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13m Note campaign gathers pace

Jongleurs all the way

Comedy empire moves in.

fter a year of speculation and furtve Sniping. ‘t's fnally here: Jongleurs. Glasgow has arrived. Like putting the proverbia. fat cat among the pigeons already fighting over SCraps of audiences. the comedy empire. which has ‘4 branCnes across the UK. has the ‘ir‘anciai packing and big name support to make it a winner.

Situated an the basement of the UGC :n. Renfrew Street. JOngieurs has :hvesteo 523m in the 400-seater venue. It will open imtzally at weekends only frOm Thursday to Saturday and its roster of acts includes

Ah-haa! After an absence of four years from our TV screens. Alan Partridge is being resurrected for more cringewonhy fun. The BBC is set to screen his latest adventures next autumn now that he has moved out of the hotel he was liVing in and even found himself

Coogan's bad run 3" to end

4 THE LIST 11—1 7 Jan 332

Venue appeals to List readers for support. Words: Jack Mottram

he 13th Note cafe and Club are

more than ;ust a pair of venues.

With a strong commitment to providing a fair platform for new bands and esoteric mUSIC. an enVironmentally friendly ethos and the keen promot:0h of vegan eating. the 13th Note has established itself at the heart of Glasgow's alternative arts and muSic communities.

In November of last year. the 13th Note Ltd went into :tQuidat'Or‘. The future looks bleak for the cornpany ano. therefore. fOr the Cultural =ife of

Glasgow. not to mentiOn ‘The

the 13th Note is in the process of compling an album featuring the bands wno have graced the stages over the last fifteen years. and those with deeper pockets can donate £1,000 to 'The Grand Plan“. a stakeholder soneme in future ventures by the 13th Note team.

Typically. given the 13th Note's long histon/ of putting mUSlC before money. Help 13 is not limited to fundraising. 'lt's been difficult to ask people to Suppon something that's dune intangible.' says Williamson. “That's

why the Help 13

Scotland as a whoa At campaign is about

the time of going to preserving the principles press. the outcome of rSt_ of what the 13th Note the liquidation process s'tuat'on has tried to do over the

remains uncertain. “It's impossible to say what w-il happen] says

years from the way bands are treated by the venue. to a love of music

is that the

life‘ilii'fél‘jiifii“§.' business S:;§fi.‘:§”il:sfi2‘if ordinating the Hep ‘3 the th:ngs that we feel it's fundraising carnpaigr‘. so'd at mportant to cling onto. The best outcome would - , It's not lust all about

be a Situation where any t'me money. and if we‘re in a

situation where we're

trying to get something off the ground in future. even letters frOm people who support what the 13th Note is about be a great help.'

To pledge your support or donate to the Help 13 campaign, email help‘

Craig Tannock. the director. COuld re-purChase the pusness after .2duidatton. The worst situation is that the bus ness COulG be SCid at any time. ieavng everything uncertainf

All is not yet lost. hols/ever. and readers of The List are in a positon to he:p. As part of the He'p ‘3 camoa'gr‘.

the 'kes o‘ c medy d:gnitaries Andre Vincent. Craig Cannp'pe Donna MCPnail. Jeff Innocent and Ian Coppinger. plus Scottis" talent ineludng the Reverend Obadah Stepoenwo’fe. Brian H ggins and Vladm r MCTaVlS".

Watch out ‘or the gala opening weekend when. Colin Murphy. Geoff Boyz. Simon Bligh and Mickey Hutton wifi break in the new stage Suppons. After eacn show. the Chars go out and the lights come down for some post—iaug'r‘ter poogying into the wee smal hours of the morn ng. {Maureen ElliS)

Jongieurs Glasgow opens Fri 11 Jan, Renfrew Street, Glasgow. See preview in Comedy, page 56. See next issue for our Scottish comedy special.

Coming quite soon . . .

late 2003 . . . Faster action can be expected from The Matrix as the two sequels start filming in Australia. Those who can't be bothered stepping Out of their rooms to go to a Cinema will be pleased to note that footage being shot will be used for a computer gane.u

a new woman. It's difficult not to conclude that Steve Coogan‘s run of dismal failures (Dr Terrible. indeed) is the Chief reason fOr him stepping back into caSual sponswear . . . Tom Cruise is rumoured to be boning up on his English accent as he prepares for a role as a Second

World War magICian. The film (The War Magician) is based on the allegedly true stOry of an entertainer who baffled Germans in NOrth Africa with his illusions . . . Aiming high is Suspect Culture which holds workshops this summer for a prolect called K2. expected to

premiere at Tramway. early 2003 . . . She's spent nearly 40 years listening to the nation's problems. so the time seems right for us to pretend to be interested in her life. as Claire Rayner hunches over a laptop to get her life story into print. Clearly a SIOW writer, The Times Of My Life is due Out