I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you. You - Tall. clothed. male. Me - Female.

Swedish. Wearing pink. I thinkI

love you. U/431/46

V I saw you sweet with pale pink rose. don‘t let the b*@?*d. get you down. I remember your ruby red lips from the ruby red wine. Keep smiling! U/431/47 V I saw you in the Tron : 8/12. You. blonde. beautiful in pink with tall dark handsome stranger. Me. small. furry and cute - snuggle up soon. U/431/48

V I saw you small petkins looking like the most precious of all the kittens in your slinky black sminky skirt and cats paws makes me monkey love you lots and lots and lots and lots! U/43l/49

V I saw you in Tinderbox - tall. lean student with sideburns and grey duffel coat. You were with a girl. Is it romance? If not contact me - I'd like to know you better. U/431/50

V I saw you at the Tron on 14/12/01 - I think you may be called Fred - you rock. U/431/51

V I saw you Outhouse angel. Your sexy specs and sparkling smile are all I need to see on a Friday eve. L'/431/22 V I saw you H. in the rug shop (Saturday lst Dec). I was looking for something with history. beauty and workmanship. Took a rug home for one night but that wasn't quite right. Do you think that we might last longer? Coffee/drink sometime soon? U/43l/52 V I saw you with legs so long. it'd take all night to lick a path to heaven. You. blonde. Me. matching legs. but hairy. West End. Thursday. 5/ 1 2. 5.45pm. U/43l/53 V I saw you but will I ever see you again? I'm a moody. over-sensitive. drama queen! Blame pmt! Still friends? 11/43 l/54 V I saw you Morris @ The Damned gig & also @ the Soft Cell gig. You're a funny guy! We like you! Let's go drinking. The fone number on yer ticket has changed so reply to the box number babes. xx U/431/55 V I saw you.. Sexy Kiwi girl. Beautiful eyes. gorgeous smile. sexy hips and crazy crimson red hair. I see you around town all the time. City Cafe. Medina. Bongo. When I do I get short of breath and my pulse hits the roof. It will always be like that for me..... U/43l/56 V I saw you; Brazilian beauty. listening intently to the show! You saw me too! 11/43 1/57 V I saw you In Sainsburys. Caught eye for a moment - I forgot to smile. A second & 50 yrs flashed -"You remember how we met in the supermarket!" L' = blonde M. Me = tall, short hair M. L'l431/58 V I saw you spanish mayde eating my pizza on the bridges. You are beautiful when you are hungry. Would love to see you a ain. Ian. U/431/59

I saw you at the Lyceum Xmas party. with your tight T- shirt. Nice pecs!!!! Have you been working out since I saw

you last? Come by for a drink at

the bar soon.... U/43 1/60

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you playing Jazz on the piano. me gazing down at you. Our eyes met and I knew I was in love. Be mine forever? U/43 1/61

V I saw you black haired. cute Aussie working at the Queen's Hall Wed 5/12. I was guzzling free white wine and you liked my red shirt. There's something about you. baby! U/431/62

V I saw you Katy. please hook me up again with the wee sweetie I found at BubbleLove in Leicester (8/12). I was too shy to get your number. must be a Chinese thing! U/431/63 V I saw you Stevie 'guest list man' for Luvely, you make me go the same colour as your clipboard. Stroke me off your list anyday!! x U/43l/64

V I saw you. Gringo Bills .

