Bam Bott.

I Soundtactory at The Venue. Monthly. Next date l5 Dec. No detailx ayailahle at time of going to prexx.

I Tease Age at The ('itrux (’luh.

l lpm 3am. £4. \Veekly. Now going into itx ninth year. thix indie xtalwart llayottt'ed w itlt hinlx of xotil and fttnk continuex to draw a packed and xwealy crowd week in. week otit.

I Trade at The Venue (all three floorx ). l().3()pm 3am. £l() in adyattce: £l5 on the door. 22 Dee. Monthly. Laurence Malice'x legendary London-haxed houxe party officially re-launchex itx monthly rexidency in Scotland. lixpect pumping. underground dance muxic xttpplied hy the l‘ierce Rulin' rexidentx l’ele \Vardman and (ion/alo pltix xttpport from D) ('arlox and Nicky Redpath.

I Tratik at Noa. l().3()pin 3am. £8 (£(i). I5 Dec only. With the impending cloxttre of Noa lltix w ill he the laxt Traftk. xo expect a riotoux take on the progrexxiye houxe/trance model from the rexident l)lx Bt'ltltt Black. l);t/ l)2l\tex and Martin Valentine.

I Travmanay at The 'l’rayerxe.

8pm 2am. I"ree. 2‘) Dec only. The theatre har hoxtx a fextiye 7()x night.

I Ultragroove at La Belle :\ngele. 10.30pm 3am. £l(). l5 Dec. liortnightly. Tim ck Brendan (Indulge. London)join l'ltragrooye rexidentx (‘olin ck (iareth in their real deal houxe celelu‘ation. l’leaxe note that the next regular l'ltragrooye dale w ill he l‘) Jan. See xeparate lixting for fttll detailx on the l'ltragrooye llogmanay haxh.

I Up! at The Ventte (top floor). Monthly. Next date 5 Jan.

I Vegas at The ('ounting llouxe (ahoye the Pear Tree). l()._‘x()pm 5am. £8 (£l) in fancy drexx). 22 Dec. Monthly. llep daddy xw ing. country claxxicx and xlea/y lixlening with your fexliye ltoxtx - l‘rankie Sumatra. Bttgxy Seagull and Dino Martini. l’leaxe note the change of name from ligo attd alxo note that tickctx (£23 plttx hooking fee) are now on xale (and xelling faxt?) for the Vegax llogmanay at The :\t't School.

Chart & Party

I Atomic at The Suhway \Vext lind. 7pm 3am. l‘ree hefore l lpm; £5 (£l) after. Weekly. 1).! (ittx Bain joinx tltc rexidentx for write chart and indie action.

‘l)-.-t‘ R .i.i." THE LIST 83