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, __ -_._ _ -_-_-___ ..___--- -__ undertake a madcap race This documentary film is meant to No one is saying that Rat Race across America to New MeXico be a from the heart. warts-and-all is a remake of 1963 comedy to find a treasure hoard hidden look at the day-to-day tour life of classzc It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad in a locker. John Cleese is one Robbie Williams. He says at the Wor/d (in the sense that no One of the select circle of Las Vegas beginning that he wants people to is admitting it is). but the business men who Organises

concepts of the new film and the the race as a new means of

old are very similar. In the earlier placing a wager.

Stanley Kramer production. a Don't expect much in the way bunch of money-grabbing. Wise- of comment on greed and cracking comedians undertake a corruptibility. Instead. Zucker madcap race across America to focuses on the laughs.

San FranCisco to find a treaSure employing the tactic he used

see the truth about what his life is like. which. deSpite being his dream come true. he describes as being rather boring. Robbie talks like a depressed and disillusioned guy. burned out and thoroughly fed up with himself. his songs and his

performances. Despite all this. we hoard buried under a ‘big with great success on his hit see him putting on a fine show in double-ya'. ln Jerry Zucker's Rat films Airplane! and Naked Gun: front of sell-out crowds of Race. a bunch of money the scattergun fire of endless screaming girls. grabbers .Rowan Atkinson. slapstick jokes. (Miles Fielder)

There are few insightful moments Cuba Gooding Jr. Whoopi I General release from Fri 7 7 that allow you to understand the Goldberg, Jon Lov'tz. plus Jan.

kind of life that Williams actually leads. Drink and drugs are a main topic of conversation and he admits he is a selfish. self-seeking. self-pitying fool living an emotional rollercoaster. But no matter how he feels. he is surrounded by people who want to make him happy. Why? Because a happy Robbie makes a happy tour and so makes iots of money.

By the end of the tow you see a happy Robbie. but there remains a Best suited to die-hard Robbie fans feeling that he does have a rather boring life. which in turn makes for a rather boring film. Nobody Someday is best Suited to die-hard Robbie fans and those with a shallow fascmation With popstars' I , lives. (Jane Hamilton) * I General release from Fri 4 Jan. Scattergun c medy effect

Jeanne Balibar Sergio Castellitto Marianne Basler l l O Jacques Bonnaffé ene de Fougerolles pg Bruno Todeschihi

E"g S" subtitles WHO KNOWS "m ""P-X»--Jacq ues R ivette “W/itty comedy of manners

An absolute dream of a movie” Neil Norman - EVENING STANDARD

“Funny, sentimental, and wondrously assured

...Enormous charm” Geoff Andrew - TIME OUT

‘Yacques Rivette’s VA SAVOIR is the jewel in his crown... Superny acted... Captivating”


“Hilarioust funny...

an entrancing ensemble piece

...It's a joy to watch” -VAR|ETY

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Starts January 4 F‘I'I-MHOUSE

34 THE LIST 4-‘ 7 Jar‘ 2002