1 1/ 12/01. You: handsome guy wearing dark shirt and glasses. on party night out with colleagues (?) and firing your glitter gun! Me: short. cute guy. blue checked shirt with two friends. You asked if you were making too much noise. Let's meet up and make some noise together. U/43l/65

V I saw you sexy Darren working in Blonde restarant on Thursday night. You were almost nicer than the food... U/431/66

V I saw you at The Crags. Edinburgh. Toastie. you were great but you burned my bread. I think it's time you bought me some more. I‘ve discovered fried bread anyway. loadsa fun! See ya around Honey...P

U/43 1/67

V I saw you - Bar Sin'us. Friday 14th December. Champagne. Baby Annabel and duffle coats. I had a good time but didn't show you how much. Let me make it up to you? U/431/68 V I saw you at The Peppermint Lounge with the twins in full flow whilst nibbling the neck of a dark haired adonis. My neck's much more tasty. Peckish? Lets eat out sometime soon. U/43 1/69 V I saw you in Finnegan’s Wake Sat 01/12. Sexy Kiwi babe Jo. you were with your pals from Scottish Gas. you spoke to two guys from near Manchester. (I‘m the guy who was wearing glasses). I can‘t get you outta my head. Please. get in touch. I‘d like to book an ‘annual inspection‘. U/430/20 V I saw you sassy woman in red dress stick tongue out at Traverse house manager (Olga 1 1th Dec). You: wild blond hair. smouldering Julie Christie looks. Me: slept in and tousled. Did we steal glances? U/43 1/70 V I saw you stunner - working in Flip. Overheard you (Gillian?) discuss Secret Santa surprise. Safety pin in ear - nice touch! How about you pin me down and make me fear for my safety. U/431/71

V I saw you Paolo in Edinburgh! After being in Mongolia together for two and a half months and not seeing you for four months it was amazing. thank you for coming up. Love Twig. Never to shave above the knee! U/431/72

V I aw you Kefee. sexy lady. Come and boss me around anytime. Luv your blue-eyed boy annon. U/43 1/74

V I saw you Vickie seven years ago in a flat in Momingside and fell in love with you. Saw you again in Dublin last week and fell in love with you again and again! S. U/431/75

V I saw you in the List and decided to give you a try - very im ressed. U/431/76

V saw you behind the curtain in the Arches. Who would have known we‘d fall in love. U/43 1/77

V I saw you in the City Cafe. Only girl with humour and friend in need! Also sexy A.F. U/43 l/78

V I saw you in the City Cafe. You'll always be my soul mate. Luv Babelybumps. U/43l/79

V I saw you working at the City Cafe. working that bad boy look. Work that cocktail shaker fly guy - but don’t give up your day job! Dig those baby tees! U/431/80

V I saw you Vic and George in Negociants after Morning Orals. Nice one! Love our games under East Street. Call us soon. Come join us. See ya. U/431/81

V I saw you being sexy as ever. purple hair. brown eyes. come be drunk with me. xxx C U at Pillbox. U/431/82

V I saw you fall over lots Big Boy. I hear you run lost. come get lost with me. oh tequila makes me happy. xxxx

U/43 1/83

V I saw you Hey Templar. You’re so hairy would you like to meet your Virgin Mary. Xxx U/43 1/84

V I saw you Marika. standing there. auburn flamed. working hair. You stole my heart with such flare. Call me baby. yeah! U/43l/85

V I saw you having a tantrum on the Royal Mile. You were kicking things in a true 2 year-old manner. Stop it - I love you now. but I may hate you soon... U/43l/86

V I saw you Giant Tank. The only good band in Edinburgh? Definitely!!! U/43l/87

V I saw you Giant Tank. Avalanche. Your band rock!!! Here's to a brilliant Christmas. Let's see what trouble we can get into in the New Year!! Lots of Love. Cx U/431/88

V I saw you carrying a rucksack. Gave me a poem. I'm still reeling. Happiness comes to those who wait. Crushed red velvet our secret. Margo. you know who I am. Geoffrey? 11/43 1/89

V I saw you in an Edinburgh cave. 1 saw the pyjama shell. You saw the Sugar Puff.

1.1/43 1/90

V I saw you BENGOR BELLE in "The Outhouse" - Edinburgh. Dig those specs!! Call me xoxo. U/43l/91

V I saw you Richard. at a flat warming on Marchmont Road. I thought you were ideal. I make your night. Get in contact. if you think I'm alright. . ..U/43 1/92

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