Balls. That’s what you need. Both kinds mind: a crystal one for future gazing instead of navel gazing, and good old fashioned oojones to stick your neck out and say THIS will be the next big thing, THIS is who will be rocking our world. We at The List are endowed with both and, tearing nothing, we bring you the future ...

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Last year was a bad year for Hollywood and a worse one for Britain. But post-11 September, Tinseltown IS fighting back and, stone the crows, even BrltISh filmmakers are domg well. Words: Miles Fielder ‘1)(ltil '.'.';‘:5; 21 gun :tl nunrrstmgm‘ success lo! the t'<>i<>:g:'i lil'lglliglgli} l'in‘. than 20011 ll‘zl‘. .'./<:-|| t;<‘:<:~ ll‘.(? fé?‘.(:."<_l(} <:‘ flu? blockbuster. li‘<:- met-Pit; of lf§3<3ittiéini><3r Ill.'(}‘.'.‘ l l<>ll‘.‘.'.(><><i NW) {‘1 inn: <1 ligitxti‘. lifillllllltlil‘t} “ff; (engrav- :;;:.";. liii‘. Tm: :;tt.<i<>:; ruin: :7‘.<:-r:‘:;rf‘<:- 'i‘<>l'.‘<-!‘.I.i'\ f;i:'i:;1?.‘.*!‘., 110?: <1t?’.(‘rl(>lli'lt} {llflltl ";7 'ilii‘ {TltiitEZTIS E'l support (it 3.":- ‘.'."“Ir: l l:>i.:;<,~' iir\:i:.‘:;;;i'i<l.i {ll‘il lifl<3llf§lllll .‘i sigilt} 0,? 94‘! .i!‘ ri‘ii‘.‘<>:; Lilli I'llt? (Express "tilt-Mun in 'l‘dlv- "‘(7l-;:, ll‘tll'LE l>;; l)ll(ft\t‘» ll‘élll his? llléi f"‘:£ll§li: :; .-;;<i lZ, lllz' 'l‘l)‘..i‘f;. ESo'i‘nlm :wt Black Hawk Down «lint-tiled t“. H11»; Scott. tild'.’l.".ll ....H‘I‘KI,‘(\)H\7EJ\H,'{f(}rlf;(lel‘\1tlrf.ES{}'\L)'X1\..‘.V\\":i\.l./{H Pgirtilli‘ wt Windtalkers \1'. x). NH‘UMS (Iago. Aug; mu Collateral Damage

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