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Since its inception in 1995, the NME tour has provided an oasis of musical indulgence in a traditionally barren month. But more than that, it parades the stars of tomorrow before us today. Or does it? Words: Doug Johnstone

an-u—a—ry. sick and tired. you‘ve been hanging on J me.‘ So sang dewy-eyed. melancholic lidinburgh

rockers Pilot way back in 1975. And hell's teeth. they had a point. In the interyening 27 years nothing has changed to lighten up this most dreary ot’ calendar times and. as months go. January still sucks the big one.

llaying spent the second half of December whooping it up big style. you're guaranteed to he suffering from post- partying depression. a situation not heiped by a crippled bank balance. Throw in the bastard winter weather and you’re looking at misery incarnate.

Two things can get you out ot‘ this gaping chasm of suicidal despair. The first of these is. of course. the [imbassy World Championship Darts on the telly. liye from Lakeside (starting on Saturday 5 January this year. can John ‘Boy' Walton retain his crown'.’). But sadly that’s not what this articles about.

The second thing in the desolate cultural wasteland that is the opening month of the year is the veritable institution of modern music that is the .\'.\ll;’ (‘arling Awards Tour.

Despite the irritatingly uncatchy moniker. this shebang is a solitary supernoya in the black. black skies oi'January‘s gig guides. Started eight years ago by the wcekly music paper. the tour. which takes in (ilasgow's ()Ml later this month. originally set out to showcase promising new alternatiye music talent to the masses.

The line-up has always been an eclectic bag of tour yery