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The things you simply have. to do this issue

THE SNOWMAN Dance Raymond Briggs' tale of a young boy and his flaky pal is brought to magnificent life by Scottish Ballet. See review. page 77. Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE Film 37.".‘t‘. witty-«s;

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BIG TRAIN "ELLEN VAN TV The finest sketch show ever (forget s “W Art The first Scottis ' The Fast Show and those Python " ponces) returns with severed ears. primal scream therapy, new species and Hitchcock spoofs. See review. page 89. BBCQ.

ELLIOTT SMITH Music Miiii‘ lli.iii lain? I'll-n ‘.'.i'li-i ii? :l‘i‘ Magi: lli ~3i:iii.ili til ( ii ii ‘i: l'. .‘ .‘..'3.’ I“: IIlt‘lHt‘ :.i iiiii, ltir. li.ii| .iiiil Ilii!:1‘li‘ii liillvn.‘ iiii‘lx l”. IIlt' iiigitattl Illliliit‘vit.‘ i“ \'.'|lllt.‘l Dillon/Hi} l’iirnw. / trawling“

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JONGLEURS DUNGEON Comedy 23m invested. 400 FAMILY seats and comics such as - Colm Murphy, Simon Bligh

Music Atlanta rap Ioons

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(pictured) and Geoff Boyz. OUtkaSt 00k Up W'm . ~ ' . _ eleven of their pals for a r y . ,. .. .. g this comedy empire opens its . . , _. w . first venture in Scotland in a medlaeval mSp'red mp * i - , V ‘1 hop album. Sounds daft .' .~ .~ .. i. 5'-

blaze of glory. See preview.

page 57. Jong/eurs' G/asgow but it works. See reView. 1-

page 86. Arista.

TRIKES AGAIN Comics IAN RANKIN Frank Miller's " Books With his thirteenth ., long-awaited follow- Rebus adventure up to his seminal Resurrection Men. Rankin BIG WORD PERFORMANCE reworking of the ' i , cements his reputation as POETRY SLAM Batman myth. The Britain's toppermost crime Comedy/City Life Forget flowery waffle. Slam Dark KWng scribe. A00 “8'8 pretty funny is the frantic spoken word phenomena to have Returns. See I in his live events. too. See swept the USA, and it's coming back to

review, page i rewew. page 82. Orion; Roya/ Edinburgh with Jem Rolls ipicturedl compering. 81. DC Comics. , Concert Ha/i’, G/asgow; Get there early to reserve your floor space. ' Queen's Ha/l, Edinburgh. Bongo C/ub, Edinburgh.