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the Scottish indie scene (members of Astrid, Snow Patrol. Mogwai. Arab Strap and more) collaborating on a project of frail and varied beauty.

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Kevin McDermott. the Arches. 20 Jan: Reindeer Section. Old Fruitmarket. 24 Jan: Snow Patrol, King Tut's. 26 Jan: Swiss Family Orbison and The Pearl Fishers. King Tut's. 27 Jan: The Waterboys (acoustic). Concert Hall: main auditorium. 30 Jan; Hothouse Flowers. Old Fruitmarket. 3 Feb.


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The blues is a black American form with deep roots in Africa. but it grew up in tandem with the white hillbilly and later country music of the American south. which was strongly influenced by Scottish and Irish music.

Inevitably. these forms leaked into each other. especially in the rural. acoustic version of the blues. rather than the hard. urban electric music which developed in the cities of the north. notably Chicago. and in the south-west.

In its essence. the blues is a folk form and shares folk‘s directness of expression and visceral emotional appeal.

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Kristina Olsen. Piping Centre. 1 Feb; Blues Night with Tam White. Hans Theessink and Kristina Olsen. Arches. 2 Feb.

Kepa Junkera

Americana or American roots music might be a better term than the more limited country to describe the kind of artists represented in the festival. since their collective remit includes both traditional and new country. country rock. bluegrass. and even jazz.

Country music is big business in the USA. and the current crop of well-groomed Nashville sound-alikes are a strictly commercial proposition. Celtic Connections has assembled a more eclectic and individual group of artists. led by the mighty Steve Earle and Rodney C rowell.

All are well aware of the many Celtic connections informing their music. but Tim O'Brien will make an exploration of his Irish roots in The Crossing And Tim Journeys. with Scotland‘s John McCusker leading the guests. Go see 00”" Reid Rodney Crowell and Dean Owens. Old Fruitmarket. 1‘) Jan: Earle Family Values.

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