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I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you Paul. saw you diving from the board and doing crazy handstands and having loads of fun in the Stevie pool . Can I tickle your toes for real next time? Kat L7431/1

V I saw you behind the bar at the Art School. I couldnae help but say hello. Now if only I could remember what I said. I hope we talk again. U/43 1/5

V I saw you so much I took you for granted. I believed you existed only for me. Leaving Glasgow was a big mistake. I'm son’y. Forgive me Babin? L x L7431/6

V I saw you David (?) walking us thru dodgy Anderston to the Soundhaus. Chilvary is not dead. and neither are we. Cheers. M & A xxxx L743 l/7

V I saw you Drinking cider in the Dores Inn on your own. You smelt faintly of dung. You offered to show me your monster. L7431/8 V I saw you in Cult Clothing. Saturday Afternoon. early in December. You had dark hair. dark eyes. long coat with fluffy collar. about 5’8”. We walked past each other a couple of times and you smiled once - was it wind. or did you like me? Me: 6' guy with short dark hair. denim jacket (furry collar too). Let's go for a beer and break wind together.

L743 l/9

V I saw you Scottish Screen Christmas do. arta. Tuesday 18th. bottom of stairs with your mate. think I've seen you before. maybe at Friday Street - you have a damn fine pair of sideburns! U/43l/10

V I saw you last Saturday. with your red Hendrix top and Chemy Bakewell passion. Gammon steak slapping. gin high balls and mutual roundness. Santa's calling... L743l/l l

V I saw you Kirsteen from Whistlers Mother. Glasgow. Jarvis and I send our love. Missing you loads. xxx L7431/12

V I saw you jiggly bird on bank street. Don't let your blue room get you down. just look over to our bright side of the street. From an adoring fan. L743 1/13

V I saw you at 'Spanner'. Riverside Club. You look like 'Liv Tyler'. Bonus. You were with a boy from Banff. We chatted until the night got the better of me! Ali L7431/l4

V I saw you. you slag! You kept putting your hand up my

skirt. Call yourself a Scot from

' Kilwinning. with a cockney

accent. Come and party at my place anytime!xxx Another slag


V I saw you after the Union. 8th Dec. Amy. Amie. Aimee? You're cute. Your hands were cold & I warmed them up. I've lost your number so please call. Simon. U/43l/l6

V I saw you. Dr W, at the Charlatans gig watching me yawning out of the comer of

your eye! Nuts about you - A

Man Needs To Be Told! F xx U/431/17

V I saw you- at disco x. then as I chased you down Ashton Lane. was about to ask you out then felt knobby and bottled it. You’re cute. A U/431/18

V I saw you Gordon in the Arches. You work in Waterstones. Saw you in the sci- fi section. Wanna get up to some monkey business? U/43 1/19

1 V I saw you when you met

me off the plane over 2 years ago and I've been in love with you ever since. Be my Squeeky Squaw. Chester X. U/431/20 V I saw you butch girl in the Arches with black head band

and blue eye shadow - looked like same make-up from night before. Looking good. would

like to meet you. U/431/21 V I saw you Lynn T in

7 Waterstones. You light up my

life you sex godess. L7431/23

V I saw you on 04.12.01 in

Iceland (Byres Road). You sexy unshaven hunk looking at me - me looking back. Fancy a drink? L743 1/25

V I saw you albino boy. working at Air Organic. I went pale and my eyes turned pink with excitement! ! U/43 l/26

V I saw you in Waterstones. Think your name was Hannah. Lets talk poetry. L743 l/27

V I saw you Andrew the mascot in Brel. You can make my Jack Daniels any time. Heard you're a star singer - wanna meet me for a ham

sandwich?! L7431/29 ; V I saw you Marlski - pop in

bed then Tinderbox. You can

have some of my soup anytime.

Are we garging 2 nite? L743l/3l

V I saw you the ever so lovely Smiley for the first time in ages and it was. as ever.

fabulous. How did I ever

survive without you? U/43 l/32

V I saw you Carrina at TGIF & JBJ concert. I know you &

your face keep resonating in my mind. Anxious to see you sometime. Warning: I may ask

you for coffee next time luv.


V I saw you monkey. in your sminky jumper at the Tron. Let

me ruffle your fur! L7431/34

V I saw you Italian Laura in Tinderbox on Byres Rd. You are a maniac and I love you loads. L7431/35

V I saw you guys and I will again in about a year! Take it

' easy and take care all. Much

love Bamaby. U/431/36 V I saw you wearing a big hat. I think your name is Tina or

Trine. You smell like a nice one.

You are devine. Be mine. U/431/37

V I saw you working in GFT

café. You're small with a

' missing tooth. I love your gappy

looks. Make me feel like a

woman again. L'/43l/38

V I saw you Ebenezer. working in the Arches café bar. You put the small. fat. ugly people to shame. Stay pretty! U/43 1/39

V I saw you in the Cul de Sac - Shawlands - I think you were called Adam - you sexy beast xxx. L743l/40

V I saw you Alec. I saw you - you do it for me - let's meet! L7431/41

V I saw you in the Tron looking Randii. You shook.

' gumed and tapped your feet.

Even with a hangover you still make my stomach jump. Merry Christmas - S x. U/431/42

V I saw you v. sexy ginger

haired GF'T barman. Wanna pour me a JD? L743 1/43

V I saw you at a guy called Joel's party. You are tall and Scandinavian. I'll treat you better than kae. Trine T! L743 1/44

V I saw you sexy Suzy. let's

be beautiful in Barcelona. Love 802. L743l/45