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I Intelligent male, 29. quiet. cultured enjoys travel. countryside. littless. good food. cinema seeks sirttilat fentale for fun. friendship and maybe more. (ilasgow West. Box .\'o 432/4 I Educated, reserved male (40s) of irtdepertdertt thottght seeks the company of well-spoken younger female with space in lter life. Long letter attd photograplt appreciated. Box No 432/3

Tall, slim, fit, charismatic male t4()-something) seeks princess charming. Likes movies. music. cooking. chat. good contpany artd a giggle.

Please reply with photo and amusing letter for guaranteed reply. Box No 432/2


I Youthful blue-eyed blond. petite and lovely woman likes fitness. walks. cinema. art. live music. 41 WI.TM sorted. ftt. irtteresting ntale to explore the world that opens when one is two. l’ife. Box No 432/8

Situations vacant

no previous applicants need apply. Vacancy exists for a non- smoking man fora female. 36

who enjoys nights in or out.

reading and cinema. Edinburgh area. Box No 432/7

Attractive, blonde, vivacious. smart professional female (30) seeks easy-going male equivalent with wicked sense of humour and vital spark. Please respond with chatty letter arid photo.

Box No 432/6

I Professional Glasgow female who enjoys travel hillwalking. (il’l‘ seeks round 40's N/S male to enrich these adventures and relaxing times. l’hoto appreciated. Box No43215


I Gay guy 36. slim lit. genuine and open-minded. seeks similar for stimulating conversations arid hopefully more. Box .\'o 432/50


I Caring, considerate, cultured woman seeks similar sincere. independent. non-smoking. non-scene. 45-55ish supportive women friends / relationships; interests - personal growth. classical music. travel. GSOH - Edinburgh area. Box No 432/52

I Not quite 40. Professional gay woman likes music. cinema. theatre. eating in mid out. (iS( )I-l. Honest. Sincere. WIJM woman 30+ for friendship possibly relationship.

( ilasgow. Box No 432/5l

Il'bwb ledyb a box ante: All you ltave to do is send your letter to: 'Ihe ('lassifed. 14 High Street. lilinburgh. lil ll I'll-Z or at the (‘( ‘A. 350 Sauchiehall St (ilasgow (i2 3“) autd we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the top left—hand comer.

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LESBIAN LINE 0131 557 0751

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V I saw you ne'er day t3amt. stairway called 'l'odd. Yott Scottish gtty. me ritid 30‘s guy. We exchanged lingering glances. I could ttol slop tw illt friendtll I)o yott wattt to wait/try again handsome boy '.’ [7432/l

V I saw you on Sat 5th Jan. Andrew. Yott were w itlt your rttates irt I-'oquets. Yott looked gorgeous itt your blue arid w ltitc checked shirt and grey jacket. Me shy darked hair girl you spoke to. [7432/2

V I saw you at tlte taxi rank on By‘res Road. l'rn a teacher. you're a chiropodist. let's teach those toes a lesson! [7432/3

V I saw you (ien'y from London in (I. I’ats on the 29th. We talked. Julia not (ieena. Please get in touch. ('at. [74.32/38

V I saw you with yr boy friend (my effete handshake barely masking my disgttst at himt- the w itlt haircut artd cigarette - what R [' doitt 4 new year's‘.’ [7432/4 V I saw you a few weeks ago itt Muro's chemist on great Western Road. [just catt't get you ottt of my head? A similar headstate attd a taste irt footwear bittd us together. Perhaps we share more in common'.’ [7432/5

108 THE LIST 17 Jan—3O Jan 2002

VI saw you .\'oelle. I know you read this. . flitanks for the kind gestures. 'Iotally surprised me. ('heers doll T? Yer ntittger. [74.32/40 V I saw YOU Sister‘s Yvonne. 'I‘het‘esa and I-'iona at BI .li.-\( 'I llli. the Blondie tribute l was irt velvet arid blonde wig - you were irt your elemertt. Your email didn't work. bttt I still have your pltolos...'.’ Que l’asa'.’ [7432/(i

V I saw yow‘ ad.. Madante limma Bovary. w irtced. then laughed. ()ld (iustave is a line writer of romantic novels. isn't he‘.’ But...why do some laugh when he says. "Son dio ho fatto questa caricatura"‘.‘ Yours. faux- rtaif. [7432/7

VI saw you up north didn't get to see as ntttch ol' you as I would have liked. How about cotnirtg over my way and going out for our new years resolution‘.’ [7/432/9 V I saw you (Cathleen?) (a‘

1st ()I’I‘IMI) of 2002. You were the most beautiful optimo lady I've ever seen. You kissed my cheek bttt there were no lights on your belt this time. l)ance'.’ ['/432/l() V I saw you. Your name is Ray. from San I‘rancisco. Yott gave the your entail iii the ['liiqttitotls (‘ltip on Dec 30 - but I lost it? l'ttt .-\driennc. ['/432/1 1

r. so f g, x u



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V I saw you B.l~‘..\'. in the charts. #34! You party boy? String. Snttdge & Wee ('hum r lookirt' for ya...['/432/l 2

V I saw you. you were sitting directly in hunt ol'rne. 'Ihose deep eyes buried within a book. . ...'\ smile cieeps amiss my face as you look up & see me watching. . .What is it'.’ love. [74.32/39 V I saw you Many - cow pat on head! - I let u win at pooh? Don't forget that - l itlli the champ. [.7432J4l V I saw you Ashley. in ('entral. We talked. bttt you had to go. I don't go to the galleries - but I still think about you. Lttv Paula. Ps - czut I borrow that lipgloss'.’ L7432/42

V I saw you sitting outside the kitchen in Borders cafe on 22nd Dec. L' had long blond hair and a long dark coat. Have I seen you before. . .‘.’ L7432/43 V I saw you bubbly blonde curly haired stunner at the Arches cafe bar. Think you work there. Want to get close to you. Think your name is Sarah. [.7432/44

V I saw you T.K. You big sexy gay man I want you to duty manage me. [7432/48

V I saw you jogging along the sw'itchback. You. blonde. 20's. good at running. Me. always looking fora partner. I'll let you catch me arid I'll be your hunky personal trainer. [74.32/45

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VI saw you Billy A you sexy man. We'll miss you lots from the (‘amyx group at the Tron. [7/432/46 V I saw you mysterious

woman with the black and silver

backless 80's dress at the furtk room. I want you to l'ttnk the life out of me. L7432/47

V I saw you (IrlIIlI "the Pant" M picking up your pension alongside the RAM. U/432/49 V I saw you working in HMV with your sexy spikey hair. You served me labyrinth. you didn't seem to care. I want you to call me Ludo. I think that would be rare. L’/432/50

V I saw you Kenny Head Steward at the Arches. Would love you to bounce me around the mom. Got to have you now. L7432/51

V I saw you your name is Wayne or George. You like wearing women‘s clothing and I found this highly funny. Call me babycakes from Polo... L7432/52 V I saw you moooooool Meet me down by the farmyard. Love. the Jersey coo! L7432/57 V I saw you Donald the waiter at the Tron. Fancy a drink. Lorna the forgetful. [.7432/53

V I saw you in Borders (Glasgow). Yott had long red hair. I told you to smile. "it can't be that bad". [7432/54