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has more to offer than his own sterile bourgeois life. Actually. that's only one thing it's about. It's

COMEDY SAY IT ISN’T SO (15) 92min 0.

comedy. the shocks are so mild as to be reactionary. If I say that it includes a case of incest. a feline blow job. a man with his hand stuck up a cow's arse and the repeated injury of a stroke victim, I am making it sound far more racy than it actually is. At heart. it's a corny love story (Chris Klein gets Heather Graham, loses her. then gets her back) that breaks the kind of taboos that only the

COMEDY DR T AND THE WOMEN (12) 117 mins 00.


CCN’iF-DY BIG TRAIN BBC2, Mon 7 Jan, 9.30pm 000..


And what a lot of “.'.'Oll‘(}t" there are. Gynaecc‘ogxm hero Dr SUM/a?) Tra‘. :; (Richard Gore has 2‘: mentaily ill ini'ai"

Fawcetti. two spot? . 4% cla.:gh:ers ‘Kate Hudson. Tara Reid». ai‘ alcoho (I

sister—:it-iaw Laura Dern.. a oescttet:

employer; [Sr-e (,3. L_.T"§} . a fierce illtlet.)(}"(l(‘:"f lover 'l-loiiv Hti"’.(}"' am: a. is/ait'ilg "coii‘ cvei‘ficx': "<2

wtl‘ need. TC'l‘Et es.

emotionally stunted will find even vaguely remarkable. (Fox VHS and DVD rental)

(Mark Fisher)

If you really must produce gross-out teen capers. the least you could do is be gross. But in this feeble

also a cleverly interwoven tapestry of tales about the arty Crowd he falls in with. the bodyguards hired to mind him and the family he's leaving behind. It's all captivatingly observed and wryly amusing. (Pathe VHS rental and DVD retail) (Mark Fisher)

Disturbingly funny

When the first series of Big Train arrived in 1999, it was a breath of fresh comedy air into a TV genre starving itself on a diet of rancid sitcoms and unsatisfying sketch shows. At the time, writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews had come straight off the back of international glory with Father Ted. Admirably, they opted not for lazily replicating that formula but chose to go out on a limb with surreal skits owing more to Pythonesque thought processes than Fast Show catchphraseology.

Once aga Cl recto" Linehan has left Mathews to his own devices for ROSE". A't'i‘ao era't‘s " this return and gone off to write Black Books with . i: ;; Dylan Moran and pop up on the Top Ten// Love/100 Greatest-type shows. lntriguingly, the second series is so close to the first in spirit and style that you could be forgiven for wondering just

Cats and Dogs

Released: 3rd December 2001

Including st0ryboard to scene COmparisons. special effects featurette. dog and cat trivia game and the Mr Tinkles screen test.



Released: 3rd December 2001

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore star in this roman- tic weepy. Special features include the 'Remembering The Magic' retrospective featurette.

:1 l.‘ LC .' G '0. .U'b .' [18,1 ;J\3(‘A\I.l' x.) "- \/b\ q 0’ e J.'l»t,' 5311/ g:

characters. Gore 5;

Life Of Brian O\.’B’SIF(-}’.C"Bfl CCCTC’ what Linehan did all day; though the excellent Released: 3rd December 2001 (‘le'i‘ahus cu" o'tzi ess World Stare-Out Championship is no longer The much loved Monty Python ClaSSIC is hOW Sympathy. 33.3. ‘-: around, so maybe there’s a clue there. Also, oddly, 1.: I. released 0“ DVD heV'ng been Unavailable for two ". " ‘-:> are“: it appears that he has taken the women (Julia i On in r"‘ f) ‘v' {:H‘r" "my: ' ' ' ' Mmkcy t BoNE Y ..c i .. ., . , . DaVlS, Amelia Bulmore) away With him and left

41" 0 An,‘ I

\C‘A er‘\(.\i \J()l$\ |/'\/\u

"1cm? behind all the men (Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon).

The opener includes spoofs of The Birds and Jules Et Jim, a recurring gag about a man with enormous hands and quickfire jokes on primal scream therapy and hospital test results getting mixed up in the post.

