Re: Fopp till you drop (issue 431) Thanks to Ryan McGee for taking the time to comment on our store. I am unhappy that he is unhappy.

Our Edinburgh store is one of the busiest music shops in the world and we re-fitted it earlier this year to add floor space and make it a better place for customers. This included an expansion of our back catalogue selection by a third. which includes all the genres he mentions. So in fact. the opposite of what he suggests has happened.

The addition of books reflects the incredible demand we have for them people love them and they account for around 100:: of sales. The vinyl department is now a smaller SIZC. but the number of titles has not changed much in the last eighteen months. and we still sell around 1000 12in dance singles a week. Also. Fopp's competitively priced 008 have been crucial to our success over the years cheap but not nasty.

On the p0int of Fopp 'disappearing up its own arse with no sense of direction', I am off this weekend to unpack boxes at our newly launched store in Nottingham. one of several new Fopp openings scheduled for around the UK in the next twelve months. Company sales went from $9.2m last year to just under €12.5m this year. I have a full a—z road map of the UK and as a recently married man would rather leave my rear end Out of the business plan.

So how abetit I give Ryan a guide around the store and buy him a pint when I getback?

Peter Ellen Managing Director Via email


Re: Out to Lynch (issue 431)

Sorry to be a massively annOying geek. but it wasn't Mel Brooks who described DaVId Lynch as ‘Jimmy Stewart from Mars'. as Richard Mowe states.

It was Stuart Cornfeld. the executive producer of The Elephant Man. He never gets the credit. which is hardly fair. Right. I'm off to get out more.

Hannah McGill Via email YOu've got us bang to rights. but to be

fair on Richard Mowe. the 'fact' was inserted into his copy by an overzealous film editor: Ed

STREET PETITE Re: Hogmanay (issue 430) Once again. Glasgow City COuncil has shown how mean it is by failing to rival Edinburgh 's firework display and street party. It's one of the things that helps improve the image of their city to tourists. students and businesses. Edinburgh has numerous cafes as they do in the likes of Paris and Milan where it's safe to go out whether you're on your own or with a crowd. and not with the vandals and thugs that wander our city centre every night. This is not the right way to project our city to the world. We must put on a display at Christmas and New Year to match anywl'iere and we must make the city centre and outskirts vandal-free zones. Folk are not going to come here if the city is not seen as attractive and safe. Barry Dubber Grampian Street Glasgow


Re: Seeing stars (issue 431)

Really enjoyed Doug Johnstone's piece about the sooky level of criticism geing on. and thoroughiy agree.

If he didn't always give all his mates' bands four stars. I might even take him seriously . . . Karen Eliot Via email


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DRAWING A LAUGH Re: Glasgow Fabulous club cartoons (issue 431) Yes. chuckle chuckle! Great drawings. yet I really hope you guys don't start taking the piss. My other half is one half of Silicone SOuI and t know only too well what hard work the guys do. So please be funny and respectful.

Otherwise. magic. Bring on the funnies. Cassie O’Neill via email


Re: Singles (issue 430)

Since the media has been bombarded on all sides by Everyman. his wife and his nextdoor-neighbour with opinions on The Lord of the Rings. I wonder why we have not yet heard the Views of the Four-Year- Old Boy? We should be told.

Patti Fields.

Via email


Re: Elliott Smith (issue 432)

So what happened With Elliott Smith? I rushed round to buy a ticket only to be told ll that Elliott Smith wasn't even in the UK and 2) the Venue had been shut for months for refurbishment.

When I said it was strange that The List had picked an imaginary tOur as one of its top events. the guy at the till said: 'Not really. just a typical List story. Total fantasy.’

Do yOLi just make this stuff up or was it some kind of obscare joke?

Andrew Heavens

Via emai/

Very sorry for the incorrect information. We were given the details in good faith and were as disappomted as you that the gig was pulled. For the record. Elliott Smith was in the COt/ntr‘y and. although it's been quiet. the Venue has not been shut: Ed

DID WE GET IT WRONG? We take great trouble to be as accurate as possible but. hey. we're all human and just occziSionally we might get something wrong or miss something out. If so please tell us. Email OCJIIOFIQIISICOUK

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