Don’t miss out,

Beuys to Hirst. last chance to see Here’s a sneak preview.

Amsterdam _

from £27

B e Dean Gallery, Belford Road, Edinburgh.

Until 13 January 2002. Admission Free.

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. If Just one of Damien Hurst’s famous polka dots Isn’t

Single enough to tempt you, then take a look at some of the

other artists who represent the finest British and German

contemporary art since the 1960’s. Of course there’ll be

plenty more polka dots too. Works no use a sea state oy

Tony Cragg. Pa rWings oy Geo'g Base»:z. Ansem Ker’e' and Geroa'd Richter. Draw ogs oy Joseo'r‘ Beoys. Jorg Immense“. AR. Peock and ngar Poike. Prvots by Mark Pass 8. Renard Hamzfton, Dame" H rs: aao Smcr‘ Dattersor‘. Photographs by Berna 8 Hiia Beebe-r. Car-stoe Boraoo. Thomas Ruff. Thomas Strut?” and Catheroe Yass. .

‘“\\ the WBbS fEVOUVite airline Beuys to Hirst: Art Works at Deutsche Bank

4-17 Jan 2002 TH. LIC‘I’ 29