It’s time for another four groups to whip the public into a lustful frenzy or amble their way back to stacking shelves in Sainsbury’s. We give you the lowdown on the line-up for this year’s NME Carling Awards Tour.

Who? Al‘CJ'C'J.’ \.“.I’.K.

What’s the sketch? Meet Andrew \"‘./.l<. the saxiour of rank 'i" roll. He gets ".‘ret .'."thoti: even thy/:ng’. You ca't't ".(L'll; lgtit page r‘oticed that the l'iype 'r‘ac'urie .'.'as in fuil effect iast year. “on fine .riartieious approval of New York pretty to, parks. The trokes. it, the *-:: {lC(,’iéil'l‘: for the " p :ies l;rr>tl‘.er-arid—

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Never ."as a new artzst caused sue.“ a suit t‘ie l"tif$l(l press. Some get the ."I(ll(lt.' ous'less and pure 'riedoriism of "s reuse others think he's sor‘re Near‘dert'ia. stink head vrith no TOUCCP‘JT‘Q t'eattres. There are no halt measures "l l.»‘/.l<.'s .‘rorlu. .vhere ever/thing as ar'xesarrte and should be tackled .‘rztl‘ as true." loze de vz‘rre as can be iilustered. Hs simple agenda is

Cunning/1|; fitt""“(:(l up o't tour de force

16 THE LIST 3- " '/’,’,’/

track. 'Party Till You Puke'.

What's it SOund like? Imagine Billy looi woken from the dead for obSCurity at any rate. pumped full of crystal meth and toting a pa r of AK-Us. and you're almost there. It's every Metley Crue. Cary Ntll‘lall. Kiss and Slade clicne distillec to its base elements then let loose at double speed. Repeat twelve times and you have the sound of hrs magnun‘ oous and debut album. / Get Wet.

No intros or any 0‘ that namby- paiiioy bollocks. ;ust Cut to the Quick and let's RAWK. Maximum heaViosity lEKK—Bl‘. ".‘Jl’tl‘ SDEtl‘gly pop hooks. stoopid dumb fun. The Best Cock Rock A/hum /r; The '//orld. . . Ever. fyou're after gentle introspection. piss off back to your Starsailor and Coldplay record colectioii. Pla‘, t safe why don't ya? But it you really want to rock. this is the man for you.

Andrew WK. desenes to be filling the world's biggest stadiums: it's what he's ll‘iEKlO for. The man l‘lelieves in what he's doing ~.'/ith such (:oiiwction there is no way he can deviate from hrs path. like a karitika/e pilot on auto- destruct. But his sound is so intense. you either love rt or hate :t with a vengeance. Let's Just hope the world's ready for him. iHeniy Northiiiorei

Who? Lost Prophets

What’s the sketch? They may look like yet another huncti of skate- garmed Limp Bi/kit disCiples but their debut album The Fake Sounds Of Progress alludes to a wholly more complicated bunch of alternateens.

Treading a fine line between Faith No More's angular funkisms and the more heads-down churning guitar work of The Deftones. they have youth on their Side and a potential which is already being recognised. not least by NME. The plaudits have also been consistent. rock bible Kerrang.’ awarding them its best new act title earlier this year and such hype is not unfounded. Lost Prophets have. as they say. the skills to pay the bills.

Still in their relative infancy. they share a breadth of dynamics with their compadres on this tour. The Coral. albeit With very different aural reSults.

Of all the acts in this year's line up. they are the ones most likely to be The StereOphonics of the bunch. and could end up going on to be huge. They have a raw edge. something so often rung out of their US c0unterparts in favour of Eagles-alike balladry. and a conSiderable grip on politics of pop.

But combining pop hooks and big riffs has never been too diffiCuIt a task seek out their excellent new single ‘Shinobi vs Dragon Ninia' if further proof is required but having lasting crossover appeal. akin to that of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Faith No More. is a bigger. if not insurmountable challenge. (Mark Robertson)

Who? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club What’s the sketch? They're that JeSus And Mary Chain rip-off band aren't they? Well. yes and no. Sure. there is a definite influence of that era: echoes of My Bloody Valentine. The Smiths and Sonic Youth. Retro rock

by that I mean the 805 not the 603/703 (it is 2002 remember) has its place and. at the moment. no one else is doing it and sounding this cool. Everyone and his dog was influenced by the Mary Chain. from Primal Scream to Dinosaur Jr: just cos it's happening now doesn't mean it's a rip off - no one ever said it was back then. And wait a minute. JAMC were fucking brilliant! Just sit back and enjoy the thoughtful guitar squalls and melancholic white noise.

Perhaps too derivative to hit the big time. but they cenainly have the talent to stick it out in the indie world for another few years. (Henry Northmore)

Who? The Coral

The sketch? The oldest member is twenty and they look like mildly befuddled neds who shouid be stealing eduipment. not playing it. Especially not like they do anyway. They cite The Bano. Dylan. Captain Beefheart. Miles Davis and Bob Marley as influences and they SOund like the muddle they claim to be.

Some bigwig music exec with an itchy cheque-book ras reputedly signed up The Coral and their Deltasonic label to Sony (Via XL) for a keen seven figure Sum.

NME itself called them “The DOOrs singing sea shanties'. but that's only part of the story. Like their geographical kindred spirits The Las. The Lightning Seeds and of c0urse The Beatles. they have an innate ability to create perfect pop from familiar reference points. (Mark Robertson)