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Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson/ Henry Northmore (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:


Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 123%? -'-'()(?

Credit card bookings from: |.<:ket tink128i'oii‘it.

‘.‘.’a§. Ahead: 33$) £89183.


Virgin Princes Street. 220 323-1. Ripping Records South Bridge. 72(3 7010.

Assembly Rooms (‘zeeige Street. $3429

Way Ahead (Zil‘ 8:383

/ )(i


I Moon, Popinjay Summers tllltl Lucid King ‘l'ut's “ah “ah lllll. 3"3a St Vincent Street. 33] 53“). S3llpiii. £4 plus hooking tee. l.oeal hand triple hill.

I Reynols aiul Opaque lllL‘ lfiih Note (Kite. 50 (ill King Street. 553 lMS. 0pm. £4. li\periiiiental sounds.

I Stealaway (irand ()le ()pi‘}. l’ais|e_\ Road To”. 43‘) 5‘90. ".Fllpin. L‘.‘ iL'3 nieinhersl. ('ounti'}.

I Real Easy Saniuel l)0\\ (F ‘ll \itlidaIe Road. 433 Hill". 8.30pm. l'ree. I Abba Disco Party Bourhon Street. lll.\' George Street. 553 lll-l 1. "pin. [5

IL l 3.50 \\ ith dinneri. l-'e;ittii'iiig an .\h|‘ trihute aet.


I Andy H \\-lll\llk‘l‘llll\lt‘\. 4 (s Sittllll Bridge. 55" 5| l4. ‘Ipni Midnight. l‘ree. (‘mei‘s and originals.

I Rogue Star \Vhisllehinkies. 4 (\ South Bridge. 55" 5| l4. \lltlllllell-5;Illl. l'l'L‘C. RUL‘ls.


I Frisk, Doolah and Crysoul King 'l‘tit‘s Wait Wait litit. 3"3a St Vincent Street. 33| 537‘). Sillpin. £4 plus hooking tee. l.oea| haiid triple hill.

I Steve James Band (ii-arid ()le ()pi‘). l’aisle) Road To”. 43‘) 5500. ~.3llpni. U tt'3 iiienihersi. ('ounti'}.

I Life And Soul Sainuel [km ‘s. h" 0| Nitlidale Road. 433 tiltlT 8.30pm. Free. I Rod Stewart Tribute Bourbon Street. lilS George Street. 553 OH I. "put. £5 it; l4.5t) u itli dinnei'i.

I Open Stage the Hall Bar. trio Woodlands Road. 504 I53". 4 Spin. l'it‘ee. \Veekl) session for local inusieians.


I Aeiris and Rogue Star The Mereat. 33 West Maitland Street. 335 3S6]. 7.30pm. £3. The Mereat starts the ne\\ war as it means to go on \\ itii a qttalil} hill oi' indie aets. \\ ith another aet to he eoiilirined.

I John Watson \Vliisilcliiukies. 4 0 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. ‘lpin Midnight. |"i‘ee. Rock and hlues.

Glasgow I Mortician, Carnal Forge, Yattering and Throwswitch 'l‘lie

('athouse. l5 l'iiion Street. 348 (lotto. ".Rilpiii. L750 plus hooking tee. ()xei l4s slum. ()ltl \L'llmd tlL‘ulll lllL'ltll lllg'lll. I Cimarron (irand ()Ie ()pi'}. l’aisle} Road To“. 43‘) 5300. 7.30pm. £3 (£3 iiieinhersi. (‘ounti'_\ Iioedoun.

I The Cobramatics lllL‘ Seotia. ll: ll4 Stoeku ell Street. 552 .s’oxl. 4pm. l’i‘ee. Residene}.

I Steff’s Sunday Session t'isge Bettllttt. 353 \Vntitllttltds Road. .504 L590. 5pni. l-‘i'ee. Bring _\our oun instrument.


I Peter Michael Rowan ()u the Mound. \ol'lll Bank Street. 330 (MSW). 3 5.30pm. l‘i'ee. ('oiitenipoi‘ar} songui'iting and eoxers li'oiii Ronan. I Nobody Jones \Vhistlehinkies. 4 (i Sotith Bridge. 55" 5| l-l.

‘lpni Midnight. l‘i'ee. Rock and hlues. I Mike and Andy \\'liisilehinkies. 4 (r South Bridge. 55" 5| l4. Midnight- .5tllll. l’ree. Roek and hlues.


I Acoustic Jam \iee‘n‘Sleal}. 431 Sauehiehall Street. 333 903.". 0pm. New Year part} tor the \xeekl) open stage session.

I Acoustic Underground \Vhistiehiiikies. 4 (i South Bridge. 557 5| l4. lilpin 3.30am. l’ree. ()ne oi the most popular open mic spots in to“ n. hosted h} l’eter Miehael RU“ an.

