, pular ballboy (drunk BASEMENT Jm WE BEL'EVE IN FATHER keyboard player and all) have frnlshed Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Wed 12 Dec 0000 CHRISTMAS , . . , . . . . a short set that .ncludes Have Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Tue 18 Dec . Yourself A Merry LliilC Chnstmas . O... The Prll themselves manage a ()hnstmas. eh’? liveryone loves rt! peered—up ‘Walking In The Air, as do E’ven. :t would seem. people who Terra Diablo. whtch leads yOu to spend the rest of the year making helreve that post-rock and Raymond loud houses; :n da'k rooms And what Bums; *r-Jere stranger made for each better way to eelehrate than (:onle other. together and make a really loud noise Other hrghlrghts Include The in a dark room. ‘.'/lil‘. added Clrnstrnas Starlets a (:appella 'Falrytale Of New tunes for good measure? Hallelujah! York and the Inexplrcably seated Of course, not many make a louder Annie Christian's ‘Last Christmas. noise than The Silver Pill. our hosts Not to mentron the whole of Astrid for the evening. Not that everyone and the Ex Tigers' sets. which also notices Ii. because the E3l()le-Tl$lllg helped turn lilIS nlght into a pretty (:rowd hegrns to fall off sharply after special one. all told. (David Pollock)

The Jaxx are party perfect

To paraphrase electro pioneers Renegade Soundwave everyone responds to bass. Not since the public bore witness to Leftfield’s rumbling dub tremors was bass such an earthshakingly valuable commodity. Where they go the ‘serious beats for serious people’ route, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe create a bit more of a spectacle.

It’s the kind of start to a show that you’d normally associate with some Detroit XXX lapdancing club - whumping low-end thuds so beefy you can hear, feel and almost see it, synchronised with a young lady jiggling her curvaceous rear towards an expectant, excitable crowd. Said derriere belongs to Basement Jaxx’s dancer, who, bedecked in jewels, yellow plumes and beaming grin, looks like she may have just fallen off a float at the Rio Carnival. She is . one of a half dozen who assist Buxton and Ratcliffe in producing the Basement George Michael gets done over by Annie Jaxx live experience. A percussionist and Buxton’s flamenco guitar strums bolster the electronic backbone while an array of rappers and singers give life to the vocal hooks, rhymes and chants buried within the Jaxx’s rolling skank-



house arrangements. . . .. Despite the questionable atmospherics of the Corn Exchange, they still SCOUT NIBLET .... manage to whip up the entire crowd - a feat in itself - reeling them in with 13th Note Cafe” Glasgow, 10 Dec. highlights from Remedy and ‘Rooty. ‘Rendez-Vu’, ‘Romeo’ ‘Where’s Your Head At?‘ and the incorrigible ‘Jump And Shout’ are interspersed with an array of he {létf;-I?'l‘-Z}"'. :,~‘ in:- (‘Zafe .:::'r‘e:; n‘e ts owr on free/rag mghts like tonight. Thrs IS DJing tricks, Gary Numan, Missy Elliot and Destiny‘s Child dropping to lama <l..e f:: :;:a:;:; acts 'ke See-at Nrelef :tjlr' r gurtarl whose Immediate uproarious response. ':::'r‘:ra' mm; 3“ (Lat “ewe: are say)" iftt‘gtbfitfl‘. .n her own style of lovingly crafted Admittedly, this is not subtle stuff, Basement Jaxx go for the musical jugular sv r".;f; a'v: at: 1, 1:; sung; 5; "er =K€3 " at: sl‘aties '~.'.'!thout really tryrng, leavmg a every time, gigantic lyrical hooks dragging you in and the beats rolling you out a: ,1 .aIm: 2e";‘-': ".1: erg. dug-gs, again, resulting in a giddy sensation akin to being unfurled from a particularly U"i’§".‘..’lzli‘?“_, 1W: at'i‘: vstt"er‘e a; f;(:n‘.ex'/t‘att soared hy SiélllC Frlms tbloke l gurtarl long, but clearly magic, carpet. ::;.-<e to H :; "azessar‘f sates, :gf t’tt'l‘trll'tt; 'no; ns and starred words that make hrm Accusations have been levelled at the pair branding them posh white boys sound «e a _:>'sse’: i"(;'l‘ Yorke :3:;‘.’(3l'lr‘.t,‘ Mark EIt/el. hijacking black ‘street’ music for their own hedonistic ends. Basement Jaxx Bat eea‘ <:"a::5: r\litZ-i?"’l'x t);.t :saxe the :‘atth. presentrng hoth evocative tradrtronal have never been so calculating and just because they don’t parade the same ha-iads and so“ l‘(,""‘-TT-’l yemi >e:; trons that alteath seem steeped Ill hrstory. Hazy. wannabe gangster moves as $0 Solid Crew doesn‘t make them less worthy of "eyelet; :ju ta" pattews; are augmented h; 'nnrrna: pass and percusslon praise. There is a welcome racial mix onstage even if the crowd are ll"<t..;;"f‘-..'. ht; .2 :sfltf’ff", Scattasl‘ ms; ‘ollo‘.'.' fln‘e‘ttortouretl rnterests such as predominately white. But most of all, this is about the music, and it’s a hip hop- folklore. ‘ar‘rtsxxtt 13:; an: out am: A fast; t:";;tlt .ndeed. thorougth warmrng the 2-step-ska-electro-house party where everyone’s invited. (Mark Robertson) warts and if)€‘-:; '."e «:2: ;:)t,"‘£j~. "o'ne. .Ja." F. Zesehkyi

