Courses & Tuition

Want to come ski-ing this winter? Join us now for 0 Holidays to the world’s top resorts - Weekends at the Scottish ski areas 0 Discounted equipment hire ' PLUS the best ski-ing, boarding 8

. ' I socral events all year round. gwwd WANT TO FIND OUT MORE?

We meet at the Raebum House Hotel, Stockbridge

I Thinking about counselling? Iiwan (iillon BA. MSe. PhI) (psych). Dip. ('ouns. Prol‘essionaI Person- eentred (‘ounsellor and Psychologist. Free trial session. (‘oneessions available. Tel ()131 313 4687.

2 week Spanish courses in the sun with accommodation and activities included; 15 weeks 01 Punch in Chamonix: language lessons in the mornings, ski all afternoon; Italian in Florence, Siena, Sicily.

SpaniSlt and Salsa Holidays in Cuba (Febmary, April and July 2112)


96 THE LIST 7- .J.i' .”J.’



Tel 0131 621 7721/2 email intoecaledonialanguagescouk


Begsrmers Classes Open evening 6.15mi 8pm

Tuesday 8th January.

Come along and find out more about this 10 week course in Italian language. food and culture at the Eric Lio'deil Centre. Holy Corner. Edinburgh

Phone 0131 446 0526 for more information.


SKI HOLIDAY 27th Jan 4th Feb Glasgow Flight to Risoul, Foret Blanche, France 3* ClubHotel Le Morgan Only £445


Scotland's foremost Multi-Attivity Group In Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland

For ERIE into. ark tel: 0131 317 8822

0r vrsr our website on www.sprreuk.rom

Courses & Tuition

\seleomes e‘.er_\one \\ ho Imes singing. \o written nnisie. no auditions, We sing; songs lrom around the world and meet \Ved. "-‘lpm in (‘hurehlll 'Iheatre .\nne\e. \Iormneside Road. Iidinburgh, \ew term starts U “2 Ice: £30815 eone. I'or I: weeks.

Phone 0131 337 1161

Keep that resolution! small

triendEj. group. reI.:\ed.

iegmners' art. elasses intorm.;l atmosphere.

Lit” litt' ill \\ t't‘i. l‘ittt‘ix. (Ruthiet Susi \le\;rnder li..\, l I Ions: onO131 225 2947 or e-mail susialexander

I Fiddle and mandolin. pri\.:te IlliIlt‘ll. lnmted plaees. phone James III-ll 5"»1 (dilly [5,.- mail ieurrlnstt»: hotmaiieom w'e.\‘.,mp3.eom Senseless \‘iolins I Drawing on the right \Itit' oi the hr.nn. \\eeltend eourses ill Ipthnhm‘eh \'-. 11h artist .Ienm Snnt'n Ii.\ I Ionsi. 2h 22 January .\IIweieoneep.1111eularh Ix'ginners. i)t'l;tii\ (II 3i 22-1 IVWI ttl' e‘ ltl.tli IL‘lll‘._\ "'i t'itil.i;‘t'.lt’t‘e‘\t‘l'\ t‘.\'tt.lli\

I Learning German can he inn. Lulu! made sessions tor it'\t‘I\ and lititlt'\. I’lt‘LAt'

er intaet \ iola on til ll 50‘) 1 “IS or email \. iolalier (J erimpnseneeom

Piano Tuition I.\perieneed prolessional pianist and teaeher. ’Ienehes plnllli .ll tie;'t'ee Imel Itil' Ipdmliureh l'nnersnj. I'aeult} ol \Itisie, lramed at Royd \orthern ('ollege ( )l \Itlsie. \Ianehester. .\I! |e\els. .\n_\ age lrom (i upwards, Beginners. adults and restarts all weleome. l'l't‘t‘ etillsllllltlltill it'\\llll\. I:\eellent Yamaha ( hand piano. (ill) ('t‘llll‘t' it‘edllt‘ll tilt Illllsltlt‘ (‘reseenr l'ree Ioenl parking. Peter Bream GRNCM 0131 556 8567


If you‘re between 30 and 81 join the

every Tuesday from 9pm. All welcome. 0131 220 3121


Scotland's foremost Multi-Attivity Adventure, Social 8 Sports Group

this month: .Prenex'. Roadshow litllttlltltgit, Glasgow Fife titling,

High Ropes (ha enge, B oxarting,

Haggis Ceilidh...and murh, much more!

x t. \4\I\. wk“ )Kxunl \A

1.. ,'

SPICE - FOR Hi 1le OF YOUR “if! for FREE into park tel: 0131 317 8822

Or visit our website on www.spiteuk.rom

Single Connection

Edinburgh’s Premier Club for ' Fun-Friends-Romance ' PHONE 0131 6571344 AND TAKE A CHANCE 0N ROMANCE!

Join a new Edinburgh walking group oi 2H and SH somethings. Walks on all lexels. I-ind out about the

01 506 842 897

Mum.» For more than I 53" , .. ’3‘» JUSI skiing!

SKI IRII’S Ii( ).\II'. .v\\l) .\Iil{( )v\l ). ii” .I .\\‘.v\I.KI\( i. S( )( ~I.-\I. .v\("I [VII “:5 Hub meets we!) 'Ihursda} 1n ’I'he lion \eeoid. North Street. (harm; (iross Spin onwards ./:r\.' r mm airing or phone (in Ill-ll 883 (1665/0141 63‘) 5706 u n\\_skig|nsgo\t.t‘ email: ulzisuousitielubt-z skippeteoJik

what are you doing

at the weekend?

I\'(‘ is a sell. run elub l‘or graduates and pl‘tiit‘ssltillttls offering a \\ ide range ol‘ soeial and sporting aeti\'ities.

Int-r} month our members rnn .lu/ens ol excnts emering .l

tineise mnee ol interests.

Info from...

(il \S( i( )\\ omit) j-zsloi ww\\.;.';_'o\‘.i\t .orgtik heler -' }'i.l\}2ll\‘. i‘.e.or§_'.uI\ I'.I)I.\.liliR(iII (l l 3 I 332 I 3—12

w w w .edinburghl\'( Corgnk

r’l uni/res (Ult/ wee/tends

Life model male seeks work in Dundee. Perth. lzdinburgh. and Stirling areas.

New method posing will ehange _\our drawing ol‘ the model It)l'C\'Cl‘.

01 592 742 967



small flat move specialists

moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361


L'slahllslled I‘M:

:I/ ‘r' .J;i-"- ROI)?

Card readings i’larot/( )rd/.-\ngelt and Spiritual IIeaIings: Need assistance with tile deeisions'.’ Help feel good‘.’

£25 per half hour.

Contact Patricia 07930 658 361 or Miriam 07929 874 413

Empowerment and Awareness weekend - I.endriek Lodge. ('allander. 8th to I()th Feb 2002 - Book and info - Contact Patricia 07930 658 361 or Miriam 07929 874 413

I Cuban Salsa classes with Damian l'roin Havana. New term starts Monday 812m x 8 weeks at the Tapas Tree ( I i’orth Street. lidinburgbi. 6-7pm beginners. 7-8pm improvers. Just turn up? Private tuition also available. (‘all Kath ()131 62] 7721/2 for more details.


Call our Classified Department on 0131 550 3060