EDINBURGH Filmhouse Café and Bar 88 Lothian Road. 229 5932

Relaxed. atmOSpheric cafe bar. serving great value snacks. salads. specials and brilliant cappuccinos 10am till late.


The Lane

57-59 Sauchiehall Lane. Glasgow. 332 8899

24 Hour restaurant offering three different menus to suit yOLi whatever the time. Wonderful surrounds and excellent service.


12 Ashton Ianc

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday afi‘ernoon one eljefi‘ prepare

w a .rnperb and innovative 7nenn. Relax

and enjqu a ii’()7ll‘l£7fitlfian-COIH'SL’ lane/J ana’ a‘alass

Excellent value at £1 6. 85 per person.

Tc] 0141-334 5007

94 THE LIST t \lli". 20’)?

Advertising feature

It’s all done in the best possible taste.

January is not a time noted for its exuberance. The post-Christmas hangover has kicked in physically. mentally and financially. What better time could there be to enjoy a spirit- lifting cocktail with a warming bourbon heart? An increasingly popular drink across the world a recent report reckons we'll be drinking 35% more in the next few years it‘s the tipple of chOice for the likes of Madonna. Julia Roberts and Zoe Ball to name but a few.

This is a niggling but accurate pOint: bourbon can come only from Kentucky. with neigthuring Tennessee producing perhaps more famous brands such as Jack Daniels. BOurbons tend to be more interesting and often coming from boutique distilleries with a tiny output. The smallest working distillery in Kentucky is Woodford Reserve. which has been producing for almost 200 years. Enioyed as a stand alone dram. it's immensely enjoyable With caramel and mint notes on the palate. It also lends itself amazingly to cocktails which is a concept the whole whiskie'iy industry is gradually waking up to.

Old Fashioned

2oz Woodford Reserve Half a chopped orange Three bar spoons Sugar

A dash of Peychaud bitters

Strain ingredients into a rocks glass over ice with a slice of orange garnish.


A shot of Woodford Reserve

A shot of Triple Sec

A shot of dry vermouth

Stirred over ice and strained into a martini glass with cherry garnish.

Miss Moneypenny (created by Groucho St Judes, Glasgow) A shot of Woodford Reserve Two shots of champagne

A shot of triple sec

A dash of Angostura Bitters

A brown sugar cube

(Gordon Haggartyl

I Woodford Reserve is available from Sainsbury's, Bottoms Up and Oddbi'ns. priced £22.99.