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following: Glasgow: Virgin lldrhanan Gallevezg SH}? #1ch Credit card bookings from: i :gke'. l 71K: .V’hil' 15:31 ‘: 8. \‘v’at Ahead: .339 83813 *3," Edinburgh: Virgin i)llll(j(}f18ili?(?i. 2’21, .3741 - Ripping Records Swat." {‘3' we. .’."\ ° Way Ahead ill-1‘. .539 83813

I The Beta Band I Dropkick I Slipknot SH ‘( ‘. I Atomic Kitten I Travis SH ‘('. * Doves QMl‘. ('orn Iixchangc. Murphys (iaragc. (ilil\:_'()\\, l-l lich. ('|}dc .-\uditorium. (iluxguu, 2t) .\lar. (ilithH. l .\Ia_\. litlinhurgh. Ix Jan. (ilit\g()\\, 2‘) Jan. * Ozomatli la lit‘llt' (ilmggny 1 Mg”. . I The Monkees I Westlife Sli(‘(‘. I Lo-Fidelity I 0 Town l’a\ illion. Angelo lidinhui'gh. l-l splr'tua'lze‘H “l” S|-;('(‘, (ilaxgmv 3] Mar, (ilil.\$_'(i\\. 8 ll Ma). Allstars ()Xll'. (ilasgim. 391a”. l't‘h. klwl‘ilnf—‘V- i‘v‘lllll‘l'l'flll 2 I The Strbkes . Lémbchop ()ld (ilasgim. l‘) Jan and I Alien Ant Farm * A(iara§_'c. (ilaxgou. ll) ' "'3 B-u'r m l'llll (‘l-lwmt l‘i‘uitm'u'kct (il'iwmx ll Liquid Room. lidinhui‘uh. Barron land. (ilil\L‘(i\\. Kl l-L‘h. I Groove Armada , .l - l. I T- 7‘ i u . : ~ - .. I ( U )“ \1 .\l.ll. h()l,l) ()l .\l.l\. 30111"- Jim. I Shaggyflhlk‘ \{l'l‘m "m I “v ' ' I The Strokes (‘um I Barry Manilow I Mad Caddies I Kittie ()Ml‘. Auditorium.(ilaxuou, 3| ‘”‘ . . . . . _ , . - _ y. - , - .- (hmuc (“'1‘ WW 3, Jtm (,l'h (m 3 I. h I. h I Trams 5H ( . l:\tli.ingc. ladlnhtiigh. _.~ ( l_\le .»\uditonum. Lct... «.1. .—~.t. 11.1.: .._.'L‘. 'L‘. '_U ‘r(‘,( .. ‘;U '. I Brian Wilson( l\'tlL‘ I Embrace (‘om I Ben & Jason l.a “LIV,” 51) \ I ) M‘H' Md" 50”) (H I" ('1 “TU-W h-A m 1‘) Auditorium (mumps l" - -l' l~' l' h 'ul : B ~n. \ u -I~ l" l' l ‘vl W”) m " I G°dspeed Y°" I Kyhe M'mgue . . it , ._. .xt ldllrL. .t Ill lll‘_ 1., L t: llrt L. A III HILL 1. I sum 41 SIX-(1 B'ack Em eror' SHI. (Hmmm. '74,) 1"” . "C" 3' “'1’. . . . . . (Haw—w. H Mart ()\tt' (1-me ‘4.\1'u‘ \l'n sol l)r()t"l‘ I NME Carling I Echo 8. The I Jamiroquai Sl-.( ( . I Faithless guy; is ' " sof‘i ' ' ‘briélle 8,3“. Awards Tour lcai Bunnymen (iaragc. (ilaxgun. 32 l-ch. (,juwm. 1.1 Mm; VStem , a _ Andrew WK, (ilihgtlfi. .l l'VL‘li. I MiSSion]llltl * Bragg & Down Hamil)“ lillkL (llll\:“'0“‘ JUU‘ . Coral, BRMC and I The Hives ow '. Room. lidinhurgh. 35 Blokes mm. It,” (ilthgim. w .v 3| .\l;u'. '_ "'9 R““""'" """N‘ (“USE-EU“. [Ichl lichi Edinburgh. lh \lul.‘ I \L‘ill. l'.l:_'lli. .lllll. . ~ (jlusgnu‘ Jun, . Rache' I Ian Brown I Fingers (‘l_\tlt‘ :\lltll[tll‘llllll. I Rod Stewart ( . I Raging ('alhouxc. (ilaxgmx, (i Barron land. (ilaxgmx, IX Harm“ land. (ilaxgow l“ (ilaxgon. I" _\pr. (ilaxgtm. 22 tk 33 Jun. Speedhorn (iaragc. l't‘h. l’t‘h. \lai'. I Here And Now that I Aimee Mann 1-“ “id 0 U i ' I (ilasgtnx‘. 27 Jan. I JIII Scott I Deep Purple ('l_\dt- " The Bluetones Adam Ant, ABC and Room. lzdinhui'gh. b Jul. I Stand Si:('(‘. Barrow land. (ilasgmx. | i .-\udiloriuni. (ilaxgim. IX liquid Room. l'idinhlll'gh. Toyah S[{(‘(‘_ (iluxgtm, I Hear’Say SH‘C. (ilaxgow. 28 Jan. l‘ch. l'ch. l‘l .\lar. 33 My]; (ilaxgou. 15 Sup.

48 THE LIST 4—1 7 Jan 2002