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Concert Hall, 21 Jan; An Evening of Americana, Arches, 31 Jan; Tim O’Brien, Old Fruitmarket, 2 Feb.

Folk Tell me more The purists will tell you that folk music and traditional music are not necessarily the same thing. In its limited definition, folk is literally that, the music of the ordinary people, drawn from their lives and experiences, and sung (or played) in informal, everyday settings. often in communal fashion where participation was more important than virtuosity. Life is a lot more complicated than that now, but the fundamental qualities of folk music its simplicity and emotional directness remain at the heart of much of the music in this event. Add to that the skills of performers such as Dick Gaughan, Cara Dillon or Martin Carthy, and you have a potent combination. Go see Kate Rusby Band, Concert Hall. 20 Jan; Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson, Piping Centre, 27 Jan; The Return of the Rambling Boys, Concert Hall, 28 Jan; The Dubliners, Concert Hall, 3 Feb; Oysterband with Cara Dillon and Guests, Arches, 3 Feb.

All around the world

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Celtic music itself has spread all over the world witness the presence of an American-Irish band such as Cherish The Ladies but the festival has always been ready to cast its net wide in search of music. and if the Celtic connection was a little stretched (or simply not there), then it wasn’t going to come over all exclusive on account of a mere technicality.

That is an excellent thing, because it has brought bands such as the glorious La Bottine Souriante to the festival, which is justification enough in itself. This year’s programme also features another influx of Nordic guests, led by the Sami singing of Mari Boine, and, at the other end of the climate scale, a splash of African, Carribean and latin colour, albeit from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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Nordic Nights, Arches, 17—19 Jan; La Bottine Souriante, Concert Hall, 23 Jan; Zuba & La Sonera Cavallera, Strathclyde Suite, 26 Jan; Salsa Celtic, Barrowlands, 2 Feb.

Celtic Connections runs from Wed 16 Jan-Sun 3 February. See music listings for full details of all concerts.

28 THI LIST 4—1 7 Jan 2002

Salsa Celtica

Kate Rusby

Karen Mathiesen of Cspercaille