The beauty of their routines is that you have simply no idea where a sketch may be heading and if you can guess the punchline, then you must be Mystic Meg. Though you can be sure that the joke often lies somewhere between the stupidly surreal, occasionally disturbing and utterly

Pearl Harbour

Released: 3rd December 2001

This dOuble DVD set includes a 'Making Of...‘ fea- turette and the Faith Hill music video.

ex;:e3'e"t :_)(»).'“Ic"'i1:t"ccs. A"ne Reigns s::"i:'. fa is to 'i‘atC" t"e'i‘. ‘CCRJH‘KME‘. TnStzi" VHS (B'lfa'I DVD rota: Kc- Apter

ALSO RELEASED Cape Fear Fears. actually. A dOLibre (‘2 so set (2" both the b'“ a":

You may wonder why this eccentric comic fantasy starring Brendan Fraser and Bridget Fonda didn't get a UK cinema release. After all. it's directed by Tim Burton's pal Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas. James And

Britney Spears - The Videos

Released: 3rd December 2001

A collection of Britney’s new and more recent Videos including “Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know“. 'l'rn Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman' and ‘l'm A Slave 4 U'.

Eddie Iuard - We Know Where You Live Released: 3rd December 2001

The Giant Peach) and A live recording of Amnesty Internationals 40th ‘i962 origrita aw: Ma": " original. (Brian Donaldson) adapted from Kala Anniversary special. consisting of a star studded corsesc-s a most Blackley's graphic novel line-up. irritant v'rz'itako.

Cola/7:512 ’li‘i'szzr‘ DVD SMACK THE retain PONY

The Dirty Harry Series Channel 4, Fri 11 Jan, 'Go ahead. park. Maw} 9309'“ ....

Dark Town by Sam Hamm (Batman. Batman Returns. the fonhcoming Fantastic Four). The

Dude, Where’s My Car? Released: 10th December 2001 Starring Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scctt.

answer is simple enOLigh. the film leek 533-3 "When at the UK bOX Ofllee- my dayf T mes fat}. :3 -.~ . i)" .:>::. Donn:

lhOugh: it's Crap. ‘."‘.C’3r"7<)/‘ VHS and DVD l\.‘;:.v\ 371:." {NH} :5 I

Hamm‘s script about a J°°ie and “‘9 Pussyca“ retail. A (w 'ta'..."‘. ‘;:.i .i

comatised cartoonist Re'eased: 17th December 2001 Room To Rent '._::'.-. '.it°.(1- .'.-.;- :"‘-.: i" ':: signer;

who enters the Small-time losers to big-time rock stars. in the blink comedy (Mum El \i j, :3: '

nightmare WOrld of his Of an eye.' the “$8 to fame. Of a mo Of g'ris deSp'te a“ mixed cast "c .;:i "i; filxifi‘k" Aw . .

Cheeky chimp alter-ego the trapplngs that fame brings Juliette LUV/is; (t"(l i: l' <7 ‘.'.;:E§I{‘r 7‘:: l. "‘13 " “i "\a‘ : wanders all over the Tagrin‘atic. Fox Pgtft‘r) (i '. r3; {‘1 3,1170 : um

place. undermining the 7; VHS rental. ;:' trio ES"(J'.'. ‘5: mi" <‘

IOVBDIIVB imagery. And The Third Man ngi'gi *

the Crude hum0ur. Reed's terri‘ic inizirtuiie


though aimed at adults. thriller stair iig Orso" k, fit?" (ittf‘f""tt; is irritatingly adolescent. Welles as the elusive (aw. w .irr' . t‘ -;-i>t \ x Still. the doggy nightmare Harry Liii‘e. Mir/tor DVD l't . l w it . i \t . SCene. IDVOlVng feta/l. ii.;;i‘tr";t"t‘: .t' (1041:} .‘it CaSlralln r(idlleCk . Stores at Whi ed QU'O <7“or‘:;\.i;~ E’ifi- i>.t'._"::: femes lsgpnceless (Fox Edinburgh Princes St&St James . ANSI/3‘1" “my IIII V W. {'5‘ M ' GlasgowArgyle St. Sauchiehall St. Union St. j VHS and DVD remal) Zf‘e accent O'l 'l“8()§;‘,"~,. mow.- l‘;l"t°. I t . i, '

Braehead Centre & Olympia Centre, East .Kilbride

(Mlles Fleldell FOX Pat/70 VHS "‘1' (‘il7"‘:t. i-ri' t'u} . ..f 1b.. .7.:-.- >