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chooses her favourite Scottish places.

1 Caledonian MacBrayne ferries Always pretty scuzzy inside and the food is terrible. but being on one means you're on your way to an island.

2 Under the Dean Brldge, Edinburgh A duplicitous place that is both romantic and macabre and is a Scottish city section at its most extreme and extraordinary.

3 Klbble Palace At a perfect level of being a marvellous ruin. Very moody and it smells amazing.

4 Tramway main theatre space Dramatic in its own right.

5 Mount Stuart, Bute A day out scenario (including the journey) that has the obsessive grandeur of the main house. beautiful grounds and its visitor centre is a decent piece of contemporary architecture.


Bollywood, we need you now more than ever. Words: Paul Dale

wanna tell you a story (affect Prince Naseem‘s northern whine). There‘s these two brothers. right. and they are separated at birth. ()ne becomes a drug dealer and one becomes a judge. Years later they both fall in love with the same girl. a girl from their old village. She reminds them of their lost mama. The bad brother kidnaps the girl. so the good

once again tears its own sectarian heart to shreds. to say nothing of the bubbling cauldrons of racial malcontent that are Bradford and ()ldham. Surely there has never been a better time for the rerelease of superb Bollywood classics such as Bobby (1973) or xlllull‘ .‘lk/I/Hll' Ant/tony (l97—l). and the opening tip of wider distribution for their newer films.

Stephen . _ . , . pocherty, an brother tries to rescue her. The brothers light and But let s be clear. \\e are not talking about actor taking the judge gets the upper hand. He is about to kill gentrified pseudo-Bo]lyweird schlock such as 33"; Just his long lost sibling Asoka (see Video/DVD. page ne are .~ - - . -

Llli\\llllii"l\ when his eyes - ()1) and .Wollsooll limit/in”

Dance . s‘ ~ _ - 3 . . ‘5 fall upon a hall crescent we re talkan (see feature. page 10). \\e re

chooses his top five Scottish actors.

1 Irene McDougaIl Currently in The Seagull at Theatre Royal. Her sensual. erotic performance in a Brad Fraser play at the Traverse made a big impression on me.

2 Maureen Beattie In Casualty on TV. she always held my attention, but as Medea on stage. she was incredible.

3 Peter Mullah Having worked with him, he is an amazingly powerful performer on stage

and screen.

4 Una McLean For decades. she has been top of her profession. Her Beauty Queen Of Leenane blew me away.

5 Stanley Baxter For his legs. I've such strong memories of being a child and watching his Hogmanay shows on TV with all the family.

moon necklace of which he owns the other half. Realising the truth. they fall upon each other hugging. The baddie repents his ways and rejoices in his brother’s new love. Here's another one: a boy and a girl love each other but are divided by religion or

caste or whatever. btit through a series of

musically fraught hurdles. which includes fighting off the local bandits with a .llugni/it't'nt .S'r'i'wi-style team of men. they find true love.

There you have it. liilnis from the brilliant .S'lio/ny (197—1) to the fantastic Kahlil Kris/ii Kali/tic (2()()l) embody the essence of the Bollywood movie. ()riginality doesn‘t even come into it. These gaudy effervescent sonic extravaganzas have always been and always will be. Krishna willing. about the big themes: love. peace. understanding and tolerance. good versus evil. And if there was ever a time for these fairytales. it is now.

As India and Pakistan direct their nuclear warheads at each other over Kashmir. Belfast

full-frontal, sari-grabbing, stick-banging, landscape- jumping treats

talking full—frontal. sari- grabbing. stick-banging. landscape-jurnpirig treats that contain real stars like Amitabh Bachchan. Dharmendra. l-lema Malini and Rishi Kapur. To western eyes. these great movies may seem crude and possibly manipulative. btit by the same token. British cinema has not produced anything as moving or exiting as KUb/ll Kris/ii Kali/tic (300] ). currently residing at number seven in the Billboard charts. for about ten years. But wide distribution of these movies is highly unlikely to happen. iiianacled as we are to American product and its resident distribution agencies. There is one country. however. that is ready once again to open its doors and hearts to the Bollywood movie since toppling a killjoy evil regime. a country where these Hindi musicals carry simple messages of hope and unity entirely opposite to their Hollywood counterpart. They call that country Afghanistan.

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