Every issue, The List is highlighting the work of a young Scottish photographer in association with Beck’s.

Amanda Bunton

Amanda Bunton graduated in 1999 from Bournemouth Art College after completing a national

diploma in photography. Dividing her time between Bournemouth and Edinburgh, Bunton has

been working as a part-time freelance photographer documenting exhibition openings and

society events. Her main interest, however, lies in creating photographs that look like paintings.

She recently had an exhibition of her work on show in Bournemouth and is currently looking to Supported by

exhibit in Scotland. If you would like to get in touch with her, call 07884 261410 or email

RI-1(;. ‘I'M. How to enter work Applicants should be students in the second year or beyond of a photography or relevant degree, or those who have graduated in the last three years. To arrange a time for The D List to see your portfolio call Helen Monaghan on 0131 550 3076. Each of the chosen E33 photographers will receive £100, courtesy of Beck’s and The List.