Tuesday 8


I Stuart’s Session l'isge Beatlia. 333 \Voodlands Road. 5(i4 I500. 0pm. l'lCL'.


I Andy H \Vltislleltinkies. 4 (i South

Bridge. 5.57 5| l4. 0pm \lltlliigltl. l'iliL‘L‘. ()riginals and emers.

I Gold In Virginia \Vliisilehinkies.

4 (i South Bridge. 557 5| 14. Midnight- .5tllll. l‘ree. Rock. hlues and pop.

Wednesday 9


I Enslaved and Absu ‘l‘lie ('ttlliotlse. l5 l'ttioll Street. 348 (i(i(l(i. 7.30pm. £3.50 pllls hooking tee. ()\L‘l‘- |4s sllU\\_

US pop-rockers Train play Glasgows Barrowlan on Mon 14 Jan

I Acoustic Open Stage 'l‘lit- llall Bar. loll Woodlands Road. 564 I53". ‘lptii. l‘lCL'.


I Kenny Miller \\'liisileliiiikies. 4 South Bridge. 55" 5| l-l. ‘lpin Midnight. l’i'ee. (.lasle‘ roek. pop ttlld ltltles.

I Codeine Road \\'liisilehiiikies. 4 South Bridge. 557 5| l-l. \lltllllgjlll-5tllll. l‘i'ee. Blues. i'unk and _i;i//.

Thursday 10


I The Miles Hunt Club and Kasino The (Killiotlse. l5 l'nion .SlI'L‘Cl. 3-15~ (ibilb. 7.30pm. {8.50 plus hooking lee. ()xer- l4s shon. ‘l'he t'oi'nier \Vondei'sttill \oealist un\ei|s his latest iiitisieal \eiiture.

I Tartarus, Surround and Elmo King 'l‘tit's Wait Wait llut. 3"3a St \‘ineent Street. 33] 53“). .\'.3llpni. [4 plus hooking liL‘L'. l.(k‘;tl ltttlltl ll'lltlt‘ hi”.

I Texlahoma aiul Meta lllL‘ |5lll .\'o1e('ai'e.5(l (ill King Street. 553 IONS. ‘lpiii. £5. Indie.

I Kastro Niec‘u‘Sleu/s. 43! Satieliiehall Street. 333 063.". 0pm.

I The Nimmo Brothers iiliei Sttidio ()tlL‘. (il'ns\ L‘llttl' lllllk'l. (iros\enoi‘ 'lAL‘l'l‘ilCC. 34| (i5|(i. 0pm. Free.

I The Vagabonds 'l‘lic Seotia.

I I3 ||4 Stoekuell Street. 553 SOS]. ‘lpin. l’i'ee. Popular eo\ers.


rock & pop listings Music

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21?? Elliot Smith Sneaking in for a painfully low key appearance. the '7' world \‘Jeary one \vill no doubt blow the general populous away with his considered but atmospheric indie tolk laced Willi punk ethics. l/ent/e. [dinbt/rg/i. T/ttl /()t/an. The Rollins Band With a neck wider than Anne Widdiconibe's arse and more front that Blackpool. Rollins puts on a muscular nietal show which rocks \.'.’l|ll()L|l resorting to petualnt nu- nietal posturing or thrashy dirges. Garage. Glasgow. Mon M Jan. Aspects It you still turn your nose up at the skills of Roots Manuva. sling a deaf ear lt)\.'.’£ll'(|8

the rhyming of Reachout or poo

poo the talents of the Tasktorce.

then here is yet another

opportunity to see that the UK isn't lacking in the hip hop talent. This

niarauding gang of the soutliwest's maddest and baddest g} indulge in some raw hip hop

flavours. Bongo Club. {.o’inbu/‘gn.

2; Fri 7 I Jan.

OElliot Smith The Venue. i“ 2i (‘alton Road. 55." 3073. 8pm. L'the. What is going on here u e don't kno\\. Smith. a godlike genitis to man). sneaks in tor a lo“ -ke_\ sho\\ and tells no one. His trail. aeoustie punk t'olk “on him an Oscar nomination for his theine tor (ill\ Van Sant's (imu/ Will Hunting a ten _\ears haek htit inost signilieantl} lie is a iiiesinerisiiig. il‘ nnpredietahle in e [k‘l'lttl'lllL‘lI Miss at )otii' peril.

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[by arraggement with llB presentation“... .I


Monday 28 January


0870 040 4000

Tickets QISadv. also

available to personal callers at Virgin Edinburgh & Glasgow. (subject to booking tee)

Credit Card Hotline: 0870 400 ($88 or 0115 912 9129

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