FOPP TILL YOU DROP Edinburgh’s Fopp

What the hell has happened to you. Fopp? The once great shop that seemed to have a Death Star- strength tractor beam that sucked you in off Cockburn Street. seems to be disappearing up its own arse with no sense of direction.

What is it with all the bargain basement CDs that now engulf the store and stupid bloody cheap book and video stands in the middle of the floor? Where have the vast and comprehensive dance. hip hop. jazz. soul. indie and import sections gone? Now greatly diminished in size. relegated downstairs and very rarely stocked.

Since you were over on the other side of the street. my first thought for music for years was always Fopp. Now even Avalanche and. dare I say it. HMV is embarrassing you big style. For the love of God. this has to be said: get it together. Edinburgh needs you.

Ryan McGee via email


Re: 2001: Annual Report (issue 430) According to yOur feature. Jonathan King's paedophilia is ‘gay news'. Strangely enough, l happen to see homosexuality and paedophilia as two entirely different phenomena; there are very many male paedophiles who abuse female children. yet these don‘t get held up as an example of heterosexuality.

It's bad enough when tabloid. ‘family values‘ newspapers link homosexuality with crimes against children. but for a supposedly informed magazine like The List to do this is unforgivable.

Lorraine Douglas via email

KNIVES AND KNICKERS Re: Spooks and spoofs (issue 428) In response to your recent article on horror mOVies. I came away from it wondering: did your writer mean all horror movies or just the slice-and-dlce subgenre that she focused on?

There is more to horror movies than cliched. sequelitis-ridden crapola slasher

flicks. Also America isn't the only c0untry that produces horror movres. Japan has given us Auditon. Uzumaki. and the Ring trilogy. All damn scary and effective fright fests. Germany has delivered With Anatomy. Spain has given us the absolute gem that is The Nameless and at the moment the Mexican movie The Devil's Backbone is scaring audiences around the COuntry.

To judge the horror film solely by the knives-and-knickers kind of movre is totally wrong and small minded. Yeah. the teen-killer pic deserves to be killed off. but like the protagonists in many of the self same mowes. they will keep coming back again and again.

Martainn Russell via email

STANDARD ISSUE Re: Filth and the fury (issue 429) I opened the current issue of The List hoping to find near pornographic pictures of a bloated academic fondling a young woman while drooling into another unfortunate’s ear. Instead I was subjected to previews and reViews of the Scottish arts scene.

I hope by the new year that normal substandards will resume. Jacqueline Houston via email

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 115

Barrie PenSions adviser

thOught It was Qurte Violent (Or a PG. but it lived up tC expectatic ns.


Team manager It's a fantastc film wth excellent speCial effects. It mOre than lived up to the hype,

Behnda (Eaihtxchw) !t.nth;‘aix tuite'“titxih Vie b:x>«s éil‘(l j)!:>t)2ii:fy ':i<>'i't zi‘t(>r stxn'tjtiME



Pub quizzes

All right. I'll admit maybe I am being a bit self-indulgent here. but why oh why is there no space given over to the institution that is the pub quiz in yOur n‘aga/lne?

Blending together two of the favourite pastimes of many drinking and being a know-all surely The List can find a for./ column inches going spare to list this wonderful activrty’?

lncmlentally. the Arches is abOut to launch its new Sunday afternoon muSlC QUIZ on 13 January. dram—6.0m.

Sandra Marron The Arches vra email

The Devil’s Backbone: a cut above slice-and-dice


The Blue Nile

I am a Blue Nile fan and feel a wee bit out of touch with the UK music scene how that I am Iiying in Gerit‘ahy. Are they have they

releasing released a new album this year"? I thought they released an albuh‘ (Wt-ED," five years which to my reckonang \.'~.'ou|(l mean

. any h‘intlte noun"? Kim Schroeder VIE? email


Re: Bang out of order (issue 430)

Big professiona ‘irework (l:splays are an lll‘DleSSh/e. safe and highly enjoyable way to celebrate specral oc :asions such as Hogmanay Bai‘ the sale o‘ firexnorks to the general public? Good idea. Enact legislation to ensure that fireworks sold an the UK must be prot‘lticed ‘.‘.’|tl‘ili'l the EU where health. safety and welfare is more strictly controlled? Vilhy not? Bah their completely? Don't be such a iwserable shite. Paul.

Greg Riddle.

Via email


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